Partying MPs Told Off

Partying MPs face stringent new rules about their conduct after cleaners complained of finding used condoms and barf in their Westminster offices, and appalled cleaners are sick of being made to clean up after partying members and staff.

Commons authorities are now thinking of introducing a “service agreement” about the proper use of workspaces in the Houses of Parliament because this is the sort of behaviour you would expect from students enjoying freshers week, not MPs and their staff, but cleaners are being confronted with vomit and used condoms in offices used by MPs and their staff.

Cleaners are not there to clean up after staff and MPs lasciviousness, and this is clearly not appropriate in the office workspace, and following the Westminster sex scandal thing, it was decided to restrict the subsidised drinking habits in Parliament which included closing the Sports and Social bar after Alice Bailey, the former manager stated she was harassed for sex by MPs, including one who followed her out and groped her.

The bar closed in December following a confrontation between two male parliamentary staffers but re-established as a wine bar The Woolsack with decreased opening hours, and last year Andrea Leadsom, leader of the House of Commons had overseen the introduction of parliament’s independent grievance policy to dispense with accusations of wrongdoing, and a phone line was set up for people to report any violation of the new behaviour code.

These MP’s should be identified and harshly admonished. After all, no employer would allow such behaviour on their premises. Besides as it is a publicly maintained building and their workspace no less, shut the bars that they have there.

How many companies fully kit out bars in their staff-rooms? They’re paid to work, not to have a drink on your behalf, and the same rules should apply for MPs and their staff, and if companies don’t permit their workers to booze alcohol during their work hours, neither should this lot.

And to think these low lives dictate our country, which only confirms they’re in it for themselves, along with the expenses and salaries, and the sleaze of all those concerned have no morals, and they’re never confronted about these revolting antics.

How can we trust these people, what is it? Do as I say and not as I do comes to mind, and we should be at a loss that people like these are in a position of authority and get to run our country and handle case sensitive information. Particularly when these clowns are gratifying themselves, boozing and perhaps there might even be drugs involved, which leaves them susceptible to exploitation or extortion because loose lips sink ships.

Obviously, not all of them are like this, but as a whole, the entire place is a rodents retreat. They’re supposed to be governing our country and all they do is sap the working class dry, and the more people work to earn for themselves or their families, the more people have to give to this pack of vermin and their drug-fuelled benders.


Attacked For Being A Labour Supporter

A young mother was beaten up following a Brexit meeting but this mother was assaulted just for supporting Labour.

Jade Unal was booted in the head, required stitches and was left with an unsightly bump after thugs ambushed her and her mum in a working men’s club when they’d stopped off for a late night drink after attending a Labour talk about Britain’s departure from the EU.

They just had the one drink and were minding their own business. The group must have had their eye on them when they started calling Jade Unal some rather offensive words and a ‘posh snob’, it was horrific and they said they knew where she lived.

And before she knew it they were laying into her screaming. They knocked her out and kept on hitting her even when her mother attempted to defend her, and now Jade has had to go into sheltered housing for fear the thugs who struck at Brook House Working Men’s club in Wakefield, West Yorks, could target her house.

Jade runs the local Young Labour section and was hoping to stand as a councillor in next year’s polls, but now she worries it could be too risky to speak up and become a public figure.

She has a three-year-old daughter who motivates her, as Tory cuts affect everything around them, and as austerity is obvious and instead of dealing with the poorest parts, people are left to fend for themselves.

It’s no surprise these people dislike politics and those concerned, they could have killed Jade, and even though she knows they could have killed her, she still understands to a degree why they assaulted her.

Jade who is studying for a degree in public service management said that the attack was a sad echo of what happened to Jo Cox, the MP murdered in nearby Batley and Spen in 2015.

Her gravest concern was that somebody would know who she was and hurt her, and it’s come true.


Wakefield’s Labour MP Mary Creagh spoke of the assault on Jade: “I was shocked and upset. I am working with her to make sure she gets the support she needs.”

Brook House Working Men’s Club did not comment, but the Police are investigating it.

It’s not right for any man to hit a woman, but this assemblage were simply far-right thugs, and they beat her because she was a Labour supporter, and we just need to look back at Germany in the early 1930s to see Nazi stormtroopers beating up Jews and political players to see where this kind of thuggery gets us.


The nearest we came to this was The Battle of Cable Street, where socialist and others stood up to these agitators, and now we have the momentum stormtroopers attacking anyone who doesn’t like their views.

This is utterly wrong and really sad to see and to be honest, no one should be beaten up for their opinions.

Everybody is allowed their views, but that doesn’t imply that we should go around whacking everybody because they don’t agree with what you might do or say, or that their view is an inferior one. The thing is, some people do respect other’s views and opinions but the preponderance of people don’t because they feel like there can only be one true mindset and that the so-called correct opinion is undoubtedly theirs because they must be correct.

Most people tend to think in a comparatively restricted and single-minded way which stops them from considering other viewpoints on their own, and when you think of something, you’re most likely pretty clear on why your viewpoint is justified because you came to your conclusion and judgment based on a collection of reasons which is rational and makes complete sense to you.

This is why your view is ‘correct’ and ‘right’, to you at least, and this happens for every single person. They know why their opinion is rational and demand everyone else to come to the same conclusion as them because they overlook the fact that not everyone thinks in the same way as them and will make the same connections and links as them to come to the same conclusion as a similar event.

Another reason that some people may be unable to consider opposing viewpoints is that a prejudice against a particular viewpoint has been instilled in them. For instance, if a child, has been told that opinion or viewpoint A is incorrect, this prejudice against opinion A could become very ingrained enough that when the child grows up, he won’t even ask why opinion A is ‘wrong’. This would lead him to be unable to understand opinion A and therefore, be unable to respect it.

In conclusion, people may not consider others views because they think that only one idea can be the ‘correct’ opinion, and they lack the understanding of the differing viewpoint or they have prejudices against particular views.

Dancing Queen

So, here we have Theresa May dancing away to Queens “Dancing Queen” only the hapless thing looked like an elderly woman who’d just dropped an acid tab and finished up on the stage at a Tory conference.


And if you look at all the social embarrassment and personal incompetence in the world, she just fashioned herself into this animated mannequin, and obviously someone, somewhere decided it was a great plan, and what’s more, Theresa May believed them.

Ordinarily, I’d say don’t give up your day job, but in this instance, I actually hope she does, she’s far better at dancing.

Look at her, she’s attempting to look like she’s got a sense of humour – she’s supposed to be our Prime Minister, not Mr Bean!

Theresa May how ridiculous could you possibly be, net alone embarrassing, you do know you actually can’t dance?


It’s like Star Trek: The Next Generation where data is given an upgrade to feel human. Theresa May kind of acted like a human, but she was sort of disturbing, awkward and unconvincing, this must be the new humour update.

Or it would seem that someone has reactivated her emotion chip. It needs a bug fix though, the new dance mode stops after a couple of swings. On the other hand, it could be a long-awaited pissed up nan version to give a more familiar feel for older users.

I’m surprised she doesn’t trip over her hands, her arms are just too long, like an Orangutan, and she’s got no rhythm, no spirit, no compassion and no understanding.

She should take a deep sigh and smile because honestly, your shrivelled little soul will appreciate it, but to be fair it makes me want to be sick, you know, it’s that stomach-twisting sensation you get when you watch her on TV attempting to be happy and entertaining, but really she’s as entertaining as Chlamydia, the only difference is, you can get rid of Chlamydia.

When all is said and done, the Dancing Queen is all about the Money, Money, Money, but we all know the Name of the Game and we’d don’t want to take a chance on her, because she’s no Super Trooper.

But the audacity of this woman beggars belief because the government have systematically slaughtered our Social Services and the backup systems that the old, disabled and vulnerable peopled depended on, and Theresa May is a brass face of a woman.

And it’s bad advice to whoever gave it to her, to dance like a drunken granny at an old people’s home Christmas party, particularly when carers are underpaid and understaffed, and have no time to clean up poo when she shits herself.

She actually does need to take some dancing lessons, and while she’s doing that, perhaps she should take some lessons in kindness, compassion, understanding, honesty and sincerity, then she might learn something, and she wouldn’t be dancing if she was waiting for her State Pension that the government have cheated thousands of British WASPI women out of.

But I’m glad she’s happy to dance onto the stage while people use food banks and the homeless sleep on the streets.

It’s like someone’s installed a corrupt version of Windows in her and she is malfunctioning. Iain Duncan Smith needs to get on the phone with the IT department and also needs to put a ticket in for an anti-virus scan, but then again I guess he’ll probably be too busy going house to house, robbing the food out of the hands of starving children, that he won’t be able to wait the 40 minutes for an IT technician to answer the telephone.

It must have been the Maybot Malfunction Manoeuvre, and we really should complain to Abba and hope that they sue her because clearly, they didn’t give permission for this classic track to suffer such degradation and disgrace?

We should really be horrified by this behaviour while she’s dancing away and while people are starving on the streets or on benefits. There appears to always be funds for new roads and railways and the military while people are dying on our streets, and whilst we might all find it a tad amusing that our Prime Minister, Theresa May is dancing and making a laughingstock of herself on stage, we shouldn’t be impressed to our Prime Minister referring to herself as our Queen!

It appears that politics is now our new rock, swaggering her stuff like a young Liam Gallagher going up to collect an unwanted Brit Award. Surely she could have picked a song by a British band? Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin comes to mind.

Theresa May is the last nail in the coffin for England, and instead of being our Prime Minister she should be dancing in a nightclub because she’s certainly not fit for her current position.

Benefit Cuts Are Fake News


Tory welfare chief Esther McVey has implied her own party’s benefit cuts are “fake news” in a brazen party conference address. The Work and Pensions Secretary lanced an egotistic assault on Labour and “social media” despite cuts being well-documented by think tanks and her predecessor Iain Duncan Smith.


Most working-age benefits have been suspended for four years from 2016/17 to 2019/20, a cut to families real income. The government’s own 2015 Budget said this would cut £4 billion a year from the benefits bill. In the meantime, new benefit Universal Credit is universally acknowledged to be less generous than it was meant to be thanks to cuts by ex-Chancellor George Osborne.


It’s originator, Tory Iain Duncan Smith, announced £2 billion more must be put in to rebuild it, while the National Audit Office has thrown uncertainty on its claim to “make work pay”. The Tories have axed housing benefit for under-22s, only to U-turn and abandon the policy.

They’ve introduced a £20,000 cap on household benefits, and hundreds of thousands of former claimants have been refused disability benefits under the new Personal Independence Payment.

Yet Ester McVey who has herself been forced to correct misleading statements about benefits seemed to imply all these facts were “fake news” because the total amount of money put into the benefits system has gone up.

She told Tory members in Birmingham: “If you were to believe everything you heard from Labour or read on social media you’d think we were somehow letting down the most vulnerable in society – especially disabled people.

“However, those who say we are cutting budgets are peddling fake news.

“So here’s the real news – we have never spent more on those with disabilities and long-term health conditions. We spend over £50 billion a year, up £9 billion in 2010.”

Ester McVey said she became a Conservative to stand against the “ugly, destructive, Marxist, Militant, socialists of the past”.

Blasting the pro-Corbyn campaign group, she told members: “Momentum is the modern day Militant – and remember there are three M’s in Momentum – Militant, Militant, Militant.

“Can you imagine it, this country with Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott at the helm?

“It would be a political nightmare, with Labour doing what it always does – leaving office with higher unemployment than it inherited.”


She added: “Remember what John McDonnell said about me? That I should be lynched. Well, he picked on the wrong woman!”

(Mr McDonnell has claimed he was quoting an activist who said that, rather than suggesting it personally).


And in a new policy, Ester McVey declared the Citizens Advice Bureau is set to get £39 million to help Universal Credit claimants under the Universal Support scheme, and that the cash will finance advisers to assist claimants to get their first payment on time and be ready to manage it when it arrives.

Ester McVey said the decision to hand responsibility to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) was taken following consultation from claimants and charities. She further stated the DWP will work with Barnado’s from January to offer care leavers work experience in the charity’s high street shops.

She continued: “We want to do more than provide financial support, we want to help disabled people achieve their career ambitions and goals.

“In fact from 2013 to 2017 we’ve helped 600,000 more disabled people in to work through personalised and tailored support.


“And don’t let history be rewritten – it was William Hague in a Conservative Government in 1995 who introduced the Disability Discrimination Act – to champion, support and hold up the values of a caring society.”


This woman is simply a rodent of our society, and what is the DWP’s overall spend on the disabled because honestly, it’s not £50 billion per year. Ester has the attitude and arrogance of a rodent, along with her condescending hatred.

The fact is lies were told about the amount spent on disabled claimants per year, it’s about £2 billion per year, not £50 billion, and Ester is a really cruel woman, spitting on the graves of those thousands that have died, and those thousands that have suffered considerably, thanks to her harmful policies.

The Tories cut £60 a fortnight from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), a benefit for the sick and disabled. This is fact, not fake news, and Ester McVey and the Tories are habitual liars, and the sad thing is they don’t care that the people know they’re lying, that’s how brazen they’ve become.

It’s a little like when foxes used to come out to get food from the bins and they were scared of people, now they simply come out among us and help themselves, and that’s what our government are doing. First of all, they were misleading us cautiously and now they couldn’t care less, while they feast off the sick and disabled like blood-sucking zombies.

Another thing, yes, they are spending more on disability budgets but they neglect to mention the huge amount of money they give away to Atos, Maximus and the workfare training providers, so when they say they’re spending more on the disabled that’s fake news, they’re just a bunch of nasty liars.

They said that they’re supporting 600,000 disabled people back into work, is that the new euphemism for sanctioning their benefits? And we should all be more responsible and we should never vote Tory in again, by doing so you’re putting up two fingers to your fellow man in these despondent times, and one day it could be you.

When is it ever right to say people on their death beds are fit to work? And that people with severe mental incapacity are fit to work, and then remove their benefits in some strange belief that this will magically make them able to go get a job.

Particularly when disabled people with jobs are having their means of transport removed because they’re now not getting the right component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP), or it’s being taken away altogether, so then they can no longer work, then they get sanctioned for not getting a job or not being able to work anymore because their transport has been taken away.

Diabetics are having their incomes cut to the point they can no longer afford the diet they need or to keep their Insulin chilled because they can’t afford to pay the electric bill, so it was cut off. All these things have happened and every time it does happen, all the government say is, “Sorry, it shouldn’t have happened” but they won’t do anything about it, they simply carry on as they were.

But the people are just as blameworthy because they’re out there going on about benefit fraud, yes, of course, benefit fraud does happen, but it’s pretty insignificant opposed to the genuine claimants who actually need it and that pales into insignificance.

Ester McVey is a total liar, she lied to parliament and somehow got away with it, and the fact that there were no punishments on her for blatantly deceiving parliament, and hence the people of the United Kingdom, speaks volumes about the rot that is at the heart of this government.

The Tories are the most repugnant, despicable, misleading political party at the moment, with no class, morals or decency, and this evil hag has been proven a liar, and what a barrel of giggles the Tory party is turning out to be, they’re digging their own graves, and they’re so ignorant the people are now laughing at them with their endless deceptions, the juggling of figures, the randy text messages, a buffoon doing a zip wire slide, and the Prime Minister attempting to dance, it’s like a circus.

Why would anyone want to vote for such a repugnant and catastrophic government that squanders its time slagging of the EU, Russia and the Labour Party? And doesn’t have one piece of positiveness.

The Tories are putting more and more of the taxpayer’s money directly into the palms of their buddies in corporations such as Atos, and are spending more money, and we know it isn’t going to those that need it the most, it’s going to Atos and into the pockets of the few.

All this money is being spent abusing the sick and disabled, and they say that they do this to save money, and we’re quite deluded if anybody believes that our government will spend our taxes wisely.

Ester McVey is quite stupid beyond belief because simplistic fundamental factors confuse her, and when you have an MP who is as dim as Ester McVey, then it’s no surprise why politics is in such mayhem.

We must change the direction of this country. Austerity and ignorance simply don’t cut the mustard any more, particularly when we have one Tory nincompoop supporting a Mary Poppins Brexit, another one cavorting through fields of wheat to have a pop at his party leaders, and now Ester is attempting to dismiss the indisputable.

Do these jokers believe this is what resonates with the voters, or are they simply taking us all for idiots? But they take us for imbeciles because usually, we are because we vote based on party manifestos which are frequently bent, and we’re easily manipulated by headlines.

But then the government are so deluded by their own dishonesty that they’re starting to believe it themselves, and we all know that the government lies, why do you think CON is in Conservatives because they con the public every day.

They never tell you about their non-achievements, that’s because they’re terrified, and that’s why they’re always slagging off the Labour Party in an effort to make themselves look good.

Iain Duncan Smith must have been so ashamed of what he’d done with his elephant benefit shake-up that he in fact created, all because the government wanted potential savings, and paid no regard to human life at the expense of its implementation.

Iain Duncan Smith was named the Minister for Manslaughter for a valid reason, and he realised it was a step too far, and when George Osborne pushed for the full benefits cuts to be executed, Smith resigned.

Our government must stand down for blatantly misleading its people. They should start telling the truth or move aside for someone else who will tell the truth, and a law needs to be enacted which allows for the prosecution of politicians who intentionally distort the truth, but then that would mean that we wouldn’t have a single politician in Westminster – Now there’s a plan with no drawbacks…

What A Difference A Day Makes

One in four disabled people has been stopped from using public transport by other people’s attitudes in the last year, and 1 in 5 people in the United Kingdom are disabled. That’s 14 million people that face discrimination and negative attitudes every single day.


Disabled people are discriminated against in every way imaginable, but I’m sure those disabled people would trade their health for someone who’s healthy.

Even locating restrooms that are clean and are accessible to get into isn’t easy, but on the continent in some countries disabled people are given priority when queuing, such as in shops et cetera, but there’s no statutory duty on shops to implement this, and it’s a disgrace the United Kingdom doesn’t treat its disabled people with the same respect and humanity.

For a disabled person to get a powered chair, it costs between £3,000 plus but there’s a lot of people who are not disabled that think that disabled people get these things for free, well they don’t, they have to pay for this kind of thing themselves.

People that are not disabled appear to assume and judge those that are, and even bus drivers sometimes drive past the bus stop as if the disabled person is the only one at the stop, and it’s tragic that we still live in a world with a lot of judgement.


But anyone who has a disability and has aids and adaptations should have to rationalise or justify anything to anyone. The problem is, most able-bodied people are blissfully oblivious of the restrictions that face disabled people every day.

It’s only when it’s brought home and a loved one is touched by this that people really notice exactly how hard it is to get out and about every day, and there are many stores and companies that have no or extremely bad disabled access.

It’s time the overall public knew what it’s like to have a disability of any kind, and it’s also high time the government knew what it was like. After all, we’re still human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and consideration.

Disabilities are not always understood by the able-bodied, and new laws on disabilities of any kind should be taught in school and by police forces because this kind of conduct towards the disabled is a form of bullying, and some of our disabled have attempted suicide because the brutality has become too much.

The underground is the greatest struggle and there aren’t enough lifts or any lifts in the stations. Disabled people are really limited from going far from home because they need to have somebody with them, and some are pretty restricted on mobility scooters because of the range of the batteries.


We seem to have wi-fi on trains now, buses, cafes and restaurants and hotspots in various locations and powerpoints to plug our phones into in case we run out of battery, but there’s nowhere that a disabled person can go to get their battery charged up so that they can travel a distance without running out of power and breaking down, or the dread of getting stuck on the underground with all the terrorist attacks and false alarms, which for them is the worst psychological travel.

And all of this is getting worse because the government and the media are portraying the disabled as scroungers and cheats and the United Kingdom has now become a hostile environment.


As a wheelchair user, I experience discrimination at times, I frequently get asked if I want a race, or let me sit on your scooter I could do with a rest, and people look at me like I’m some alien and I have no right to be there.

The problem is, able-bodied people don’t realise that they could end up being disabled one day, and there are some pretty narrow-minded people out there, and it really doesn’t give them the liberty to say these things, and sometimes I really can’t fathom why people are so wicked, they have no idea what disabled people go through in their lives every day, and it seems that it’s open season for disabled people to be discriminated against, and there is no one out there to defend us!

Able-bodied people have no idea how fortunate they are to not have to live with a disability, and nobody should be punished due to having a disability.

There was a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people, and some people and organisations like employers, shops, local authorities and schools had to take certain measures to eliminate the obstacles disabled people faced because of their disability.

This was to ensure that they received the same services as able-bodied people, and the Equality Act 2010 called this the Duty to make reasonable adjustments.Figure-4.1-Protected-Characteristics-from-Equality-Act-2010.jpg

The Equality Act 2010 says changes or adjustments should be made to ensure a disabled person can access the following things:

Goods and services like shops, banks, cinemas, hospitals, council offices, Leisure Centres
Associations and private clubs like the Scouts and Guides, private golf clubs and working men clubs.

Here are examples of physical features which it might be possible to change:

steps and stairs
passageways and paths
entrances and exits
internal and external doors
lighting and ventilation
the size of the premises.
The kind of adjustments which could be made includes removing, changing or providing a way of avoiding the physical feature, where it’s reasonable to do so.

Here are examples of reasonable adjustments:

providing ramps and stairway lifts
making doorways wider
installing automatic doors
providing more lighting and clearer signs.

But what happens if someone doesn’t cooperate with the duty to make reasonable adjustments?

If someone doesn’t cooperate with their duty to make reasonable adjustments, the Equality Act says it’s unlawful discrimination, and you can ask the person or organisation to make the necessary modifications, and if they refuse, you can make a discrimination claim under the Equality Act.

There have been numerous changes since the Equality Act was brought in, but countless smaller shops don’t appear to abide by this ruling, particularly in London. I travel to London with my son at least once or twice a year and sometimes find it really difficult to access shops that I’d like to go into because there are no ramps or level access into the shops, or the shops are not wide enough to get into.


The London Underground has put in lifts for disabled people in wheelchairs but they are pretty far and few between which makes it really difficult for wheelchair users to travel, and often my son has to walk to where we want to go or get on a bus which is really time-consuming.

We’re supposed to live in a modern age of travel, but not so modern if disabled people can’t access things, and able-bodied people certainly have no idea about the difficulties faced by wheelchair users, and in our supposedly tolerant, modern society, a wheelchair user should be able to get about and do some pretty ordinary everyday activities without too many problems.

The first obstacle is the terrain with all its holes, cracks and gaps in the pavement, and if you’re a wheelchair user, those imperfections the local council hasn’t quite got round to dealing with can end up with a wheelchair user being hurled onto the floor at any moment, or leave you with one wheel stuck off the ground, rendering any movement impossible.

That’s before you decide to venture into a shop, and after 10 minutes of pushing and pulling, a coffee might be just the thing, this should be a breeze because the doors are extra wide, but then you have to navigate the doors that are extra heavy and you can’t navigate them from a wheelchair, so you have to wait for some kind person to open it for you.

But mostly you’re rendered invisible when your sitting in a wheelchair, and that gathering of people that do seem to notice the fact that you’re in a wheelchair want to prove they’ve seen you by being as insensitive as they possibly can.

So, you’re struggling to propel yourself up a gentle slope and the pavement has been obstructed by a bag of rubbish. Does the person coming the other way acknowledge that there’s only room for one of you to get through, no of course not, they merely put their head down, speed up and make you wait.

And then there’s the person in the post office who watches while you haggle your way through the cramped aisle, he could move aside and save you having to go all the way around the counter, but that might involve that person taking a few steps forward, so instead they turn their back on you and carry on chatting to there friend.

Transport is at the heart of how we live our lives. It helps us get to work, stay in touch with friends and family, contribute to society and access important services like healthcare and education, and while many people take this for granted, this is not the reality for everyone.

If you’re disabled, you might face difficulties, as transport and recreation continue to plague wheelchairs with poor treatment, and where many are harried and humiliated.

We’re not just disabled by our bodies but by the way society is organised, and it’s not the use of a wheelchair that makes disabled life hard, it’s the reality that not all buildings have ramps.

Back in the 1980s and early 90s, disabled campaigners used direct action and lobbying to protest for civil rights, from accessible transport to entertainment venues, and anyone who remembers images of wheelchair users chaining themselves to buses in London as police moved in to kettle them, knows equal rights under the law have been hard won.

Decades later we seem to be edging towards a tipping point again.

The Equality Act was the product of the campaigning in the 90s, demanding that buildings make reasonable adjustments and to give disabled access, but it’s generally unenforced, and Britain’s infrastructure, from the train network to public toilets can be equally inaccessible.

But there are too many women that are being forced to have needless surgery due to the scarcity of toilet provision, and both male and female routinely use adult nappies on a long journey, despite not being incontinent because stations don’t have the amenities, but the other option is to never travel.

The kind of society, that we should aspire to be, would take the needs of all of its members, including the disabled, into account at every stage.

In the more extreme versions, one could picture the USA asserting these requirements in the method of legal action. In Europe, a powerful adjustment to inclusiveness and responsibility is one of the defining traits of the EU, and Britain tends to fall between these two stools.

Narrow commercial interest and casual marginalisation of anyone outside the criteria is pretty much par for the course in England, more in the south-east than in the north and west, less so in Scotland and Wales, and leaving the EU is possible to have a adverse impact on how Britain provides for the disabled and the disadvantaged.

Maybe in ways that will differ negatively even with the “devil take the hindmost” practises so prevalent in the USA. Sadly, the chasm between who we are now, and who we would like to be, is likely to increase with further time in the office of this Conservative government and with the onset of Brexit. It’s a sad prospect.

Let’s remember that we all become disabled. Disability hits us all as we age, and the more accessible the environment becomes serves us all, helps support the quality of our lives and our independence, and to call a person with a disability as a disabled person acknowledges it is the environment not the level of impairment that is the problem, and a suitable toilet in every rail station would be great for everyone.

Locating a toilet for the able-bodied is difficult enough, it’s hellish for wheelchair users. Imagine wanting to go and having to suffer the agony and pain of having to wait for a major station. It is a basic human necessity to go to the toilet, and a public place like a train station should not be able to be open and operate without a functioning toilet available to all passengers.

The problem is even though these laws are made for disabled people they are so readily disregarded, so what hope is there for bigger things that also need to be implemented without issue or objection? And if it’s unlawful to discriminate against for whatever reason, then why are breaches not dealt with as a grave concern, and not something that’s simply disregarded?

For any disabled person that can’t leave the home other than medical appointments, hospitals are frequently the worst offenders for accessibility. Large doors that are difficult to open if you’re in a wheelchair, doorways that are too small to get a chair through, waiting areas that don’t have space for more than one wheelchair, or often not even enough for one.

Corridors that are small and twisty, and lifts in areas miles out of the way of where you might want to get to, and doors are frequently not automatic, and even when they are, they’re usually broken and don’t work.

As for disabled parking, it’s a farce. The outpatient’s entrance which is for disabled parking is difficult to park because it’s also the drop-off and pick up point for the taxis and patient transport ambulances, which not only park in the spaces but also obstruct whatever fortunate person succeeded in getting a place by parking behind them.

Then the other disabled assigned parking spaces have a couple of mobile builders offices deposited on it while building work is going on, and another disabled car park was built on.

Other hospitals might have a car park with an entire level dedicated to disabled parking spaces, which is a fabulous concept, but if there are no places available, which occurs frequently, you’re forced to park on another level, but the lift is on the disabled level, and if you can’t park there, the only access to the lift from the other levels is upstairs or up the actual ramp the cars use, with not only no pavement, but up a slope so perpendicular even an electric scooter can’t accomplish it safely and it’s a joke.

And then there are the pavements with lowered kerbs that aren’t really, a kerb is not dropped if it’s still 2 inches off road level and dropped kerbs to exit a pavement that isn’t equalled by another one to join the pavement, so you’re left stranded in the road frantically seeking to discover a way to get back on the pavement and out of the traffic.

Dropped kerbs are okay, but now they’ve been parked over by delivery drivers or other vehicles, and jagged asphalt surfaces that are a danger to people with mobility problems.

A hospital campus that’s big enough to require its own bus service to get people around it, but the buses don’t drop to the curbstone, needing the driver to get out and manually set the ramp every time a wheelchair user needs to use the bus, and it’s only got one wheelchair area anyhow, which is frequently used by parents with buggies, which isn’t a problem, but you would imagine that a hospital, of all places, and one which is still being developed, would have excellent access and amenities for disabled people.

Many hospitals now have introduced parking charges for disabled people, and this isn’t right because disabled people are much more inclined to need to attend the hospital more often than able-bodied people, and are more inclined to be living in relative hardship or be unemployed, and squeezing parking fees out of them as well seems a little harsh.

Disabled people should be given help and support in every way imaginable, life is hard enough for them without our government neglecting their needs, but it’s not only wheelchair users, what about ambulances that are called to train stations, particularly the underground stations where they have to fight to get through barriers and stairs before getting to the patient who could be dying.

The government’s plan entails making up to £300 million available to extend its plans to make railway stations more accessible, but the Freedom of Information requests by the news site Disability News Service show the Conservatives reduced spending on the project over the last five years from £81.1 million in 2013‑14 to only £14.6 million last year.


Charity begins at home, and not to be mean-spirited, but if the government quit giving money to foreign aid and started putting it where it should go, then they wouldn’t have to decrease their funding for the disabled.

For every hundred pounds that’s made in the United Kingdom, seventy pence goes towards foreign aid. The government has a target to allocate 0.7 per cent of the UK’s Gross National Income on overseas development aid every year.

In 2016, the UK spent £13.4 billion on overseas aid, in line with the 0.7 per cent target, and because the UK economy is set to get bigger over the next few years the true rate of development aid spending is anticipated to increase, and by 2021 we could be spending about £14.5 billion, based on the Office for Budget Responsibility’s forecasts in 2016 prices.

That’s a little uncertain though, the amount we really end up spending will depend on how much the economy grows.

But it’s not only about disabled people, what about parents with buggies wanting to access the tube stations that have no lifts, which makes it extremely challenging for parents to take their children out for the day, so they endeavour to take the buggies on the escalators, which is very dangerous.

We live in the 21st century where everything should be accessible to all, and we pay enough in our taxes to cover this, but the government appear to be cutting back on everything, why? Because it appears to be more advantageous for our government to give to foreign aid, rather than putting it back into our country.

Our environment has a significant bearing on a person with a disability, but when we examine easy access, for instance, a ramp, better-designed pavement curbs, lifts, buses, train platforms with a similar height to the train flooring, people who don’t have a disability can also benefit.

For instance, parents with pushchairs and the elderly, after all, our environment has an impact on all of us, sadly, present and former governments don’t appear to view such matters as a priority, and people with mobility difficulties and other disabilities should be given preference, after all, such is given to the royalty of this country, and if the royal family needed all buildings to be accessible by wheelchair, you can bet your bottom dollar it would happen without fail.

Sadly, society treats disabled people as the weakest members of our society, and the United Kingdom scores at the lowest level for this. We have all used or will use wheelchairs, the luckiest of us start in prams, later use prams and eventually end up in wheelchairs, some are less fortunate, and suitable access is to everyone’s benefit, and we all deserve to benefit from that provision.

This is an enormous difficulty, except if you’re not disabled, although being disabled has differing levels of ability, and most people would have trouble somewhere, able-bodied people tend to bypass these kinds of difficulties.

Imagine being plonked on the side of a mountain without any climbing experience, well, that’s what living in a wheelchair can seem like at times, but there’s also degrees of miscomprehension about disabled people, which is a prevalent human shortcoming.

But on top of the problems with the shortage of facilities at train stations, most stations that do have toilets are routinely left in a shocking state and lack of basic hygiene and the behaviour from society as a whole is rather shocking, and we should fail to understand how in this day and age accessible buildings are not compulsory.

There’s no justification for this, and it shows like many other things that this is a total and absolute failure from our government to do what is necessary because our slothful politicians want to control us, and the current laws are not being obeyed, these laws need to be clear with complete access to all buildings, and penalties need to be forced on builders, architects, building owners as long as the problems get resolved.

Of course, old buildings do have problems, but nothing is impossible, and buildings over the last 30 years have no excuse, new buildings, being built now have no excuse, and a 6-year-old could come up with a solution, but our indolent government sit there scratching their arsehole while their falling asleep on the benches.

There is always an obvious solution but no one in government gives a damn about it and always come up with reasons why it can’t be done, usually because they can’t be bothered to consider it a problem to start with, and want to save a few quid at the expense of the disabled.

Sadly, there appear to be some amazingly mean-spirited people out there who seem to think that disabled people should put up and shut up and be banished from society simply because ramps take up space and building renovations might cost a little more.

Listed buildings might be between a rock and a hard place when it comes to accessibility because the necessary adjustment would often breach the listed building regulations, but that could quickly be overcome with portable ramps that stay in place all the time, that way no adjustments have to be done to the building, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.






















NHS Patients Face Waiting Years For Surgery

Brits stand to wait years for non-urgent NHS procedures after bosses revealed they had given up striving to beat targets, and hospital bosses maintain a deficit of staff and funds makes it difficult to reach goals for A&E, cancer care and routine surgery at the same time.

They say they have been pressured to prioritise A&E and cancer services in an effort to preserve lives and their own jobs, and at least one trust is contemplating ending non-urgent or elective procedures all together to make ends meet.

Yet this suggests more patients will have to wait longer than the 18-week target for the likes of hip and knee replacements, and many will be in crippling agony and unable to lead healthy lives while they wait to be seen.

The amount of people on NHS waiting lists has soared by 300,000 in the past year to more than 4.1million, and this is expected to escalate further as more trusts follow suit.

One NHS chief executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated: “I’ve tried over the years to balance all three but I just can’t do that anymore. I’m having to make really, really difficult decisions.

“We are now looking at our elective programme saying, effectively, ‘We will stop our elective programme.’ “We will never deliver 18 weeks ever again.”

The chief exec stated NHS England was forcing him to bring waiting lists down by paying private firms to perform the ops.

But he added: “I’m not going to bankrupt the organisation or clinical commissioning group by driving this 18-week target unless there is a clinical need to do so.

“I’ve never seen a chief exec lose their job for 18 weeks but I’ve seen them lose their job for A&E or for cancer.” Another chief exec said: “We can’t afford to meet all the targets.” Chris Hopson, from NHS Providers, which represents NHS trusts, called on ministers to consider dropping or changing the target in the forthcoming NHS plan.

He said: “Many hospital trusts are telling us that at the moment they’re finding it very difficult to deliver all of the national performance targets – in A&E, cancer and elective surgery for example. Trusts rightly prioritise according to clinical need and in practice, given the range of pressures facing the service, this can currently mean slipping elective surgery performance despite the potential adverse consequences for patients.

“The forthcoming NHS long-term plan must be ruthlessly honest about what can be achieved for the available money and what the priorities should be, including whether and how quickly we want to recover performance against the 18-week elective surgery target.” Hospitals are supposed to treat 92% of non-urgent patients within 18 weeks but this has not been achieved nationally since February 2016.

The Royal College of Surgeons stated: “We must avoid returning to the days when hundreds of thousands of patients waited more than a year for surgery.” NHS England boss Simon Stevens previously suggested he would be in favour of reviewing the non-urgent waiting time targets.

He said the 92% goal “has strengths” but is “not the only way” of measuring performance.

Patients may soon have to phone ahead and reserve an appointment at A&E if they want to ensure being seen inside four hours, and the most urgent cases could still walk in and be seen immediately but others would face an endless wait if they had not booked a slot.

A pleasant living environment in the United Kingdom will never be seen again, and this is all part of the Tory plan to conceal how much the NHS is in crisis.

The entire system has been in meltdown over the last five years, and GPs have been saying this but we’ve been told were all moaning, but things are desperate in general practice, practices are closing, doctors are leaving, it’s more challenging to get an appointment which means more in the A&E.

Yet it all appears to be part of a larger plan, so they cut social care and the charitable sector funding, they cut funding to the NHS, set nonsensical targets to show the NHS is failing, misrepresent statistics to suggest doctors need to work more at the weekend and then impose contracts on them in the hope they’ll strike and the public won’t back them, wait for the winter to do its job and then sell to the highest bidder.

And as long as people keep voting for the Tories the decay will continue because the Tory agenda is total privatisation, and to annihilate people as well because the Tories simply look at people as casualties of war that the government are waging.


So, now Jeremy Hunt has shifted the goal post and believes that will resolve the mess. Britain is now officially a third world country, and the people are being exploited by the wealthy and their puppets.

So, where do we go now that the government have ripped the NHS to pieces?

Our A&E is at breaking point because of the cuts in social care, leaving people with nowhere to go but A&E because we have to wait days or weeks to see a GP, and people are dying on trollies in hospital hallways.

Not so long ago there used to be walk-in centres so that people who were sick could go and be seen and if they could be treated there, they could be dealt with and shipped home, if it was more severe they would then be sent to the hospital for further immediate treatment.

However, over the years more and more walk-in centres have shut down, putting more stress on the A&E department and GPs, so now there are countless people suffering from severe life-threatening conditions who were originally fobbed off by their GP, and then when they’re eventually admitted to hospital their condition is so severe they take up more resource then they would have done if they’d been seen by their GP.

And there are cases were people, all of whom were non-complainers and seldom seek their GPs help have had to have emergency treatment for conditions that if diagnosed or investigated on initial presentation would have been relatively straightforward, but GPs are under tremendous stress because the system is collapsing.


To be fair, it’s somewhat shocking that Theresa May kept faith with Jeremy Hunt, leaving him in charge of the Department of Health, and his words on waiting times for the A&E don’t begin to cover the sheer complexity of the situation we now find ourselves in.

Jeremy Hunt is an embolic narcissist but he was the only one who would take an absolutely poisoned chalice, and he makes out that all GPs are exaggerating and only he is telling the truth.

I mean, what do those annoying doctors know who work in hospitals every day, why listen to them when if you have a serious illness you can go to get advice from some political PR guru, what do doctors know with their Mickey Mouse medical degrees?

Sadly, statistics are completely worthless, and the assumption is that people are filling up A&E departments with coughs and colds, which might be true of a small proportion, but it’s difficult in a lot of cases for people to know whether or not A&E is the best place for their problem.

How is Joe Blogs to know if their chest pain is muscular or cardiac, and how is a mother meant to know that the cause of her child’s breathlessness is self-limiting and doesn’t need any treatment?

We’re making it look like all the public are all thick hypochondriacs, but you can condemn Jeremy Hunt for that where he’s moved the goal-post and is frantically clinging onto his job for another winter.

As for the ambulance service, there aren’t an endless number of ambulances, nor do ambulances double for intensive care or hospital surgery, and stroke and heart attack victims will die inside the eight hours it now takes to get the patient to the hospital, and this has now become a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

And the elderly are dying in huge numbers due to our current government which is basically somewhere between actual harm through gross criminal neglect and mass manslaughter, but the Tories are 14 points ahead, so a very, very large number of people clearly have no problem with population controlled by extermination, which really makes you question on who won the war.

The biggest problem is abstention from the electoral process where millions of people have fallen out of the system and they don’t vote, but that’s great for the wealthy in any country because they want low turn-outs in the polls.

The governments biggest worry is those missing floaters will start listening, and the reality is that if the missing voters actually get through the smokescreen, then the wealthy are in big trouble, hence the gerrymandering.

Jeremy Hunt’s role is to deliver an NHS that requires nothing to run and meets all its targets, but he delivers nothing, that way he can claim that the only way to preserve the NHS is to give it away to private enterprise that is funded for by insurance, for those who can afford it.

The man has defunded, demonised, demotivated and denationalised the NHS, and people are dying in this country because of an increasingly chaotic idea by this excuse of a government about what medical care is, and that’s the young and elderly as well.

And people are being misdiagnosed despite attending for medical care, and the situation is extremely grave and dangerous, and why Theresa May didn’t get rid of Jeremy Hunt when she had the opportunity is beyond most people, but I suspect that hardly matters now because the entire government are inept and are destroying this country, both literally and figuratively.

Jeremy Hunt is obviously to blame but rather than condemning himself he’s condemning the people again rather than acknowledging the cuts he made was so that he can privatise the NHS, and he’s destroying the NHS, and presumably we can find out which patients have only minor injuries by seeing which of them are still alive after 4 hours, at which point they can be sent somewhere else or the mortuary.

This is horrifying and confirms the reality of 6 years of failed Tory austerity, and a service standard which some years ago we could have all been fairly confident would apply if we wanted to attend the A&E is now being ripped up in order to make 12-hour delays on trollies look adequate.

There are countless people frequenting the A&E that aren’t emergencies, but didn’t Jeremy Hunt take his child to A&E for a non-urgent ailment:

Jeremy Hunt: ‘I took my children to A&E because I didn’t want to wait for a GP appointment’

So, his suggestion that the target is wrong, rather than admitting blame for the persistent under-funding of the NHS is political cowardice at its worst, and things will get much worse for the NHS once Brexit begins to bite because the service is already paying much more for imported equipment and pharmaceuticals because of the fall in the exchange rate.

And even if Theresa May did get rid of Jeremy Hunt, if she wanted to, no one else would take the job because she’s so transparently out of her depth that in any normal situation she’d be on her way but none of the Tories, or at least those who conceivably could, want to be in that lose position she’s in.


Brexit is such a total clusterfuck and David Cameron and George Osborne have left such a mess even a half-competent PM would struggle, but Theresa May’s not even close.

There’s an expression for someone who seems happy when the world is disintegrating around him, the village idiot, and Jeremy Hunt is in first place followed closely by Theresa May who tells us that we have it all wrong about her Brexit plans, she hasn’t got any, and Jeremy Hunt very clearly and seemingly shows he has no clue what A&E stands for.

DWP Benefits Bungle

A great-grandmother’s grieving family have blamed her death on the pressure of having to dispense with a benefits bungle. Thomasina McIver, of Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, died from a blood clot following weeks attempting to sort out payments for her disabled husband Herbert, 70.

The couple couldn’t access the £1000 he was due, and their children maintained Thomasina, 69, who had asthma and used a Zimmer frame to get around, fought to breathe after one highly stressful telephone call to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Her efforts to sort out housebound Herbert’s Disability Living Allowance (DLA) took its toll on the mum of five’s well-being, and she was on the telephone to the DWP continually.

Thomasina McIver died on August 27 and this has added to that with all the pressure. The family said the difficulties started after Herbert was sent a new payment card, which enabled him to withdraw his cash at a PayPoint at a local store.

dwpIt worked two or three times, and that was it. The DWP was unwilling to grant another one. They said it was probably the workers in the store scanning it wrong. Yet it was tried in other stores and it still didn’t work, so finally the DWP sent out another card and that lasted one payment and then stopped again.

Thomasina was told the £145-a-week payments were going through but the couple couldn’t obtain the cash.

Wheelchair user Herbert had a stroke 12 years ago which left him paralysed on his left side. He further suffers from memory loss and angina, and Thomasina managed everything for Herbert. She was on the telephone for hours with the DWP. People were putting the telephone down on her. She was getting upset and worried, and they were struggling for money.

It all added to her stress levels, and on the day of Thomasina’s death, Terry raced to his parents’ house after his dad said she was ill. Paramedics found her gasping for breath and thought it was an asthma attack.

Thomasina died at home, with a blood clot recorded as the cause on her death certificate, and her husband is devastated, they were married for 51 years, and following her death, her husband has spent hours on the telephone with the DWP but still hasn’t resolved the problem.

A DWP spokeswoman said: “Our thoughts are with Mrs McIver’s family.

“We’re committed to ensuring that people get the support they’re entitled to. If someone is having issues with their payment card, we aim to replace it within two weeks and we can issue vouchers for any immediate payments due.”

Obviously, the DWP aren’t concerned about ensuring that people are supported, particularly to something they’re entitled to, and if two of their payment cards didn’t work, the DWP should have found another way of giving them their money.

No wonder there is so much resentment towards the DWP by people that are on benefits because the DWP have no empathy whatsoever. After all, they’re merely people that work there, dishing out instructions and penalties to claimants.

Although it’s difficult not to see a perverted ironic wickedness in this because it’s pure evil that the DWP didn’t find another way for Herbert McIver to access his money, money that he was entitled to.

Disabled people should not have to go through this sort of pressure, particularly when they’re so sick. The entire system is a shambles, and the DWP abuses people on benefits to save money, and it makes my blood boil because claimants are not supported and if this family had been supported Thomasina McIver might have still been alive today.

It’s nothing short of picking on the vulnerable, and most of the people that work at the DWP are devoid of any compassion, and of course, blunders are made but it actually looks like the DWP simply laughed it off and carried on regardless.

The DWP could have sent a Fast Payment to the McIver’s, but this is getting dangerously ludicrous because the DWP either send through late payments, no payments and give no reason why, and phoning the DWP is a nightmare because usually one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing, and every time you telephone you get a different outcome each time.

DWP call handlers have no time to care about your disability, and if a person phones up and is sobbing down the telephone, the person on the other end might have some kind of compassion, but if they talk to you for longer than 23 minutes and go off-script they risk losing their job.

Twenty-three minutes is how long it should take to help someone, even though some of these people are at their weakest point. These are people who require help to navigate the complicated system so that they can get their payments.

These people are usually vulnerable and desperate by the time they reach the call handler. The headset beeps and the call handler launches into a scripted greeting, and the caller wants to tell the handler what they’re phoning up for, but the handler doesn’t have time, all the handler wants to hear is yes and no responses.

All the caller wants is a friendly listener to reassure them that they will get their money, when they will get their money and how they will get their money, but for the call handler, the only thing that’s actually relevant is how long each call takes.

They’re measured on an average handling time, known as AHT, and if this slips beyond 23 minutes per call they face performance management, which is a cypher for “you’ll get in trouble”. This involves anything from severe words and increased micro-management from the line manager right up to written warnings and dismissal.

They have a script they read from, over and over again, it’s the DWP’s modern-day version of a sweatshop, and workers are singularly ill-equipped to actually give any advice or assistance.

Quality checking is done but it’s about whether the call handler is reading every word of the text, and there’s no measure of how good a service they provide. If the call is listened to by the line manager, it will be flagged up on an area where the call handler is missing time targets because three minutes beforehand in the call where the call handler let the claimant sob quietly down the telephone because the claimants life was imploding and afraid of what the future will bring and this is all too much for them, but a more motivated call handler would have got her back on track.

A call handler might feel like crying after this call because they know they’ve failed the claimant in so many ways, but there’s no time for the call handler to cry, there’s no pause between calls, the headset beeps again quickly, and now it’s another woman with kidney failure.

The call handler will fail this woman too, and this will continue probably until the government eventually finds a way to do away with benefits completely, at which our sick and disabled people will be left with nothing.

There’s no moralistic and humane vacuum within the system, and that makes it materialistic, unworkable and barf provoking, and then we have the temerity to call ourselves a cultured society, and this country is really messed up, we’re just a bunch of petty criminals selling to one and all, then the roller coaster stops and we swap over.

Sadly, financialisation is everything in society, even in life and death and support. It’s the consistent mantra that barters everything financial to live exclusively according to what can be measured and can have a price tag attached to it.

They even charge you to call them because it’s all about making money. To make calls to the DWP, struggling families spend up to 45p a minute to claim necessary payments by telephone, which is extortionate.


When the government introduced Universal Credit, families were forced to phone a 0345 number, incurring charges of up to 45p a minute to claim their benefits. It’s hard enough as it is living on disability benefits without being charged 45p a minute to phone the DWP.

And more often than not it’s not the claimant’s fault they’re rectifying the oversights of the DWP when the claimant calls, so why should they be imposed such extortionate fee’s to just make a telephone call?

Anybody directly employed by the DWP has to sign the Official Secrets Act but one of the most disturbing things about Civil Service jobs is that from day one it’s made quite apparent you’re employed by the state, not the public and consequently their allegiance is to their employer and government, therefore they have to satisfy the wishes of the government, not the people, hence the 23 minute targets.

They also removed all the telephones from the Job Centre where you used to be able to call and the DWP footed the bill, which is an utter disgrace, and you can wait up to 45 minutes phoning the DWP with a treat to Vivaldi for the duration, and sometimes after some waiting you get cut off, and get charged for the privilege, and it costs even more if the claimant is using a mobile, using the last of their credit while they’re attempting to get a small advance, or find out why their benefits haven’t been paid into their account, or even worse, Universal Credit tell you that they can’t access your information because the bloody computer has frozen, or worse still, they’re all down for the day.

Ministers who run the benefits system should experience it first hand by attending DWP offices, and they should remain there and listen to calls and claimants, perhaps that way they can dispense with the matter at hand after understanding it, rather than reading about it in a memo, or what the media is spinning.

Ministers should be glued to a chair and pick up every phone call to the DWP personally until they can’t take any more. Sadly, Ministers only get off their arse to support their constituents when they stand to personally or politically gain something.

Music from Vivaldi always sounds when you’re hanging on the phone, waiting to be connected to someone for an emergency payment because the DWP have messed up yet again. Then after about twenty-five minutes of “Your call is important to us” over continuous loops of The Four Seasons, you’ll end up hating Vivaldi for life, wanting to spew with anger every time you hear it.

But this music will not sort you out when you’re desperate to feed your children and put money on your electricity metre, it will do the absolute opposite, it’s awful, and they removed all the telephones from the DWP offices so people without money couldn’t afford to make welfare claims, and when you ask the DWP why they were taken out, they simply say that they don’t know with a somewhat troubled look.

Clearly, something is unquestionably rotten in the United Kingdom and the decay will eventually destroy it and the fissures are now visible, and this is a deliberate long-term policy and the government know that if they make benefits too difficult and expensive to claim that fewer people will claim for benefits, therefore economic policies must be working.

These are terrible conditions with a growing disregard for life, and the government doesn’t inherently want any good for its people when privatisation is clearly immoral.

Both this government and the former two governments have failed disabled and sick people. In fact, they have done worse than that, they have actively persecuted them, and this is a country which doesn’t protect all its citizens, a country which doesn’t support those in need, this is what Britain has been allowed to become.

Disabled and sick people and the lack of public awareness is sickening to the stomach, and we’re not part of a society anymore, we’re part of a regime.

I guess we should be thankful that there are some human beings with some morals that are still in the loop, rather than people being managed by a computer with voice recognition spewing out pre-recorded messages, or would an automated system be more caring?

The unfortunate thing is that most of us are not far away from being plagued with sickness, bereavement or losing a job, and at some time or another the preponderance of the population will be in a situation like this. However, people still vote for parties who are set to make the life for the poor and disabled as tough as possible.

Our government is full of broken promises, and the prospect of job loss, sickness, bereavement or retirement faces all of us at some time, yet this is a Tory attempt to undermine the fundamental case for support and security for people through the joint pooling of risk.

This is the government’s naked attempt to turn people against one another, in order to undermine any idea of a safety net, young against old, disabled people against non-disabled people, those in work against those looking for work.

The opposition will tell you that they won’t play that game, that they’re not invested in those divisive Tory tactics. That they want to bring down the Welfare Bill by making work pay, getting the homes they need to be built, bringing down unemployment and increasing our economy, supporting our foundation industries, such as steel manufacturing, which is being waived by the government.

The Tories faced embarrassing and justified defeat in the House of Lords, in part due to their incompetence to outline where cuts will fall and being less clear about their plans.

Just like their cuts to tax credits, this breaks the Conservatives manifesto promise, promises to protect pensioners, to help the young, to encourage the disabled to work and to support working families, and it’s a brutal Tory manifesto that’s not deserving the paper it was printed on.

It punishes children, takes money from low and middle-income workers, drives families from their homes, punishes disabled people and will drive hundreds of thousands of children into poverty.

Being in government should not equate to a dictatorship, but that’s the way that it is and it’s a really disheartening insight into Great Britain today, and how those in charge think it’s acceptable to treat people like trash, and 23 minutes to deal with a claimant is set up so the claimant will break and the call handler will get their gratuities.

But these call handlers are dealing with claimants, dealing with the vulnerable and 23 minutes is no time at all in which to deal with the complexities of individual claimants, and most people need some sort of guidance when phoning because some of these claimants simply wouldn’t understand some of the questions.

Obviously, these call handlers don’t want to lose their jobs, some of them have families, and have outgoing costs to pay for, so they simply follow the script so that they don’t get the sack because it’s better to obey orders because they need the money.

The Tory government is wicked and guilty, and it’s a shameful policy with loads of deception, and this wicked policy is so weighted against the most vulnerable people who need it, and the government should be ashamed of themselves and the people who put them there.

And yet we British consistently vote in government’s who pledge not to increase taxes, but we should feel very sad for the people who are unfortunate enough to be left in a position where they have to claim benefit due to ill health, but we should likewise feel sad for the call handler which I’m imagining would make them really depressed but in contrast, not as depressed as the claimant might feel.

The government are merely a pack of superior bureaucratic tormentors where their DWP staff are told to act like twats, but either way, this is totally unacceptable when the stance of the government departments act like they’re never wrong.

Even if the call handler tried to bend the rules, management would pound them, so the best they can do is attempt to give guidance and then that’s not helpful as not all staff are trained across all benefits.

It’s usually the claimant who tends to know more than the DWP, particularly now that it’s gone over to Universal Credit and nobody actually appears to know what they’re doing, but the claimant has been through every imaginable platform by leaping through hoops to arrive at a correct verdict and more so because they’ve had to complete an extensive application pack, and have to find out what all the questions mean, quite similar to much of the content of the letters they get from the DWP.


Of course, this was Iain Duncan Smith’s legacy but now he’s not around to pick up the pieces and some other nincompoop has to do it instead who has no idea what they’re doing, but then Duncan Smith wasn’t much better as he strolled about with his head up his anus for most of the time.

But none of this should come as a shock because this government want stumbling blocks put in the way of anyone who needs to claim a benefit, and it’s obvious from the onset, that call handlers read from a script, filling in a box-ticking form and have barely any or no training.

It’s not their fault, the government simply don’t want them to really help the people that need help because that would result in successful claims, and that wouldn’t accommodate their unemployment figures, and any help is left to massively overstretched Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) volunteers, but the odds are you won’t be able to get an appointment with them in time – their funding has been cut!

A decade has witnessed how much the DWP, the Job Centre and associated offices have changed. Ten years ago they were accommodating, even nice and I dare say, caring about peoples situations and circumstances and would accommodate as much as possible.

But, since then and not down to all of them personally, it’s as if they’re actually handing out their own money from their own pockets, and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau are at breaking point and essentially crushed with people coming in for help.

There are other professionals out there who can assist such as the Welfare Rights Officers, Age UK and other charities dealing in chosen regions but even they’re at breaking point with the government slashing money from those funds as well.

There are even less well-known places that a person can go. If you’re a tenant of a Housing Association or local authority resident, these normally have in-house benefit advisors, as this is no doubt their chief source of income, and if tenants don’t have benefits, they, in turn, don’t get housing benefits et cetera.

Another place where help can be obtained is specific specialised hospitals such as MacMillan who can assist, and in some areas, there are volunteer groups who can assist in completing and submitting forms, and there are countless vulnerable people out there who, due to their illness or disabilities are even unable and don’t know about the help, or are really unable to approach those who can support them.

The situation got worse in 2002 when the Employment Service took over the Benefits Agency and they didn’t realise how complex benefits were, it must have been quite a culture shock, but the DWP like all government agencies are striving to do more with less and struggling because of George Osborne’s autocratic slash to their budget which has pushed the DWP to move towards telephone and online services that is more affordable and simple to manage rather than friendly handlers getting the people the services that they require.

But this doesn’t work so well for people who are sick, stressed by their circumstances and simply don’t have the ability to cope with complex problems, and job seeking, claiming benefits and maintaining entitlement is usually much more difficult and demands more energy than most people realise.

Therefore, some people suffer and their benefits are lost or delayed or their frustrations prevent some people from claiming. For these people there is the fear of hardworking people that have suddenly become reliant on a system they’ve dodged all their lives, and now they’re hit with illnesses or disabilities that now make them lose their independence and income.

The government are tough on these people, and they don’t get much guidance on their entitlements. Of course, there are people out there that shun the sick and disabled community because they consider that anybody on benefits, whether they’re disabled or not are scroungers on benefits with their fancy mobile phones and too many children.

It’s these people that bolster the idea that all people claiming benefits fall into this classification even if that’s not what they meant. Nobody is insinuating that there are people who do exploit the system, but the danger comes when that tiny number of cases is amplified into “They all do it!” and echoing this kind of generalised claims serves to immortalise that hypothesis, and then it becomes difficult to see what is the truth and what’s not.

And some people are so broken that they’d like to see people on benefits covered in burlap, wandering around barefooted because some people are so insecure and judgemental, assuming that everybody on benefit is bleeding the system dry.

There’s a bunch of disabled people that go to charities to help with their forms to claim sickness associated benefits like PIP, ESA and Attendance Allowance. Usually, they get a minimum of an hour and half of that is face to face to chat with voluntary advisors.

Claimants are usually urged to bring with them someone that’s familiar to them, as frequently claimants misunderstand the deliberately rigged questions or unintentionally play down their disabilities and illnesses, and having another person with them could actually correct things that the claimant has missed out.

You don’t get a lot of time with the advisor and most of that is routine ID verifying and fact-finding about their name and address and date of birth, National Insurance (NI) number et cetera, all of which they have to go through before they can get to the important part of the questionnaire, the illness, disability and its outcomes.

Sad to say, these people have no chance, and the knowledge on what’s happening to the vulnerable in our community is out there for all to see, with disability charities and support groups continually circulating press releases and appeals.

There’s no justification for stupidity, and our electoral society is essentially supporting this, and there’s no possibility of diversity at the polling box, and the United Kingdom is changing into a country where more and more people are becoming prejudiced and uncaring, and some even relish the suffering of others.

These are the people that are very ignorant because most of us are only one illness or a piece of rotten luck away from requiring state support, and some are even proud of how dumb they are, coupled with unclothed prejudice and economic stupidity of the decision to leave the EU, and we should question as we stroll down the street which of these people fall into the category of “The world would be a better place without disabled and sick people.”

It’s probably approximately a third of the population, and the rest of them are too pig lazy to even vote, so in effect, they’re just as bad, and there’s a bunch of people who are convinced that somehow the economic crash was because of people on benefits, but what about those tax-dodging millionaires?


For call handlers at the DWP their job can be very demeaning, as well as the claimant on the other end of the telephone, but before you get through to the call handler you end up speaking to a robot, press 1 for Cancer and press 2 for any other illness, because the benefits system is cruel and far too rigid.

And ultimately, with speech recognition, DWP pawns will no longer be needed because employees are there solely to manage calls and to reach as many targets as possible, but for decades there’s been this recognition of these systemic failures, however, the public sector appears to be immune from wanting to fix anything.

There’s no fairness in the system in the United Kingdom and this malicious and corrupt legislation which is legislated every day in this sewer of a country, and the well-connected aristocracies and the 98 per cent of the gentry conspiracy, control everything behind the scenes in there, not so clandestine fellowships.

And our muppet government bend over backwards for this crap so that they can shaft the rest of the population, and politicians of both stripes enjoy talking about modernising and finding 21st-century solutions to 21st-century problems.

But when it comes to welfare they can’t seem to get out of the 18th century way of thinking when it comes to the worthy and undeserving poor, and neoliberal democracy is making life uncertain for more and more people and disciplinary welfare is part of that.

We need to adopt new strategies and progress past this harsh stigmatising policy of support we now suffer, and we need a more civilised policy which could make life better for people in need, but for senior civil servants and bureaucrats the concept of modernising has become synonymous with privatising, lack of funding, outsourcing, and not giving a shit.

If something feels cold and callous it normally suggests that it is, and claimants shouldn’t have to go into their medical circumstances on a form if they’ve had a diagnosis from their doctor of longer than 7 years, and their doctor has enough training to know when a person is malingering or not.

And doctors are being countermanded by civil servants using a vile government system to make people work who are obviously incapable of working, and this is clearly really draconian, and this is another stark reminder of the total anarchy David Cameron and George Osborne have built in their demonising of the sick, disabled and the poor.

It’s shocking how this country now violates the disabled in every way imaginable, and now this is the United Kingdom, the supposed country of humanity, revealing how prejudiced it actually is when it comes to the disabled minority who are unable to fight back, and it’s utterly shameful!


Westminster took their ten grand increase and pounded the sick and disabled into poverty, and for the true blues who believe that’s incorrect, remember that for the last six years the disabled have only had a 1 per cent rise in their benefits, or approximately £1 a week.

Whilst MPs have had a rise two hundred times and that’s for one year, so now the disabled are being socially excluded and the benefit claimants will once again have a decision to heat or eat throughout the winter months, and 1 million at food banks is a public scandal.

The land of freedom and humanity, I don’t think so, and the persecution of the disabled in this country brings a resemblance to the persecution we fought so courageously against and gave so many lives for 70 years ago. Shame on every MP in Westminster that they don’t see, and the exploitation they exercise on their people on an everyday basis.