A young mother was beaten up following a Brexit meeting but this mother was assaulted just for supporting Labour.

Jade Unal was booted in the head, required stitches and was left with an unsightly bump after thugs ambushed her and her mum in a working men’s club when they’d stopped off for a late night drink after attending a Labour talk about Britain’s departure from the EU.

They just had the one drink and were minding their own business. The group must have had their eye on them when they started calling Jade Unal some rather offensive words and a ‘posh snob’, it was horrific and they said they knew where she lived.

And before she knew it they were laying into her screaming. They knocked her out and kept on hitting her even when her mother attempted to defend her, and now Jade has had to go into sheltered housing for fear the thugs who struck at Brook House Working Men’s club in Wakefield, West Yorks, could target her house.

Jade runs the local Young Labour section and was hoping to stand as a councillor in next year’s polls, but now she worries it could be too risky to speak up and become a public figure.

She has a three-year-old daughter who motivates her, as Tory cuts affect everything around them, and as austerity is obvious and instead of dealing with the poorest parts, people are left to fend for themselves.

It’s no surprise these people dislike politics and those concerned, they could have killed Jade, and even though she knows they could have killed her, she still understands to a degree why they assaulted her.

Jade who is studying for a degree in public service management said that the attack was a sad echo of what happened to Jo Cox, the MP murdered in nearby Batley and Spen in 2015.

Her gravest concern was that somebody would know who she was and hurt her, and it’s come true.


Wakefield’s Labour MP Mary Creagh spoke of the assault on Jade: “I was shocked and upset. I am working with her to make sure she gets the support she needs.”

Brook House Working Men’s Club did not comment, but the Police are investigating it.

It’s not right for any man to hit a woman, but this assemblage were simply far-right thugs, and they beat her because she was a Labour supporter, and we just need to look back at Germany in the early 1930s to see Nazi stormtroopers beating up Jews and political players to see where this kind of thuggery gets us.


The nearest we came to this was The Battle of Cable Street, where socialist and others stood up to these agitators, and now we have the momentum stormtroopers attacking anyone who doesn’t like their views.

This is utterly wrong and really sad to see and to be honest, no one should be beaten up for their opinions.

Everybody is allowed their views, but that doesn’t imply that we should go around whacking everybody because they don’t agree with what you might do or say, or that their view is an inferior one. The thing is, some people do respect other’s views and opinions but the preponderance of people don’t because they feel like there can only be one true mindset and that the so-called correct opinion is undoubtedly theirs because they must be correct.

Most people tend to think in a comparatively restricted and single-minded way which stops them from considering other viewpoints on their own, and when you think of something, you’re most likely pretty clear on why your viewpoint is justified because you came to your conclusion and judgment based on a collection of reasons which is rational and makes complete sense to you.

This is why your view is ‘correct’ and ‘right’, to you at least, and this happens for every single person. They know why their opinion is rational and demand everyone else to come to the same conclusion as them because they overlook the fact that not everyone thinks in the same way as them and will make the same connections and links as them to come to the same conclusion as a similar event.

Another reason that some people may be unable to consider opposing viewpoints is that a prejudice against a particular viewpoint has been instilled in them. For instance, if a child, has been told that opinion or viewpoint A is incorrect, this prejudice against opinion A could become very ingrained enough that when the child grows up, he won’t even ask why opinion A is ‘wrong’. This would lead him to be unable to understand opinion A and therefore, be unable to respect it.

In conclusion, people may not consider others views because they think that only one idea can be the ‘correct’ opinion, and they lack the understanding of the differing viewpoint or they have prejudices against particular views.


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