Christmas Housing Crisis


Almost 320,000 ­people will be homeless this Christmas because of the housing crisis. There’s one in 200 people that are living in makeshift accommodation, hostels or sleeping rough, and the amount of homeless has increased by 13,000 last year to 319,837.

This includes 294,952 people in emergency ­accommodation or B&Bs, 5,096 rough sleepers, 14,867 in hostels and 4,922 in rooms offered by social services. London is the worst with one person in 52 (170,000) identified as homeless. In Brighton, it’s one in 67, Birmingham one in 73 and Manchester one in 135.

The amount sleeping rough has more than doubled since the Tories came to power in 2010 when there were 1,768 people living on the streets. But earlier this year the Government announced it was spending £100 million to tackle the problem.

But half had already been committed to tackling rough sleeping and homelessness, with the rest “reprioritisation” within existing budgets.

We urgently need action now.


The charity highlighted the case of Telli Afrik, who had a job but could not afford his private rent. He sleeps in one room in a hostel with wife Janet and children, Bridgit, three, and Beatrice, five, in Waltham Forest, East London, and his family are at breaking point.


Communities Secretary James Brokenshire stated: “We are determined to respond to the causes of homelessness.”


Welcome to Theresa May’s Dickensian England as we fall further into the trenches of purgatory, dragged there by this vile shameful Tory government who couldn’t care less as long as they hold on to power.

The Tories are hate machines which just rolls on, creating suffering and death in its wake, and there’s no way to support this deliberate Tory policy that enforces poverty, and then there are the Tory voters that are so full of hatred that they will go mad if you criticise the Tory party.

But the Tories housing policy is to make more people homeless and to target the poor, the sick, the dying and the disabled as they can’t argue back against the Tory bullies, and with things as they’re going, they’ll be housing the sick, the dying and the disabled in workhouses several years down the line, if Tory voters let them get away with it.

Welcome to Theresa May’s Tory Britain where the streets are paved with homeless people, even entire families while Theresa May’s Tory government continue to be propped up.


So, it’s a Merry Christmas from your wicked Tory party, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to get a food bank parcel, don’t worry, your accommodation is only temporary, a hostel with a family of five living in it, and then when they do get permanent housing, if they ever do, the government will sort them out a nice Universal Credit package that might take around 5 weeks to sort out.

Welcome to the Tory party factory where they tell you that they want to support their citizens and that they genuinely care about you, but what they’ve really done is cause heartbreak, and it all started off with Margaret Thatcher selling off council homes.

Many of those local authority houses were sold for a pittance and finished up in private landlords hands. Now housing benefit doesn’t come back to the council and not enough homes are built, so housing is beyond peoples reach.

It should make you laugh because now we have the Tories addressing the homelessness problem that they created in the first place, you really couldn’t make this stuff up.

The Tories are always discussing the problem of homelessness, that they created and are in denial of, and in a civilised nation, solving the dilemma should be at the pinnacle of their priorities, whichever party are in government.

But do you really think they’ll consider all those homeless people this Christmas when they’re eating their Turkey and sipping champagne in front of the fireplace?

It’s really disheartening to see people homeless particularly at Christmas, but at any time it’s sad, but of course, our government don’t give a damn, and I honestly don’t believe anybody imagined the suffering that such a ruthless assortment of dictators could force on people with their neverending austerity policies.


Should UKIP be excluded from TV election debates – David Cameron seems to think so!

Is David Cameron shitting his pants…

The Prime Minister is giving backing to general election discussions, but expresses they should be restricted to applicants likely to be the winners.

As he voiced his support for general election television discussions, he as well pointed out that Nigel Farage should be left out of those debates.


The Prime Minister claimed he believed the discussions, which took place on three successive weeks in 2010, worked well, even though they took up too much time.

The Prime Minister, who not so long ago turned down a challenge from Alex Salmond to discuss the Scottish Independence Referendum, pointed out that Farage should be eliminated from the discussions.


David Cameron said that he thought that the debates predominately should be with regard to people who have the possibility of becoming Prime Minister, or is it that he believes that they do have the possibility of being victorious and, that’s why Nigel Farage has been left out from the debates.

Some Tories think that eliminating Farage would kill off the discussions and,  that the UKIP leader would probably organise a legal challenge to any intention of excluding him after next year’s European parliamentary elections, which he is anticipated being the winner of.

Back to the workhouse


The most recent squeeze is the governments aim at dealing with a deficit sourced by the wealthy and, is to carry on penalising the poor for being poor.  Presently they’re forming a plan to make the jobless carry out four week periods of mandatory unpaid work, or have their benefits stopped for up to three months.


Who would have believed that the workhouse, that notorious establishment affiliated with Victorian times and, which lives on in the composition of Charles Dickens, would inch its way closer to becoming reality once again in the 21st century?

At the present time, Jobseekers Allowance for adults over the age of 25 stands at £71.70 per week.  For those under 25, it’s £56.80.  Neither amount can by any stretch of the imagination be described as excessively high.

It’s the opposite, the current level of Jobseekers Allowance is not sufficient to pay for anything approaching what nearly all people in work would deem a proper standard of life and, nevertheless, since the general election, the ConDem alliance has centred an excessive quantity of awareness on criticising those receiving of Jobseekers Allowance, as well as those in receit of additional benefits, such as Incapacity and Housing Benefit.

This is done under the rubric of an extremely flexible explanation of the term progressive, one largely advertised by the Lib Dem, half of the union to fit in with how they like to look at themselves, even if according to current opinion polls barely anyone else does any longer.

Image Image

As for the warped prism through which Tories consider society, this can merely be comprehended in terms of social division, in spite of objections to the contrary by Mr Cameron et al., this is a political party who’s enduring aim is the promotion in the interest of the wealthy and, big business at the expense of the poor and, the working class.

Unemployment is a traumatic experience and, the shame, social abuse, humiliation and monetary deprivation associated it, which flies in the face of the right wing ideas of people lazing about luxurious accommodation and, living it up.


The feeling of isolation can cause them to commit crimes, have stress related illnesses and, various other social and human illnesses and, yet in spite of this, the alliance plans on aggravating the situation, rather than alleviating it with attack after attack.