The father of a soldier killed in Iraq wants to join Twitter so he can call Donald Trump a damn liar.

Euvince Brooks states the US President did not contact him after his son’s passing, despite professing to have called every military family who lost a daughter or son.

Mr Brooks’ son, Sgt Roshain E Brooks was killed in August, and the family have not heard from the White House. He told the media that Donald Trump insists to have contacted every bereaved family and that had upset him even more.

He asked his daughter if she could show him to tweet so that he could tweet the President and tell him that he’s a story-teller and when you listen people twisting the truth, you want to challenge that person, and that’s the way he feels, he feels that Donald Trump is a liar.

Mr Brooks is the third family member of a fallen soldier to openly challenge Donald Trump’s claims and it emerged he told a pregnant widow, her spouse knew what he signed up for seconds before she received his coffin.

Donald Trump dismissed making the remark to Myeshia Johnson during a telephone call, calling it a total fabrication but the account first given by Democrat representative for Florida Frederica Wilson was later strengthened by the mother of Sgt. La David Johnson.

Now the media has talked to the families of 13 Americans killed in battle since Donald Trump became President in January. Nearly half had got telephone calls, the remainder had not heard from him and Donald Trump insisted he had called every family of somebody that’s died, and it’s the hardest call to make.

However, it appeared he had agreed to give the dad of a soldier killed in Afghanistan $25,000 but the cheque never came.

Army Sergeant Dillon Baldridge, 22, was shot dead alongside two other American soldiers on June 10 by an Afghan police officer. His father Chris Baldridge stated Donald Trump called him privately and offered the financial donation and stated that his staff would help set up an online fundraiser.

Mr Baldridge, a construction worker, had told him he was struggling and the $100,000 (£75,000) gratuity given out by the military was going solely to his ex-wife. Mr Baldridge stated he has got nothing.

However, Sarah Huckerbee stated in the Whitehouse press briefing that he got in touch with everybody who went through the right channels and that he doesn’t phone everybody randomly.

Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge stated that Donald Trump called him at his home in Zebulon, N.C., a few weeks after his 22-year-old son and two fellow soldiers were fatally killed by an Afghan police officer on June 10.

Their telephone discussion lasted approximately 15 minutes, Chris Baldridge said and centred for a time on the father’s struggle with the way in which his son was shot, killed by someone he was training.

He stated, that he and his wife would have sooner their son had died in trench warfare, and he felt like he got butchered over there.


Donald Trump’s proposal of $25,000 adds a dimension to his ties with Gold Star families, and the revelation accompanies issues regarding how frequently the president has called or written to the parents or wives of those killed.

The media communicated with the White House about Chris Baldridge’s statement but officials refused to address the issues in detail.

However, in a statement, a White House spokeswoman said the money has been given and that it’s sickening that the media is using something that should be seen as a reasonable and genuine gesture, made personally by the President, using it to develop the media’s biased agenda.















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