Preparing For The Challenge


Theresa May is mounting a tour of the United Kingdom and planning to challenge Jeremy Corbyn to a live TV debate on Brexit, and if agreed the show could happen on Sunday 9 December, days before the Commons vote.

The reports come despite chicken Mrs May ducking calls for TV debates during last year’s general election. At the time she claimed that she didn’t think people got much out of seeing politicians having a go at each other and stated that Jeremy Corbyn should be paying a little more thought and think more about Brexit negotiations.


But ‪a Labour Party spokesperson stated that Jeremy Corbyn would relish a head to head debate with Theresa May and her botched Brexit deal and the fate of the nation, and No 10 could not directly be reached for comment.

Brexit discussions are supposed to be concluded, and Jeremy Corbyn has had no input. If Theresa May had wanted opinions on Brexit from Jeremy Corbyn she surely would have taken them on board in the beginning, and if the less than trusted Prime Minister wants a televised confrontation, then it can only be an endeavour to undermine Jeremy Corbyn in some way, maybe by attempting to portray him as being opposed to Brexit, and if that’s the case she may as well be discrediting all those people that opted to stay in.

She will presumably work with a script and will have hints and answers provided through an earpiece, and the entire thing is destined to be a pretence, just as her proposed Brexit deals are.

Theresa May seems to be animated by her fighting spirit to ward off the backstabbers and plotters within her own party, but a challenge with the leader of the opposition should test her precarious strength, and hopefully, Jeremy Corbyn will eat her alive and then spit her out.

The one thing that Jeremy Corbyn shines in is open discussion and speech, and the one thing that Theresa May can’t do is open debate. How long will it take before she goes on about what Labour did in the 1970s, and how long will it be before she loses her rag, once pressed? And if this is meant to be a charm offensive, it will certainly fail.

Theresa May is now regarded as so incompetent, she couldn’t call a pet dog to heel, and she’s the bane of the United Kingdom, and she should be made to resign.

She will be like the lamb to the slaughter unless it’s scripted, but then I suppose she’s so desperate now that she has to do something, but the most important thing that we can do now in this country is to force politicians out if they’re taking payments for working corporations over the people of the country, this degradation is destroying the United Kingdom and must go.

Most of the people of the United Kingdom are fed up with politicians lining their own pockets at the detriment of the people living in it.

However, with this debate, Jeremy Corbyn will now have to tell us what he actually thinks, there will be no more sitting on the fence, and if nothing else, it should be a laugh.

We have listened to Theresa May’s lies and now see them as being an entire capitulation and deception of this nation, now it’s time to hear what Jeremy Corbyn really thinks.

Theresa May and the Conservatives have failed and failed hard but make no mistake, so have Labour, and if we vote for them they will do it again. To fix our society we must fix the entire political system and make it functional, and we certainly won’t get a reliable government by voting for corrupted self-serving politicians.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for now in the United Kingdom, and irrespective of who you do vote for, what you actually get is someone who is going to rip you off, on the make for themselves off people who did actually work in a real job for 50 years and are now living on welfare.

But why does it have to be Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn having this debate? Just because their parties are the two largest doesn’t mean they will be in the next general election, what about all the other parties, don’t they get to have a say?

This is the nation that developed industry and now has none, this is the nation that helped win two world wars, and children are leaving school now with more prospect of a knighthood than a decent job, paying decent wages. Our NHS was once the best in the world, and now it’s like the third world, and now all our best nurses and doctors now call Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe home, but we do have lots of food banks, soup kitchens and exploding prisons.

And when we’re free from the EU we will be able to barter with Bangladesh, Upper Volta and Africa, doing what Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler all failed to do, destroy it, and if you hate Great Britain, vote Tory!

But then anyone who puts on a khaki uniform in the mistaken notion that he’s defending his country is seriously misled because every war is based on lies, and the only people who conquer are the bankers.


Emmanuel Macron has already stated he will bind Britain to the Customs Union indefinitely until we agree on full access to British waters, and Theresa May is finished as Prime Minister and it’s the EU that will kill her off once they have ceased using her to get what they want.

Theresa May has lost what little supporters she had, but then the Tories only look after the Tories, all of us other followers are seemingly irrelevant, our country is finished, and the only reason she wants this debate is to seek and gain a little more public support, for a deal that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, and it’s a disaster whichever way you look at it.

And of course, Theresa May will attempt to turn this around and condemn Labour for her woes, but this is her mess, induced by her party, she can’t downshift the culpability and waggle her finger.


Austerity Is Being Abused And, Children Refused Fundamental Entitlements

Austerity is being abused to drive through budget cuts and revamping of the old system, which is denying children their fundamental human rights, according to a significant new report, supported by more than 60 organisations and experts.

The State of Children’s Rights in England report blames the government of utilising economic weight to give grounds for, not only a grave abrasion of children’s economic and social rights, such as health, food and the right to play, but as well significant modifications to our justice system.

Welfare changes motivated by austerity, amalgamated with looming prices and inferior salaries, have ended in children suffering acute poverty.  Hundreds of thousands more children are living in impoverishment compared to years ago, the total figure is forecast to extend to three million by 2015.

In terms of education, astounding inconsistencies continue to exist and, when it comes to health, poverty-stricken children are now four times more likely to be unhealthy than wealthy children.  Children are failing to be given significant state help because of cutbacks to services.

Considerable cutbacks to legal aid and limitations over judicial inspection really threaten’s children’s power to questions rights violations, the state does no longer keep safe children by safeguarding their well-being and best interests.


When we look at all of the issues which have an effect on children in the United Kingdom today, we can see that too many are still suffering from mistreatment, destitution and unfairness and, it’s a well-focused indictment of a country that deems itself to be modern and progressive that we can’t presume that children will be protected and flourish in today’s society.

Children’s entitlements must not be surrendered in the name of government belt-tightening and, cutbacks to legal aid will deny children a legitimate voice to stop them from getting the legalised help they are qualified.

Britain is signed up to the UN Convention on Rights of the Child and, was given a catalog of 118 areas which required action after a visit by UN officials five years ago, so far there has been no developments, or matters have got more inferior and, in most regions requiring betterment 88 out of the 118.


The well-being of children should be at the centre of this government’s broad expanse of improvements.  Organisations are failing children and, should publicly be held to account and, the government should be spending out on helping the most deprived pupils achieve at school.

Victims Of The Coalition’s Vicious Welfare Cuts

There will be a large number of people who will be targets of the Coalition’s savage welfare cuts.  A classic instance is a person who’s afflicted with Cerebral Palsy, they’ll be concerned that they’ll be deprived of their benefits in the modifications from Disability Living Allowance to Personal Independence Payment.

Disabled people are facing being deprived of cash if they can walk only 20 metres, down from 50 metres.  This recently developed process doesn’t appear to get that these people also require supervision.


Some people might be in need of a wheelchair one day but can go to work the following day not needing one.  So, people must grasp that disorders like Cerebral Palsy vary widely and, so do a large number of other problems that disabled people have.

Assessments like walking a set distance aren’t just yes and no questions and, an article could be written down on whether people with disabilities could walk 50 metres; it’s all contingent on the terrain, what that person was doing after that, what they might have been doing that day, whether they have someone with them, it’s not that straightforward.

The Paralympics has given people confusing notions of what it means to be disabled and, that Olympians unintentionally made people with disabilities victims of their success.


Paralympics were a glamorous result of years of hard work and, people haven’t understood what it’s like to be disabled behind the scenes and, paralympians are in fact a tiny part of the community.

Citizens of the United Kingdom now  automatically believe that they comprehend disability, but not each and every disabled person is a Paralympian and, the Government should have second thoughts about substituting DLA for PIPs, which covers additional expenses like transportation.

As stated by Government figures 600,000 disabled people will be deprived of money and, the Government’s assessment for PIP is profoundly flawed and, help won’t be aimed at those who in fact need it.

The United Kingdom is recognised as a world leader in supporting independent living for disabled people, but if the government take away their money, they will be striking the most defenceless and, destroying the lives of those that desperately need it the most.

Anyone that can do such a thing has no empathy and, no emotion.  They should consider the brutality that they’re inducing on these people, just so that they can convince the general public into thinking that they’re doing good by them.

It’s the government’s responsibility and, they should be pressured into making sure that the people of the United Kingdom are protected, it makes no difference whether they’re disabled or not, all people of this country should be thought about before anything else.

If there’s not a law, then there should be one put together to make sure that the people of the United Kingdom are protected, that they have clothes on their backs, a roof over their head and food on the table and, not by way of food vouchers or charity, and homeless shelters.

Government should be pressured into making sure that families of the United Kingdom are looked after, then they will without doubt know what oppression feels like.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you might come from, abuse is the very same and, it’s in no way gratifying, but we’re a savage society, no matter how much one tries to convince themselves that we’re not, we’re a hostile beast, set against being a peaceful nation, which is what everyone would like, but at the end of the day, that’s not ever going to be possible.

A Demand For Bedroom Tax To Be Disposed Of


Non-profit organisations and department statistics have called for MPs to remove the impractical and unjust bedroom tax, as Parliament votes on throwing out the policy today.

The Labour Party is utilising an opposition day debate in the House of Commons to force through a vote on the under-occupation sanction.


Nevertheless, some of Labour’s most substantial names failed to turn up to vote last night in opposition to the hated bedroom tax.  Chuka, Bryant, Douglas Alexander, Margaret Hodge and, surprisingly Ed Balls was non attending, making them powerless to ever speak convincingly on the matter ever again.


Obviously it was all an empty gimmick and, why even bother putting on an act anymore.  And as far as David Cameron is interested, he could feign to care, but in fact, why trouble one’s self?  He’s worth a vast sum of money and, that’s all that’s important.


Anyone with half intelligence will be aware that David Cameron is from a talentless group of people who neither knows, nor worries, what it’s like to be a genuinely diligent person, attempting to make do without being born into affluence and privilege.

Anyone who votes for him in the next election is either on the take like him or his cabinet, brain dead, or one of the City Bankers who jerks his chain.

So, it’s no good detailing the negativity and, telling what they think are the subordinate classes that they are compelled to pull tight their belts, because its a futile task.

Will this have an effect on the next election?  Absolutely not, because neither David Cameron nor Labour genuinely give a fuck, they just take it in turns to piss people off.

There  is a large amount of people who have said there is no point in voting, but do the government in fact care about how they are regarded at all?  Of course not, because there are still sufficient fools in the United Kingdom who will give them something so that they can make believe that there is an electoral mandate.

The government think that the people of the United Kingdom are unintelligent and naive, but it keeps people like David Cameron in an extremely good position, especially financially.


It’s the uninterested conformist broadcasting and, an indecisive political group and, an extensive population who have become observers rather than performers in their everyday lives, who have produced the wrong image that Britain is taking its austerity battering laying down.

Nevertheless, this couldn’t be furthermore from what’s going on because many of the most disenfranchised groups in UK culture are moving up, unrest is being instigated and, flames of discord are beating the powder keg of the mainstream state of mind.

Winston Churchill said that, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”.


I shadow no party and, do get satisfaction in exposing David Cameron’s deficit arguments and, as long as the party carries on talking down the economy by means of the blame game, the trust of the people will not be given, or have a chance to return.


Without trust and confidence there can be no real development in parliament because the debt is one big shambles.  It’s common sense, in case terms, that a millionaire’s debt would be bigger than the majority of people, so, as a result the United Kingdom would have a higher debt and deficit than the majority of countries because, we are the sixth largest economy.

The present government and, the fiscal mock-up they reinforce are reducing people to penury and, entire segments of the UK population.  The cardinal number of young people have been out of work for periods lasting more than two years and; it’s the highest in twenty years and, the cost of living is ascending at four times the ratio of peoples wages.

This Christmas 80,000 children will be on the streets and, 600,000 additional children will be living in poverty by the next election and, this is all going on while the government glorifies itself as a rapidly increasing economy in the western world.


Financial expansion on the back of poverty wages and cuts to the welfare state which are leaving people penniless.  This is extremely bad and, it’s without question a matter of life and death.  The people are now too poor to live and, as well, too poor to die.

And people are fighting back, but it’s no duck soup out there because we have at present become a Police State and, people are discovering their entitlement to object repelled by consecutive parliaments under the disguise of anti terror laws.

On top of that, they are challenged by a militarised, government police force that utilises physical force, chemical agents, helicopters and, intelligence crews.  Sporting cameras and making snatch and grab detentions, armoured vehicles, horses, dogs and the real danger of arrest.

This, amalgamated with harmful press reports about trouble making demonstrators has achieved success in making protest a personally menacing and mostly avoided action to participate in.

David Cameron would like people to think the markets loan in the same way as retail banks lend to you and I, but in general, when the facts and figures are put into a frame of reference, these childish deficit accounts merely fail to stand up to the real truth.

The deficit saga is the fattest fabrication ever imposed upon the people and, it has been promoted by taking advantage of people’s financial ignorance.

Cameron is amusing himself and, playing the blame game to demoralise trust and increase the justification of austerity, so that he can use austerity as  grounds for a smaller state to gain lower taxes and, to portray Labour as a party that can’t be entrusted with the country’s financial affairs once more.


Consequently, the Conservatives will be the victors a second term because, people vote out of fear.  The plan has succeeded previously and, will be effective again because, in the end, elections are gained and lost on financial plausibility and, consequently because people think that Labour created the mess, they won’t have confidence in them again.

In the meanwhile there are people out there that are trying to demonstrate, but the motivation of protest and civil disobedience is to get in the way and to throw into confusion the normal goings on and, to outline people’s awareness to an issue.

Nevertheless, a protest is now described as somehow bad and wrong, but in short people have the entitlement to complain, so long as they don’t complain, that means make no pandemonium, get in no one’s way and, for goodness sake’s don’t get irate.

This has put a strain on demonstration groups to be fuzzy and ineffectual and, if they want good press reporting, or the desired support, they should keep their demonstrations nonviolent, to keep calm and carry on, but in spite of this, they in fact will make no real difference.

Disabled People Win A Case Against Government


Five disabled people have been successful in winning a legal battle to the government’s determination to get rid of the Independent Living Fund.


The £320 million Independent Living Fund currently provides support, giving the means to almost 19,000 seriously disabled people in the United Kingdom to live independent lives in the community.

The High Court ordered in April that the discontinuation settlement was legitimate, but this was turned over by the Court of Appeal, in spite of the fact, the government said it was taking into consideration whether to contest the verdict by the Court of Appeal.


Throughout the Court of Appeal inquiry, the five insisted the High Court had misunderstood the directives and; there had been a lack of genuine debate by ministers over the modifications.

They said that with the absence of Independent Living Funding and support, they would be forced into residential care and, be deprived of their potential to take part in work and, day-to-day events on the same premise as able bodied people.

The scheme’s typical payout is £300 a week and, the government has said councils, which control nearly all social care, will take over funding this assistance.  Ministers took the resolve to close the funding on 18th December last year.

Court of Appeal judges gave permission the challenge in the High Court’s previous ruling, rescinding the original verdict in favour of the government.

It was said that the evidence upon which the settlement had been founded had not given an adequate flavour of the responses received, demonstrating that independent living might well be put severely in danger for a great number of disabled people.

Disabled claimants were worried that the ruling to close the fund and transfer the money to local authorities would lead the way to a cutback, or even misplacement of that money, which had previously been ring fenced.

Welcoming the powerful judgement, law firms Deighton Pierce-Glynn and Scott-Moncrieff & Associates, which represented the applicants, said their clients had dreaded the loss of their Independent Living Fund support, which would endanger their entitlement to live with self-respect and, that they could be forced into long-term  residential care, or be deprived of their capacity to work and, engage  in daily events on an equivalent standing with other people.

The Court of Appeal ruling was reported as being of the greatest significance, not just for the applicants, but for each disabled person.

The ILF was established in 1988, but the government found in 2010 that it had become no longer relevant or sustainable to keep running the scheme outside the mainstream social care system and, the fund was closed to new claimants shortly after.

The government speaks of wanting people to go back to work and, yet they make it so hard for people to do that, because they can’t merely say one thing, but mean another, if they do that, then it makes the system extremely defective.  ILF was favourable in so many ways for the disabled and, to take that away from them would be very damaging.

It appears that all that this government do, spreads like  cancer and, we’re at the compassion of the government, for they have the ability to do anything they see fit, while they hang us out to dry.

At the start they gave us all these marvelous speeches about how they were going to do this and, how they would make things better for the people of the United Kingdom, but it was all jibber jabber and, as learned as they may appear, they in fact have no idea of how the real world slogs and hauls its worn out jenny on a day-to-day basis.

They’re so soaked up with what they want and, what they can get out of it, that they have no compassion for other people, as they engage on stealing from the poverty-stricken to furnish the wealthy, to make them even more rich.  They’re not worried about our welfare, as television advertisements drill direction into our children, giving them ideas that merely the regime want to put there for their own benefit, while they harvest the bounty.

They have no good character and, they’re excellent at concealing the facts, but in all sincerity they’re just trying to survive just like the general public, because without us they would be in the very same situation we are now, with nothing and, if we were to recognise that they’re in fact no different from the general public, we then start to comprehend that they’re just human beings and, they can be damaged and, they can be undermined.

The thing to understand is this, it will not be the general public that will sabotage them, it will be the government themselves, because they are their own overwhelming opponent, because when one considers themselves beyond disdain and condemnation and, they’re convinced that they’re above suspicion, that is when they come under disapproval and examination.

One Million Public Sector Positions To Disappear Beneath Coalition Expenditure Cuts Prior To Next Election


One million public sector jobs will have disappeared beneath the Tory led Coalition’s spending cuts prior to the next general election, an investigation divulges.


Since the Government came to power in 2010, the entire 631,000 public sector jobs have been cut. More than half of them in the local Town Halls.


Together with the Government’s own predictions forecasts an additional 400,000 job casualties prior to the 2015 General Election which means by then one in six public sector jobs will have been cut.

A study by the GMB union manifests proof of accelerating cutbacks as councils draw up their budget surveys for next year and, advises that a great deal of communities in some of the most disadvantaged regions will discover their local finances in shreds.


Some parts of the country that are most reliant on the public sector to help their local resources have been hardest hit and; there is further disaster to come.

And even a leading Tory sounded the alarm bells that the cuts are already striking daily amenities, such as meals on wheels for the elderly, street cleaning and repairing potholes.

Local government has taken the most intense cuts in the public sector and, in spite of the councils best attempts on daily services, services are beginning to suffer.

They’re only midway through a 43% cut in the council’s central funding and, the effect on services is only going to get more difficult over the following few years.

Unless local government finances are put on a sustainable foothold, amenities like road maintenance, leisure amenities and, business support projects are going to suffer considerably and, some amenities will probably be wound down entirely by the end of the decade.


Since the Tory led Coalition came into control, local government has carried the full force of public sector cuts by shedding 360,000 jobs in reaction to a 42% cut to councils’ central finances, preserving the Government more than £3.1 billion.

A GMB examination of official Government figures demonstrates that out of the 631,000 job cuts, some sections of high employment have been hardest hit.

The North East saw 41,000 jobs go, a 13.8% decrease compared with an 8% drop, 58,000 jobs, in the South East.

The union has recognised that 20 councils has already organised very bad cuts in finances and services next year.  They comprise Derbyshire, where Labour leader Anne Western has warned of 1,600 job deficits and, is looking for saving of £47.2 million and, Cornwall which intends to cut £196 million by 2019 on top of the £170 million saved since 2010.

The Civil servants’ Public and Commercial Services union established that nine out of 10 members who lost their livelihoods last year were from low-ranking paid grades.

Official statistics show that 13,030 (86%) of the 15,140 civil service job cuts between March 2010 and March 2013 were from administrative groups.  Since 2010, more than 78,600 civil service positions have been cut, comprising 48,200 administrative workers.


This government lied to people when it said the frontline would be in safe hands, as these statistics plainly show the lowest paid employees who keep departments ticking over have been the hardest hit.

It additionally shows that when the government state that there are more than sufficient jobs out there, that they’re also untruthful about that and, if the government can’t at least be honest, they may as well not speak at all.

The government are the most dishonest and, they trifle with the publics feelings and, it’s virtually heart-rending in the view of the fact that they’re causing so many people pain and torment.

It’s not a magnificent existence living in the United Kingdom, with all of it’s floundering, negligence and, retribution that the government dish out to people with sheer wickedness.

The government’s lack of success gets larger as time goes by, which can only signify that the people of the United Kingdom will after some time grow like a missile, becoming the biggest power and, the only one that we need to be worried about.

And the government want to be perturbed about this grinding and drastic occupation by the people, because the minute this takes place, it will be the time where the government certainly will have no voice over what happens to the public of the United Kingdom, the public will have a say over what happens in the United Kingdom.

It will be a savage acquisition and, the people of the United Kingdom will not hide themselves for whom they are, they will bear no camouflage or disguise.  They will front their dictators with a position and, expression of power.

If one desires to safeguard their kingdom, then they will equally preserve their people as well.  They would not intimidate their country as well as their countrymen.

There is no point preserving one without the other, unless, of course, the only reason you’re protecting, is for the motive of money and enslavement.  If you jeopardise your people, then you eventually endanger a species of people, finally making them die out and, all for the motivation of making money, but when all has disappeared and, the species is gone, what bargaining ability will the government be left with?