Depressed benefits claimants are asked “Why haven’t you killed yourself?” when they claim state cash, according to an MP.
Labour’s Ruth George said vulnerable people were left sobbing on the floor during aggressive benefits assessments.

Labour’s Ruth George announced that vulnerable people were left crying on the floor during aggressive benefits assessments and her volcanic allegations came as she interrogated a minister about the way claimants are questioned on whether they are eligible to work.

Ruth George announced during a Commons committee meeting that there were people who were curled up sobbing on the floor and they were in these assessments. The assessor will simply not look at them but will duplicate the questions to them.

Do you believe that is a suitable way to encourage people with really severe mental health conditions?

One of the standard questions in the work capability assessment for people with severe mental health conditions who’ve had self-destructive thoughts is, ‘Why haven’t you killed yourself then?’

Do you believe that is a fitting question to evaluate someone’s ability to work?

Home Office minister Sarah Newton acknowledged the question was totally unacceptable and promised to stamp down on the practice. However, she added that it is essential to ascertain whether depressed people could be suicidal.

Well, no it’s not necessary to determine whether a depressed person could be suicidal, and particularly not at an assessment. That person’s mental health doctor or doctor would have given over that data before the assessment and it’s the role of PIP to request that information.

If they have not done so, then the question should not have even gone through the assessor’s mind at the time of the evaluation.

Many people in the United Kingdom require serious support and to go to the DWP and be viewed upon as a bit of rubbish is not right but some have to do it.

MPs have also criticised the government for paying more than £700 million a year, the bulk of it to private firms to operate sickness and disability benefits and this is a £700 million-a-year administration policy for benefits that are worth between a culmination of £110 and £140 a week.

How is this mugging of the taxpayer that is damaging the lives of thousands of disabled people right?

As an aide to someone who is really sick, it is a frightful encounter and we must have another Government for 2018 as this one has shifted into Fascism and it’s killing the poor, the disabled, the ailing and the old.

It isn’t simply those with mental health problems that are questioned why they haven’t killed themselves. Also, people who suffer from COPD are asked the same question during their evaluation for PIP.

As if not being in work or dealing with depression wasn’t difficult enough, and the level of insensitivity put towards the most defenceless in society became obvious as Labour MP, Ruth George, exposed the disturbing conduct as she appeared before the Commons Work and Pensions Committee.

If you’re looking to claim benefits, odds are you’re now down on your luck and feeling moderately sad and it would be a wrench on anyone’s mental health, and particularly people for whom problems such as depression or anxiety are just a portion of their everyday struggle.

Therefore the most callous question someone could possibly ask in this situation would be why you haven’t killed yourself.

That’s supposedly what’s occurring in the United Kingdom and a number of claimants who are being evaluated for the new Personal Independent Payments (PIP) have talked of their outrage on social media after being asked deeply inappropriate questions by assessors contracted by Atos and Capita.


Alice Kirby, who has mental health problems, posted on Twitter that an Atos assessor appeared to be questioning the validity of her illness because she was still alive and assessors are normally medical professionals qualified enough to handle the evaluations but can have restricted understanding of mental ill health.

Cuts are costing disabled people their lives, but the assessments themselves can further put us in danger. They’re intended to be intrusive and manipulative, and we must boost awareness of this.

When claimants are asked questions like this, those claimants are required to disclose their reasons to stay alive. No one should be expected to do that, particularly in such a virulent and unsupportive situation.

Assessors do not have the experience or abilities to examine the responses to this question, and they’re not capable of implementing the support which may be required after.

This question is sometimes quite unrelated to a person’s assessment and would have no bearing on the outcome of their award and sometimes it’s not even referenced in the report, therefore we need to examine the reasons behind the question.

These assessments are not safe, people are terrified of going through them, and several are traumatised after. The government must examine the assessment method as a matter of urgency, and it needs to demonstrate why questions like this are being asked.

This is absolutely shameful and confirms simply how superior and cruel these so-called assessors have become.


Atos the land of the deceivers, yet these supposedly highly qualified assessors are simply there to prevent people getting through.

There are people being assessed by people who are stating that they have 20 years of knowledge as a nurse, yet that said person didn’t know anything about mental health or mobility problems and it’s degrading for the person who is being assessed and the government seriously must improve the way people are getting evaluated.

Anybody who asks the question, “Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?” must be fired and to have said this to a person who already has a mental health problem is sickening, maybe one day the footwear might be on the other hoof and an assessor might be asked the self-same question but this is why these people are indifferent, cold-hearted fools, they have definitely don’t have any emotions at all in the cold light of day.

One day an assessor is going to ask that question and one day a claimant is going to kill his or herself right in front of the assessor and that my friend is manslaughter because the assessor has essentially harassed and ridiculed the claimant to do the act, and the assessor may as well have said “Why don’t you kill yourself then?”










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