Depressed Mum Killed Herself

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A mum pursued by the NHS over charges of only £29 took her own life by overdosing on the anti-­depressants that forced her into debt. Penny Oliver owed sums of £8.60 and £20.60, but with penalty charges and surcharges these soared, the second one alone rising to £120.60.

And having lost hundreds of pounds a month when her benefits were cut, mum Penny, 54, really couldn’t pay. She had only a few pounds in her account and was enveloped by payment requests when her family discovered her dead in bed in June.


Letters from the council, the NHS and Department for Work and Pensions included threats to take her to court and notify her employer if she didn’t pay up.

Penny, from Whitstable, Kent, took an overdose and left heartbreaking letters to her children, and her children say the NHS and DWP have “blood on their hands,” and now Labour has called for an urgent investigation into the NHS policy of pursuing outstanding prescription charges.

This is repulsive and inquiries have to be questioned about the humanity of a policy that does this to defenceless people. Penalty charges should be scrapped, and it’s a disgrace to abuse helpless, sick people in this way.

Ministers urgently need to step in and examine this policy because our NHS is there to support patients get better not make their health worse by putting ­unacceptable burdens on people like this.

There’s an irony in this because she overdosed on anti-depressants because she couldn’t afford to pay the prescription charges, and this should never have happened because this mum was struggling to cope with having her benefits cut when she was already suffering from poor mental health, but instead the very NHS that should have been helping her deal with her depression instead started harassing her for money and helped to drive her over the threshold, and she ended her life as a consequence.

Penny suffered anxiety and ­depression for most of her life and in 2014 was left crushed by the loss of her son Josh, 15, after he took ecstasy. She could only work part-time as a tapas bar chef because of a back problem. She got benefits and was entitled to free NHS prescriptions and subsidised dental treatment.

But last November DWP assessors considered her fit for full-time work. That meant no more free prescriptions, including those for anti-depressants, but Penny ticked the free prescription form at a time when she thought she still qualified, but demands for payments came later from the NHS Business Service Authority which tracks down debt and farms proceeds back into healthcare.

One letter asking for £8.60 was posted in May but noted likely penalty charges. The last demand came following Penny’s death for £73.10, including a £43.00 penalty and £2.50 surcharge. Another letter, dated March 15, demanded that £20.60 for NHS dental treatment and a £100 penalty charge for non-payment be paid inside 28 days.

It warned of a possible additional £50 charge. Penny was left in a state of fear.

How can the NHS justify demands for a sum nearly 10 times the payment Penny missed? It’s unbelievable. Penny was simply striving to keep her head above water and it’s disturbing to imagine that she spent the end of her life in fear and feeling so out of control that she saw no way out other than death.

The mixture of demands from the NHS, the council and the DWP got too much and had the NHS helped her rather than stacking more weight on her she would still be here now.

Penny was on benefits while unable to work full-time because of persistent back pain, but when it eased, the anxiety problems still continued but the DWP ruled she was fit for work.

Her Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) was removed from January, and in turn, her council tax support stopped and housing benefit was halved, from £121.15 a week to just £58.63, and two months later, the council said she owed £303.77 in overpaid benefit.

A DWP demand sent in February said she owed £109.36 and advised that her boss could be contacted to deduct money at source or debt collectors might be called in. Penny agreed to pay £5 a week. She further increased her hours of employment from 15 to 30 and even gave her precious border collie Meggie to a friend, and she even told her GP she was considering death.

Subsequently, on June 14 she took an overdose at her one-bed flat, and an inquest in Maidstone learned that Penny’s mental health had declined quickly after her benefits were cut, and coroner Georgina Gibbs recorded a finding of suicide, stating this because Penny had left notes for her children.

The benefits system punishes people in work and fails to take mental health conditions seriously. These people are destroying people’s lives, they have blood on their hands and whatever self-respect people have left, the authorities are pounding, and the DWP really have no conception how serious it can be living with depression and anxiety.

There’s a serious lack of support and the authorities should have been seeking to help Penny.

Canterbury City Council, the DWP and NHS Business Services Authority all extended their condolences to the family, that’s almost like locking the barn door after the horse has bolted, and it’s not good enough.

This is all so tragic because the Business Authority are behaving like wheel clampers for the NHS, hitting on the sick and most defenceless and making threats by giving out penalties. Yet, the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage can live it up with fancy champagne and lunches and nothing is said, it’s absolutely sickening.

The council are evil and their sympathies are false, with a Tory policy that is shameful, cruel and corrupt to the core, and this is an especially distressing case and if a person has mental health problems they’re not handled with respect compared to someone with a physical disability, particularly by some segments of the NHS, which is not right in a seemingly cultured modern western culture.


Becoming Homeless Under Universal Credit


A pensioner who cares for her brain-damaged teenage granddaughter worries they could lose their home because of benefit cuts as she goes over to Universal Credit.

Jean Godfrey has brought up Emily Lydon, who has the human kind of mad cow disease since she was a baby. The 19-year-old’s condition started in the womb when her mum, Sally Evans, became one of the first Britons to get the variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.


It attacked both her brain and that of her unborn baby. Sally died aged 24 in May 2000 when her child was only seven months old. Emily is unable to walk, talk or feed herself and is dependant on her grandmother.

However last month Jean, 68, was told their joint income would be cut from £720 a week to £400 as they went to Universal Credit and because Emily had turned 19, and the benefits they have lost include Support for Mortgage Interest, which was stopped in April this year and succeeded by a loan, Child Tax Credit, Special Guardianship Allowance and Child Benefit.

But government failures let mad cow disease into the human food chain, killing Jean’s her daughter and brain-damaging her granddaughter. Jean has spent 20 years caring for her granddaughter Emily and now these benefits could make them homeless.

Emily can’t talk or eat and a syringe has to be used to pump food into her stomach through a tube. Emily is doubly incontinent and can’t walk which Universal Credit officials know about, but the Department for Work and Pensions responded that Emily was no longer eligible for child benefits as she had turned 19.

After checking her claim, it was found she was eligible for Employment and Support Allowance of £328 a month, which is being backdated, in addition to £58 a week Universal Credit. But it means Emily will still be £245 a week worse off and Jean worries they may lose their bungalow in Newark, Notts.

It requires £150 a month for heating oil, so if she heats the house they can’t eat, and she still believes they will lose their home, and Jean said that despite Emily’s condition, she’s still been asked to attend a work and capability assessment at her local Jobcentre.

The DWP announced in a statement: “As Emily has turned 19 and left full-time education, she is no longer eligible for child benefits,” and presently Emily gets Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments.

The Department of Employment and Support Allowance stated that they have ensured she is getting the right support, and have backdated all payments, and that this has been related to Emily and her grandmother.

Relating to the work capability assessment, a DWP spokesperson added: “As Emily has a severe disability, she will not need to attend any further assessments.”

These are the direct results of a ruthless, cruel government and an inept cow, Theresa May with her immoral Tory party belt-tightening tactics, and being seriously disabled doesn’t come cheap, there are hospital appointments that require a taxi, the equipment required to feed Emily and the feed itself, and any medications that the free prescriptions don’t cover, the adult nappies, the additional electric and gas, it all adds up.

And then there are the Conservatives who are supposed to be the caring party, the only people they care about is their own, the rich who they make sure get richer.

I would like to know how they managed to convey these details to Emily, and the treatment of disabled people and their carers has got to be illegal. This government may as well be giving out lethal injections to all disabled claimants, better still, charge them for the injections, then inform disabled claimants they have to use them as it will save the government money.

I’m sure there will be a few knighthoods or Lords titles on offer at a later date for their noble endeavours, and it’s sickening how disabled people and their carers are made to suffer like this.

Thirty lives are lost each month due to benefit cuts, this is so crazy. Yet we spend so much money overseas, and money is leaving the United Kingdom to support other nations, but how many begging adverts do you see every hour on your TV each day to help out people in other countries, yet our government put our most defenceless and disabled people into such a mental state that they can no longer go on.

The overseas support has become a farce with India using £330 million on the worlds largest statue, yet we still give them aid money, money that would be much better spent on helping our disabled and vulnerable, and these corrupt people don’t care about the sick and disabled, they’re turning human beings into claim numbers and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Didn’t the government announce that austerity had ended? If this is correct, then the government can stop freezing pensioners and starving children, and instead of our taxes going towards royal weddings and funding MP’s expenses for such things like light bulbs it should be going towards our sick and disabled – what happened to our country?

This isn’t living, it’s existing while the wealthy always get wealthier and the poor are left to die.

Cancer Payments: Terminally Ill Man On Months Of Delays


A terminally sick man has been made to feel humiliated after being handed a food bank voucher surrounded by delays to his benefit payments.

After the man was identified with having terminal cancer, he filled in the relevant forms, yet for three months was given no money at all.

His story was highlighted by the nonprofit organisation Macmillan Cancer Support, who said patients are having to wait weeks, or even months, to have their payments processed, even though The Department for Work and Pensions has raised questions over the robustness of the charities data.


The man had gone to his doctor after a diagnosis and treatment proceeded incredibly fast.  They did an internal scan on the 23rd May and, on the same day they found that he had lower bowel cancer and, on the 24th May, doctors removed 90% of his lower bowel.

He was then contacted by the hospital on the 13th June, to give him the news that regrettably it was incurable and, it had gone to his liver, his stomach and, one or two other parts of his body.

The doctors preferred not to talk about how long he had to live, they said it could be 2 years, they said it could be 5 years; it could be whatever it took, the doctors said they didn’t like to set boundaries on it.

As an outcome of his illness, he made a claim for a Personal Independence payment and, for an individual who is suffering from a terminal illness, payments for PIPs should be exercised  pretty swiftly.

The man’s doctor issued a DS1500 form, which the man had been informed since, makes your claim a priority with the PIPs department.  The man filled in all the forms and, they went in the week of the 17th June and, then the man heard nothing from the PIPs department.

Macmillan began chasing it up and, they were informed it was with the decision makers.  Even Citizens Advice pursued the PIPs department and, they were informed it was with the decision makers, everyone was told the same thing.

And when Macmillan head office got involved and, began talking to people, it turned out that it had at no time been with the decision makers, it was sat on a desk doing nothing.  When the man found out what was really going on, it made him extremely distressed.

At the Citizens Advice Office they had got so frustrated because everyone they spoke to, told them the same thing, ‘We can’t do anything, it’s with the decision makers’.


A woman came back into the room and, handed the man a red piece of paper to take round to a food bank, so that himself and his partner could be issued with some food and, the man felt so ashamed because all he could get off anyone was a voucher for a food bank.

When he actually got the payment on the 10th September, they rewarded him the money owing, which was backdated to the 13th June and, something else the DWP kept saying, ‘Was don’t worry, it’s all backdated’, but it was three months this man had to remain in poverty prior to seeing any of his money.

The man said, ‘That every time you spoke to somebody on the phone, you felt like they were waiting for you to die before they did anything’.

‘You felt because the doctors wouldn’t set a time limit on it, which they simply don’t these days, that the DWP are just waiting to see what the outcome is’ and, when the man mentioned that to a person at PIPs he said, ‘Oh, no no, even if you die, the payment will be made’.  And saying something like that doesn’t help because the person feels deceived.

The man’s consultant had said to go out and, for him to enjoy himself, but how do you enjoy yourself when you’re not getting what you’re entitled to?

The man was given an apology for the way that his case was handled and, he received some recompense about £150, but Macmillan believes that there are hundreds of terminally ill patients who are being affected and, this additional obstruction in benefits is coming up time and time again, because the system had been altered , but it was still the case that those who were priority, or anyone that was identified with a terminal illness this ‘special rule’ claim, that they should really have their money dealt with extremely swiftly, just to make their life as trouble-free as possible.

The idea of a ‘fast track’ process for terminally ill patients who are in need of the money urgently, because they clearly don’t have as long as the rest of us to live is still there, but the reality that the process has gone from 8 to 10 days to 8 to 10 weeks in fact is shocking and, we see from this man’s story, the anguish that causes.

The structure of the way things work was only altered in April, but are these teething problems going to settle down, are we going to see any indication that things are working better now?  Sadly not and, Macmillan are talking to the DWP and, they’re working with them to obtain a resolution to make the process work more swiftly, but the level of alterations, like removing the old methods that used to be very straightforward to fill in and, posted through and, replacing them with lengthy phone calls, these things add to the hinderance and, plainly Macmillan don’t comprehend why the department wants to have a process that sadly takes so long.

The DWP was asked if they would do an interview and, they refused, but they said that Macmillan’s data wasn’t reliable on how many cases there are and, that Macmillan are not comparing ‘like with like’, there are differing benefits and different claim procedures.


Yet the idea is precisely the same, the predecessor benefit Disability Living Allowance had a ‘fast track’ process.  The replacement benefit Personal Independence Payment has a ‘fast track’ process as well, so in that case the idea that has been talked about would be identical.


So, could it be believable that Ministers sat down and took the choice that terminally ill patients would have to wait 2 months for a benefit that they qualify to and, there’s plainly a bureaucratic mess up somewhere in the system and, one that they don’t have a grip on and, are not getting a grip on because there clearly is no commitment on what the timescale should be and, if it’s more complicated and, it takes a little more than 8 to 10 days, then perhaps that’s all right, but not when it’s 8 to 10 weeks.

The Cover Up Man!


The rolling out of Universal Credit has been an absolute catastrophe and; very poorly controlled, overambitious and poor value for money.

The assault sheet is appalling because there were no acceptable measures of development, computer systems lack the capacity to recognise potentially dishonest claims and, a £34 million venture in IT organisation had to be written off.

The Department for Work and Pensions lacked the obligatory IT skills and, the required senior guidance.  With the scheme way off course, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith is culpable of deceiving MPs and the public.


He informed the House of Commons on the 5th March that Universal Credit “Is proceeding exactly according to plan.”  Now we find out from the NAO that, prior to making his declaration in March, the Department started a 13 week reset of the whole programme.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg, four months earlier, in December 2012, the Department decreased caseloads predicted for the following April by 80 per cent.  Five months earlier, the Department had greatly put an end to expanding organisation for the national roll out.

Iain Duncan Smith Revealed As A Liar


Iain Duncan Smith has now been revealed as a liar, after more than 100,000 people signed a petition calling for him to be held responsible for his actions.   Iain Duncan Smith has been called before a Parliament Work and Pensions Committee, to be held answerable for statistical deceit.

He will be appearing before a committee, to give testimony on the production and release of the Department for Work and Pensions, DWP data in September, regardless of avoiding that committee and, having been delayed in June and July.


If he won’t vindicate himself, in that case he is culpable of the violation and, this brings us to the subject of the punishment that should be bestowed upon him.

Subject to British Parliamentary Convention, there is law here in the United Kingdom, recognised as the Contempt of Parliament.

A Member of Parliament is blameworthy of this if he or she intentionally deceives Parliament and, any MP accused of the offence may be excluded or thrown out.

He should either confess that he lied to Member of Parliament and, to the people in order to warrant his contemptible behaviour towards of the most vulnerable people in this nation, or he must be thrown out from Parliament like the disgrace that he is.


He should be humiliated just like he has demeaned the vulnerable people of the United Kingdom and, taken any esteem that they did have, from them.

We should take into consideration that at his hearing, he should not have the capacity to talk out because he never gave the same consideration to the vulnerable people of the United Kingdom, he did not give them the opportunity to in fact speak for themselves in the shape of arbitration.

All they were given was a penalty, which appeared entertaining for Iain Duncan Smith; as he gave this impersonation that he was this dependable and reliable, but instead he turned out to be this challenging, menacing and, unfavourable human being who required the working classes to treat the low income people of the UK as scroungers.

Nevertheless this human being that we thought was so devoted to making the United Kingdom a more advantageous country had no keenness to start off with.  His sole technique was to single out the low income families and, make their way of life level to that of a nomadic circus.

Disorder has now turned into confrontation, accompanied with unemployment and, with no one to facilitate but instead all he done was to hamper the public by sacrificing those that calculated the most expenditure.

The young of our society are now a disposable commodity who are being broken into a million pieces, but the pièce de résistance is to renounce everybody of low income with the lowest level of money in an attempt to restrain a society and, to make it look as if it’s just the low income that are affected.

This ripple has expanded so much because of Iain Duncan Smiths ornate organisation for the intention of bringing about a complete state of elitist larva who poke and, make fun at the lower income society, some who are disabled and terminally ill.

From time to time it makes me wonder why it has to be an elitist society that has to take possession of parliament and bags becoming Prime Minister and, I wonder if it would be a much more beneficial concept if it were someone who didn’t have an Oxford indoctrination that became Prime Minister and, someone who knows something about how the world goes round, rather than someone who believes they know how the world goes round.


After all, just because someone doesn’t have an Oxford education doesn’t mean they don’t have an understanding of how the world ticks, the only dissimilarity is, the average person is not sullied by greed, which should question a persons good character before they even begin taking up office at No. 10!

All that the government are worried about is how they can steal from the poor and give to the wealthy and, then cover their tracks.  They’re not here to mend a failing society, they’re here for the celebrity fame and, to be nominated for the best performance, that’s all you’re voting for, “And the Academy Award for the Best Lie goes to…”

One Size Fits All


You can’t by any means cut down someone’s benefits in a “One size fits all” scheme because not everyone is the same.  If I purchased a dress that said “One size fits all”, normally it would not fit me because my body dimensions are not suitable for “One size fits” all, particularly in European measurements, that would be like a size 14 and, wouldn’t even go over one of my hooters!  What I’m getting at, is that everyone has differing needs that need to be addressed individually, not as a whole.

I think you have to humour Iain Duncan Smith and, let him have his enjoyment with his pet projects, or else he will just toss his toys out of his pram like an overindulgent child, although a spoilt child may fling their toys out of their pram, but they don’t so the story goes, murder people with their actions.

Nonetheless, Iain Duncan Smith’s pet enterprise is having grave problems and, Universal Credit that was initially planned for October 2013, has now been postponed until next year.

Although that is no comfort to Kieran McArdle who’s father, stroke victim Brian, 57, passed away a day after his disability benefits were discontinued.

The benefits system may have been shaky previously, but it generally worked for the most part and, unemployment benefit was a necessary payment and, you either got income or contribution based benefit with housing benefit paid and, the benefits may appear complicated, but the previous system was better for both claimants and advisers, with basic payments being additionally increased by premiums.

Nonetheless, Iain Duncan Smith was attacked for sending an offensive letter to a boy who said that the strain of a back-to-work test by Atos put an end to his disabled father’s life.


The letter that was sent to Kieran McArdle was nasty and, which attempted to send the welfare chief’s sympathy, but then attempted to justify the governments exploitation on disabled people, as well as Kieran’s father Brian.


The coldness of the reply to Kieran McArdle from the Tory minister, proposed that Kieran get in touch with the Jobcentre about his dead father’s appeal, but the poor man’s dead and, talk about passing the buck.

The letter was hand-delivered to Iain Duncan Smith’s Whitehall office and, he gave his word of honour that he would correspond to Kieran, aged 13.  It took IDS 21 days to respond to Kieran, of Larkhall, Lanarkshire, who felt bitterly let down with the response he received from Iain Duncan Smith.

The letter was machine printed on DWP paper and, the sole sign of humanity was an unreadable scribble, which I presume was Iain Duncan Smith’s signature, but it was so undecipherable; it could have said Joe Bloggs.

Kieran desired at least an expression of regret and, an explanation and justification for his father’s horrific treatment, at least that would have given this young teenager some closure.

His father Brian had been left paralysed (which means loss of muscle function for one or more muscles) from a stroke last year on Boxing Day, yet this man was still ordered to attend an Atos “work capability assessment”.  One month later, this person got a letter telling him he would lose his disability benefits, but the day after his benefits were taken away from him, Brian died.


A great deal of people have passed away after their benefits have been taken away from them, it is too much of a coincidence and, the Department of Work and Pensions is withholding to make it public on updates concerning the deaths of people who had been receiving benefit and, that had been taken away.

The thing is, by nature, disability demands for differing methods and, whilst some people will be fit to work, where the company are prepared to hire them; some firms will not.

So, the concept that entitlement for sickness benefit requires recurrent evaluation, which is expensive, particularly where there are appeals, is laughable.

It seems that the DWP will not make available how many people are dying because of this modification in benefits, so what are they hiding?

We know who you are!


I’ve heard this one time and time again, of course they know where we live and, yet they maintain that we’re scroungers and, live off the sovereign state.  Nonetheless, if they know where we live, why did they not sanction our benefits for disability ages ago, instead of telling the tabloids that we’re conniving fakers, bent on defrauding the tax payer out of their hard earned wages.


Truth is that the government has the newspapers in the palm of their hands, controlling them, so that they report the news to the working classes, that the unemployed and, disabled are faking an ailment that’s not there, allegedly it’s all in their heads.


The government are armed, but what are they armed with – Bad breath, colourful language, feather duster – What do you think they’re armed with? – Control!

Nevertheless the unemployed and disabled do not deserve to be assaulted with verbal insults and, disability hate crime, indicating that this is the new norm for people and, those who are disabled.

We lead ourselves by example and if this is the example we’re giving to the destination of procreation; then we have no chance at all, yet the government’s sanctioning people’s money for apparently unneeded spending, but then they go out and acquire themselves a brand new motor vehicle, or a house in the country at the expense of the tax payer and, then tell us it’s because of the unemployed and disabled that the country’s having problems and, the workers accept this rubbish that the government are supplying them.

So it’s “Do as I say and, not as I do” and, then when this happens, in the end you will see the death of interest between people and, as well compassion, goodness and kindness and, no matter what the circumstances are.

It’s double standards, them and us, but when the milk turns sour, I’m not the kind of pussy to drink it.

Prince Philip already stated that, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”.  Or did that indicate when he said overpopulation, the unemployed and disabled?


This is unmistakably not a caring nation and, it has no morals and, if you are any kind of leader, it’s your responsibility to inspire people. 

Well, they are encouraging people to lead by example, making it easy for everybody to follow them.

The microwave mind-control so that your minds have a melt down.  Causing people to reportedly talk nonsense and, a meaningless string of words and not feel well and, is this a mind control weapon?

Watching television and, reporting on it was once the safest job in the world, now it’s turning into a bad day in Bosnia.


At the moment, yobs on the street are beating up disabled people because they watch what’s on TV and are convinced that it’s true.

The welfare state is a large part of British family life, with about 5.3 million of them being pensioners, but the government are currently saying that there are generations of taxonomic groups on benefits that have at no time worked.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation issued a study in December to see if there were three generations of the same family that had at no time worked.


In spite of tenacious investigation, researchers were unable to locate such families and if they did exist; they account for a tiny fraction of workless individuals.

Nonetheless, Mark Littlewood, Director of the Institute for Economic Affairs wishes for the names and addresses of everybody on benefits made public by publishing them, along with the benefits that they’re given so that the out-of-work, disabled and pensioners can bow down at the governments feet even more than they do so already.

It’s now the needy against the greedy and, the people you trust from the ones you don’t and, I don’t like to mention it to Mr. Littlewood, but he’s not going to get any grovelling communique of appreciation from the masses, he will only get one word from them, “It’s a right, not a charity”.