Boris Johnson is a very funny man at times, sadly, he frequently puts his foot in his mouth which gets media and public attention. Clearly, he’s a supporter of free speech, and you’ve got to love his repartee, and it tells you a lot when Rowan Atkinson seems compelled to ride to his defence.


But while Rowan Atkinson was seeking to dress Boris up in fairy lights of comedy, there is the fact that Boris Johnson did, in fact, offend letterboxes, comparing them to Burkas. Should Boris Johnson be made to apologise, well, possibly to those poor letterboxes, after all, they’ve been a traditional component of our culture for a pretty long time, and the Burka has been here in England comparatively less time.


Boris, however, said that he had an out-and-out aversion to the Burka, so obviously it wasn’t a joke, and now we’re not laughing, and there wasn’t any punchline, and Boris Johnson has an abundant and magnificent history of disparaging and undermining women, regardless and sometimes because of their attire.

He wrote about his “Tottymeter” at a Labour conference, making women feel embarrassed, and then advised his successor that when dispensing with the publisher Kimberley Quinn, he stated, “Just pat her on the bottom and send her on her way.” He’s also written about female drivers, and taking them from behind, and spoke of Volleyball players in London 2012, about them glistening like wet otters.

He further said that female students only frequented university because they had to find a man to marry, and lastly stated that Hillary Clinton resembled a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.

You could dismiss this as mere banter, but while he was the Mayor of London he axed the position of Women’s Advisor, and cut £90,000 and five jobs from the Domestic Violence task force, and fought over funds used to tackle rape, and abolished a childcare unit for single parents – no wonder he can’t find a woman to love him, after all, who would want to be with a man with narcissistic tendencies.

More recently, he has spent two years undermining Britain’s second female Prime Minister and further made his situation worse after a British mum sat languishing in an Iranian prison, and he had to atone for his careless chauvinistic comments.

And in his private life he’s not managed to be faithful to a single woman he’s been publicly and romantically linked with, give it up Boris, no one wants you. In brief, he displays no sign of being a feminist, clearly, his mother never breastfed him.

No woman in a Burka has yet robbed a bank, although men have put on Burkas to cover up their identities while carrying out crimes or retreating them, and as far as I know no woman who usually prefers to conceal her face has not blown anybody up in Britain, but the people that have done so are male, and in many instances are born to Christian families. A point that’s worth bearing in mind when someone declares it’s the women in Niqabs we need to worry about.

Political correctness has gone mad because political correctness demands us to be considerate of other people, but isn’t that simply the habit of good manners anyhow?

Clearly, not everybody has good manners, and some people are simply inbred narcissistic neanderthals, step up to the rostrum Boris Johnson, and don’t get that microphone stuck in your mouth…

Calling people names is allowed, and disparaging attire preferences is somewhat prevalent, but it’s also pretty rude, and while we all have the autonomy to be rude to people we all, usually, don’t display most of this rudeness because we have either courtesy or compassion towards other people.

So, even though I may very well think that Boris Johnson is fat, obnoxious and piggish, I might think about it but I wouldn’t relate it to his face because I have empathy and compassion, and I’m guessing that if I did say it to his face, and I have the right to do so, I choose not to because they’re offensive and rude and might injure his feelings, if he even has any.

I guess covering yourself with a Burka could imply that they’re not prepared to blend into British society, and is a security issue, and if they’re allowed to wear a Burka then why do British people donning hoodies have to have their hoods down when going into any store?

But there’s no legislation on assimilation into British culture, in fact, I’m not sure there’s any legislation in any country that declares that people have to integrate. The fact is, kids are going hungry in the school holidays, the NHS is falling around our heads, and we’re worried about Burkas, really?


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