Theresa May has suggested she may dismiss Boris Johnson after stating she would not hide from a challenge and the attacked Prime Minister has been informed she must hold Boris Johnson to his word of honour after he began speculation he was pushing for the top position.

Helpless Theresa May, who has come under pressure to bring fresh faces to her team, could hold a cabinet reshuffle in an endeavour to improve the damage to her power as Boris Johnson abused social unity after he set out a range of red lines for Brexit in a newspaper interview, some of which went past government policy.

Collaborators rejected proposals that Theresa May would be finished by Christmas and Boris Johnson used a newspaper article to petition for party solidarity but admitted there had been a moment while Members of Parliament sniffed the air before gathering around the embattled Prime Minister.


Former prime minister Sir John Major hit out at the self-absorbed and disloyal way of some Tories who are driven by their own personal agenda, remarks seen as a slapdown to Boris Johnson, while Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson stated that being a politician should never be about private ambition.

Ms Davidson told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show the Foreign Secretary had supported the Prime Minister’s Florence speech on Brexit and Theresa May should hold him to that.

He is of huge ability, a great person in the party and if the Prime Minister thinks he is the best person to be Foreign Secretary then she has his complete assistance.

Theresa May has frequently endured issues about whether Boris Johnson, a possible leadership opponent, is unsackable due to her vulnerable status following the uncertainty of a general election rebounded, stripping her of a Commons majority.

But when questioned what she might do with the Foreign Secretary, Theresa May said that it has never been her style to hide from a challenge and that she’s not going to start now. She said that as Prime Minister it is part of her responsibility to make sure she always has the best people in her Cabinet, to make the most of the wealth of talent accessible to her in the party.

Theresa May’s ill-starred conference talk was disrupted by a prankster who gave her a false P45, while a persistent cough left her grappling to be heard and a backdrop started to miss words as she made her crucial speech.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the address was an uncomfortable moment but never contemplated quitting the address as she is not someone who gives up.


An endeavoured coup directed by former party chairman Grant Shapps has fizzled out, but the media claimed four Cabinet ministers had argued the necessity to oust the Prime Minister.

One told the media that it felt like that this would be over before Christmas.


Culture Secretary Karen Bradley stated that Theresa May would absolutely still be in place at Christmas and dismissed the measure of the competition to her leadership.

They are talking about fewer than 10 percent of the parliamentary party possibly, perhaps, maybe looking for her to move on. That’s not a particularly high number when you look at another almost 300 set to keep her in position.


Boris Johnson would be reflecting on controversial remarks he made regarding Libya at the Tory gathering, adding that he didn’t believe it was extremely clever or amusing.

However, there were rumours that Theresa May was planning a reshuffle and that they were simply speculation replying that what she stated was she wanted the best people around the Cabinet table. She’s further said before that she maintains she has the best people around the Cabinet table.

Boris Johnson used a media post to examine whether the Tory party would permit itself to be pressured into an election that no-one wants, adding: “What do you think you are doing you nutters?” And he stated that party MPs have sniffed the air and turned sensibly away from the cliff.

Sir John used a media article to urge the Tories to wake up and smell the coffee, telling Theresa May that drastic steps on her social justice agenda was required and calling on the party to unite or risk the neo-Marxist Jeremy Corbyn taking control.

Communicating through the media, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox announced the Prime Minister’s misfortune throughout the talk had been seized on by a handful of malcontents.

Ms Davidson announced she would support Theresa May to lead the party into the next election, telling ITV’s Peston on Sunday that he thought she was the greatest prime minister that we’ve got and she has his complete support.

There’s probably quite a number of women out there that are getting a tad irritated at how many male commentators are discussing male cabinet ministers determining what she should or shouldn’t do as if she has no business in this herself.

After all, she’s the prime minister of a G7 nation, she didn’t get there by chance or by default and she’s unquestionably got pluck, perseverance, character, she believes in service and attention and she definitely has many people’s backing.













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