Sir Vince Cable has lashed out at hardline Brexit martyrs who see financial pain as a cost worth paying to break away from Brussels.


The Liberal Democrat leader stated older Brexit voters have nostalgia from an imperial past and attacked them of masochism in a surprising offensive.

He spoke following a census discovered half of all Leave-voting pensioners believe Brexit will be deserving of it, even if their family members lose their jobs.

YouGov’s shock poll also discovered 61 percent of Leave voters stated significant destruction to the British market would be a price worth paying for Brexit. Amongst pensioners, the number was 71 percent.


Sir Vince, who at 74 is the oldest party leader following Winston Churchill, stated: “To describe such masochism as ‘martyrdom’ is dangerous. We haven’t yet learned about Brexit jihadis, however, there is a hint of violence in the language which is troubling and self-declared martyrs seem to be predominantly in the elderly.

The pain of the old comes cheap because they have fewer jobs to lose, and the old have comprehensively shafted the young.

Furthermore the old have had the ultimate word about Brexit, inflicting a world view distorted by sentimentality for a supreme past on a younger generation much more content with contemporary Europe.


In the meantime, Whitehall sources attempted to play down speculation that Theresa May would be prepared to pay a Brexit bill of £36 billion as part of a compromise to strike a far-reaching free trade deal with Brussels.

The so-called divorce bill has been one of the principal stumbling blocks in Brexit discussions within the Government and Brussels.

Evidently, the Government will only agree to meet the amount if the EU treats it as part of a settlement on prospective relations, including the comprehensive trade agreement solicited by the Prime Minister.

The EU’s position is that trade talks cannot start until meaningful development has been made on the financial arrangement, citizens freedoms and Northern Ireland.

Supposedly a senior Whitehall source was cited as stating the EU’s position was that the fee should be 60 billion euro (£54 billion), however the actual bottom line was 50 billion euro (£45 billion), the United Kingdom’s position was 30 billion euro (£27 billion) and the landing position is 40 billion (£36 billion) even if the people and MP’s are not all there yet.

But supposedly that actually is nonsense, supposedly, it’s not where we are. Apparently, the £36 billion figure is just speculation.

I’m not certain about shafting the young and I’m not convinced how he has the temerity to speak about it, what about his party pledging to eliminate tuition prices and then tripling them? What about his interview where he stated we had to import people from abroad to do the skilled trades because our own young people weren’t up to it?

Vince Cable has shafted enough people in his life time and we’ve had to put up with the old bottom burping moron.

There were actually a lot of retired people who voted to remain in the EU, not every ageing person voted to leave, it’s simply not true. There were hundreds of postal votes in residential homes for the elderly that may have tilted the numbers.

All voters in the United Kingdom elderly or young are shafted by whoever gets in.

Everyone gets shafted. The motorist is shafted over diesel, the motorist is shafted full stop, the old were shafted about saving for their old age. We all got shafted over energy tariffs and Vince Cable is one of those people, only this time the shoe is on the other foot and he doesn’t like it. We are all shafted full stop!

It’s all rather cynical, but then, most of us are pretty gullible and the government are forever in question and the people in the United Kingdom are the rubbish tip and there is no peace in this country.

Our border controls are much too carefree but that is now the shape of our nation and the government are comfortable allowing immigrants in because they will work for less and endless man-hours but the people are supposed to sit there in silence and say nothing.

We are inspired to vote but what are we really voting for? Because at the end of the day, it’s all really disheartening because we are fooled by our government all the time. We are always being swindled, however, too much wrong has been done now.

We can scrutinise the government as much as we like, but unless we the people do something about it, it’s going to continue to be the same and the government come under scrutiny all the time and we challenge what they’re doing, but that’s about it.

The people of the United Kingdom are a force to be reckoned with, they just don’t realise it. We make a lot of noise about our government but we are further so cautious of what we say and how we say it.

It’s not sensitivity that we need because the government have none at all, they just say whatever they want and they decline to have any compassion for the people of the United Kingdom, we are simply a factory of serfs.






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