One hundred years ago privileged women got the vote.

But contrary to up-to-date media reports, the most significant thing about that moment was that any working class men left after the killing fields of the First World War were eventually permitted to vote.

Voting isn’t the only human freedom, but the test of feminists is whether they stick up for all women all over the globe and not simply women we meet at parties.

Women in Northern Ireland have been let down by vested women and men for too long, the democratic right here is the freedom of women to make challenging moral choices about their bodies for themselves. No woman should be made to leave her family for an abortion following a rape or abuse and to be criminalised on account of that.

All women should have authority over their own bodies, but the dilemma is, how far can you go with this. Abortion should not be used as a form of contraception, not because it would waste NHS money but because it should only be used in extreme cases and when there is no other option.

Although I don’t believe anybody has used abortion as a contraception, not in the meaning that one believes, it’s against moral integrity.

Clearly many people have different ideas, it’s a matter of belief and of course, we are all allowed our own views and because a woman has an abortion doesn’t mean that she’s the most heartless person on the planet.

We are a diversity of people walking around on this planet, our lives all different. We are not model citizens but we are statistics which is extremely sad because we seem to paint a picture of something or another, especially when somebody out there gives an opinion and then everybody follows suit… oh, and then everybody has an opinion, feminism!

Blah, blah, blah – somebody says something and then another person out there goes, oh, she’s incredible because she’s a feminist but freedom to do what you want with your body is a fundamental human right and feminism doesn’t seem to be about women’s rights anymore, it appears to be more about women disliking men and they can do that as much as they like, but that’s for another time and another topic but all women are equal.

Whether Theresa May is a feminist or not, she wants to keep her DUP supporters engaged and news sells in the newspapers because everybody thrives on gossip to make our lives less ordinary.

The thing is, this topic is becoming less relevant in a world of real rape culture and of course to advocate the killing of another human life is not ethical, but we are in a world of rape culture and those women that have been raped should have rights.

There is another debate, the debate being that these babies didn’t ask to be born and most babies are born out of love and those that are not, some suffer horribly and women are defined by their ability to bear children not by their ability not to have children and be a good parent, and it’s fascinating how the Feminist Movement has come a long way since the 60’s, free love and all that, after the pill came out to murder on the spot, what a deranged and strange society we really are.

















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