The system that the Royal Family underpin is that by luck of background you are given all of this prerequisite and that’s not fair in the grand design of things for black people, it’s not right for people who are of working-class backgrounds.

Announcement Of Prince Harry's Engagement To Meghan Markle

We should be really pleased for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and there will be a number of young black people who will be overjoyed and laughing. Nevertheless, while we should be pleased for them as a couple in general, it’s a glorious thing, in general, and it’s not actually that radical and we shouldn’t be bouncing up and down with merriment.

As a mix raced person growing up as a British person it’s pretty difficult to reconcile feeling British but the Royal Family apparently being the most influential of Britishness and the message from succeeding governments has been that we are a multicultural society, and we celebrate being a diverse culture.

For a family at the top of our society to be totally undiverse and unintegrated just always seemed completely unsustainable. Therefore, this is really much overdue and it’s been fascinating to observe the response because people have said that Meghan Markle doesn’t portray the antithesis of European class criteria, you know she’s the sort of, acceptable black, and we’ve seen much of that discourse lately.

vogue.jpgThe former editor of Vogue, speaking about the ideal mixed race person and if you’re a mixed race person, you fall into that class where you are targeted with the same contempt and loaded baggage around blackness but at the same time, you’re perceived as less black and so more acceptable.

It is pretty representative of what we believe is a particularly British dilemma, which is that we don’t communicate directly about race. We allude to it in all sorts of obscure ways and really for Meghan Markle to come out and maintain her heritage and state that she’s proud of being mixed race and that she’s proud of having a black mother, is especially significant because one thing we have done in Britain is we tend to sweep colour and identity under the rug and say we don’t notice race, it will go away and it’s fine.

There’s nothing forbidden about having black heritage. She’s not going to overthrow the class system and structural injustice, but the Royal Family is symbolic and the symbolism she represents is that heritage is not something to be self-conscious of, it’s something to admire.

We’ve had a brown president in the White House and now, that palest of institutions, the Royal family, is formally allowing a mixed-race girl into its bosom and does this recognition of colour into one of the world’s oldest sovereignty imply that brown people have finally been accepted as being an integral part of the framework of modern culture?

So, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they’re tying the knot and it’s all really overwhelming, not simply to find out what dress she’s going to be wearing, although I’m sure everybody will be waiting with bated breath.

People are about to get there first ever mixed-race princess, technically she’ll be a duchess but she’s marrying a prince and she’s marrying a redhead. Two great minorities blending into one.

A mixed race, divorced, non-British actress is about to enter our Royal Family, this is immense news.

Interracial relationships might be de rigour in the realm of showbiz but in high society, they’re rather unique.
Back in 2013, we got our first mixed Marchioness in Emma McQuiston the daughter of a Nigerian oil magnate and the Bystander pages of Tatler swiftly had a little more intensity and charm about them.

Meghan is going to be the role model for every non-white girl in this country. She’s going to be evidence that beauty isn’t alabaster, that colour isn’t a barricade to leap over, that you don’t have to be white to be rich, successful or in power.

There aren’t that many mixed race women out there to look up to and when you’re growing up with two parents who seem totally different, it can be difficult to understand your own individuality but this isn’t going to be the problem for mixed-race children anymore.

Plus this wedding is also massive for all of those in interracial relationships and you can feel a little on display when you’re dating someone of another race. You get asked all sorts of questionable things about your sex life that make you feel like a piece of exotica erotica.

This union is the ultimate screw you to all those who still don’t actually believe in discovering love outside one’s own race, and to those who believe that it’s a rarity.

Meghan and Harry’s relationship is evidence that prejudice or racial bias has no role to play in our upper classes anymore, even Philip’s been moderately placid of late and as such, are a broader observation about how our nation is developing to deal with race.

When they first went public, he had to step in to get right-wing rags to stop printing ethnic content about her and the papers believed that the British people wanted to read unfair criticism about a possible royal imposter.

They believed we would support a smear attack upon a non-white woman seeming to elbow her way into power and they apparently believed too that Harry who hasn’t managed a totally faultless life himself, would sit silently and let it all play out.

However, they were mistaken, because he circulated a statement whipping the papers for subjecting Meghan to a wave of abuse and harassment and some of this has been quite public, the distortion on the front page of a national newspaper, the racial connotations of commentary articles, and the outright sexism and prejudice of social media trolls and web article remarks.

The papers were mistaken, nobody appears to have slagged the pair off or say anything remotely discriminatory about their marriage because that’s not the country we live in anymore and it’s just confirmation that media companies are out of touch with the development on the ground.

Dating and marrying outside your race is presently part of the institution.

It isn’t a minority culture. It isn’t exotica erotica. It’s part of British culture from the lowest to the very highest tiers.




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