Melania Trump has come under fire in the past for her outfit decisions, specifically wearing stiletto heels to face disaster victims and that powder blue Harry Potter ensemble. However, her latest selection of accessory is raising, even more, eyebrows, and creating a few giggles.

If you’ve been tracking the progress of President Donald Trump and his First Lady lately, you might have noticed pictures of the pair returning from Las Vegas following the overwhelming events.

Sadly, the focus rested mostly on what Melania was wearing as she stepped off Air Force One in Washington. More particularly, people were questioning why on earth she was wearing sunglasses when it was dark outside, but it’s not the only time she’s done it.

Perhaps Melania was wearing sunglasses at night because she was rolling her eyes at the bunghole she was with?

People have their assumptions and several stated that she was doing it to hide that she was rolling her eyes whenever her hubby spoke.
It’s a probable reason.

Others proposed that she’s self-conscious about her eyes, which appears much less convincing.

Maybe Melania wears her mirrored sunglasses and cap drawn low so she can truly project kindness and care to the people of Puerto Rico?
But whatever her disinclination to take off her sunglasses at any time of day has lately outraged people across the globe.

Melania decided to keep her shades on while facing victims of the recent hurricanes which have ravaged the USA.

Yes, it was probably very sunny and she didn’t want to squint or glare at these poor people, after all, they’ve already suffered enough. Nevertheless, some have stated that it showed a lack of respect for the survivors of the storms, many of whom have been left with nothing, and it would have been easy to simply take them off.



At least she managed to take them off when she met Prince Harry.

But who cares what she wears?

The poor woman can’t do anything right in the eyes of the media. Perhaps the media have her so paranoid she wears them to not see the snappers and the critical people having a go. If she was the wife of another, the media wouldn’t be tearing her to shreds and I’m sure we’ve seen Clinton and Obama’s spouses wearing sunglasses costing loads, or them wearing stylish trappings to events and disasters but nothing is said.

She’s perhaps finding everything difficult due to being slagged off at every angle and if the media backed off and let her be the first lady she might feel better and do her job.

There are disasters around the States, there are the shootings, and then what does the media do? Report on a non-event. If you look on the media on any platform, you will notice innumerable persons wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night, in brilliantly illuminated studios, so what?

The efforts that the media goes to downplay Trump et cetera and attack and lift Obama is putrid and stupid silly remarks about sunglasses simply shows what the world is coming to. But that’s the left-wing mainstream media for you, with repeated temper outbursts and drivel like this because angels like Hillary Clinton didn’t win.

But could it be because she’s attempting to look cool and also by doing something unconventional she is attracting attention?

However, numerous people wear sunglasses when they don’t need to because they feel exposed or embarrassed and want to shield themselves and they can hold back from truly connecting with someone by dodging direct eye contact.







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