Philip Hammond’s at it again with his derogatory remarks as he declared that there was going to be a £400 million gift to schools as if schools weren’t insulted enough by the Tories cuts, but now the Chancellor is telling schools they can buy a little extra with the Budget cash, while still starving them of necessary long-term funds.

Our education system has been brought to its knees by Tory cuts and now this £400 million one-off payment for education has rebounded spectacularly as teachers and parents laid into the Chancellor over his condescending remarks.

The Chancellor is completely out of touch with the mayhem his party has caused, as they plunge schools into chaos where teachers and parents have had to beg for necessary supplies such as pens and books, and his paltry payment was faced with a series of harsh tweets under the mocking hashtag #littleextras.

Teachers and pupils are being condescended and devalued by Philip Hammond because he thinks that a few little extras will make up for years of underfunding, this government simply doesn’t have a clue, especially when Philip Hammond maintained that he had to give a little gratuity to every school which he hoped would be welcomed.

He must have a huge grin on his face because he truly believes in his own little fantasy world that this will be welcomed, and his remarks were in the style of a 1950’s husband who has given his wifey some pin money, but this money wouldn’t be able to fund the things that schools are absolutely desperate for, including better provisions for children with special needs or teacher’s wages.

A pack of dry wipe pens or glue sticks are essentials that a lot of schools are finding harder to afford, and photocopying costs a fortune, and because schools don’t have enough textbooks they have to do a lot more photocopying.

Most of the school’s computers are on their last legs, and they’re short of chairs, so they have to take them from other rooms if they can, and half the gas taps in labs haven’t worked in a while, and it’s utterly disrespectful to parents and teachers that the Chancellor speaks about little extras when school funds have been cut by billions and head teachers are begging parents for money for essential supplies like books and stationery.

Full-time education is compulsory for all children aged 5 to 18, either at school or otherwise, with a child entering primary education during the school year they turn 5. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are entitled to 600 hours per year of optional, state-funded, pre-school education. This can be provided in “playgroups”, nurseries, community childcare centres or nursery classes in schools.

What happens if a child does not attend school education?

As a parent raising a child, that parent is liable for ensuring that the child is being educated, whether or not you have parental responsibility for the child, that person or parent can be prosecuted and fined if the child is on a school register but does not attend or does not attend regularly.

If it’s compulsory for a child to attend school, and this is a government policy, the government should pay for that said child to attend school, this should include school uniform, pens, books and anything associated inside school because this is a government policy to systematise our children, not a life choice by the parent.

If the government are not able to fully fund schools that they instigated in the first place, then it should not be mandatory for our children to attend school. It’s not rocket science if the government wish to institutionalise our children, then they should pay for it.

The amount Philip Hammond has offered is barely a 10th of the £3.5 billion the Tories have cut from capital funding year on year, leaving thousands of children in leaking and decaying classrooms, and this proves how hopelessly out of touch the Tories actually are.

And the Chancellor has shown in this budget the extent of his stupidity on school funding, and when millionaire Philip Hammond was questioned about what exactly his little extras were, he stated that if schools needed to buy a couple of whiteboards or some laptop computers or something like that, having a cheque for £50,000 would be very useful for most schools.

The Tories have pounded our schools with harsh cuts since coming to power in 2010, including one in Theresa May’s own constituency, and Philip Hammond is not deserving of academic analysis. Margaret Thatcher operated a sweetie-shop economic policy, and this shower followed on and he doesn’t care because he’s not in this realm of reality.

This government has made the most brutal cuts right across the board, and no matter what they say, people simply don’t trust them with the never-ending crap that spews from their mouths.

What is it that this government simply don’t understand?

They have destroyed this country along with the many people in it, and they’ve made no attempt to put things right, and people will continue to suffer while they oversee this country, and we shouldn’t let the Tories ruin our children’s futures, or their children’s futures.

The Tories are running our schools into the ground by their underfunding so that they can privatise everything else, like the police, fire and ambulance services, and if the Tories are given absolute control these things will happen because we don’t have much more to sell off, the Tories have sold most of it already, and they will destroy our country.

Three hundred and seventy-five million pounds for Buckingham Palace. £3.5 million for Parliament, millions for 2 Royal weddings, our country has a wealth of money but not for us common folk, and since coming to power under David Cameron and now Theresa May, the Tories have more than doubled the National Debt.

They’ve borrowed more money than any single Labour government combined, missed every single financial target set, and lost our AAA credit rating and had it decreased further.

Our government has failed to pay down the debt, has narrowed the economy and imposed austerity for nothing more than political dogma, and then they gave us Philip Hammond!


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