A man who has been killed following an unmerciful boot to the head in a Basildon town centre attack has been identified locally as Gary Bassett. Gary Bassett died following an attack in a service area behind Primark and Debenhams at 7 pm on Friday, July 28.

Gary Bassett, who was well-known amongst the homeless community in Basildon, was taken to hospital but died later.

Even though Gary was well-known amongst the homeless community, he was not homeless himself, so that should be put on account to rectify things.

Whether a person is homeless or not does no more imply this attack was any less horrific. This was a human life, and consequently, should be handled the equal to any other, whether that person is homeless or not, there should be no exception.

Gary Bassett from Basildon died two days following being savagely attacked in the centre of the town sparking a murder inquiry.

Police and ambulance assistance was summoned to the area around Primark and Debenhams at about 7 pm, on Friday, July 28 with reports that a man had been grievously wounded by being booted in the head.

Police and ambulance teams reacted to unconfirmed news of a severe attack in Basildon. Emergency assistance, including teams from the air ambulance, sped to the region around Primark and Debenhams at about 7 pm, July 28.

People in the Basildon community are utterly overwhelmed and there have been loads of sympathies going out on Facebook from friends of Gary Bassett.

People have been paying tribute to Gary Bassett after he was fatally kicked in the head. Gary Bassett was not a person that you forgot quickly and he was memorable to everyone that met him. Some loved him and some didn’t, but everybody that met him will have great memories of him.

He was a genuinely great person and will be missed by countless people.

Police have detained a 27-year-old man from Dedham on suspicion of murder, Monday, July 31 and he is currently in custody for interrogation.

Also, a 53-year-old guy from Clacton has been detained on suspicion of murder but has been discharged on bail until Thursday, August 24, pending more enquiries.

Murder squad detectives are now investigating the death of Gary Bassett who was booted in the head during an attack in an alleyway. Doctors fought to save his life, but he later died in Basildon Hospital about 7 pm on Friday.

Tributes have been paid to Gary Bassett who was a past Fryerns school student, who was well known amongst the town’s displaced community, although he was not homeless himself.

People are still in shock over his unfortunate passing, it’s shocking and so disturbing. Gary Bassett had so many friends and he was loved by so many and was always so happy to chat. Additional friends and family have taken to Facebook to pay tribute to Gary.

Evidently, police have said that a 53-year-old has now been detained on suspicion of murder. Supposedly, police think a man was accompanied by a female who is an ex-partner of Mr Bassett. The man kicked Gary Bassett in the head repeatedly before leaving the scene.

No weaponry was observed and this is thought to be an isolated incident.

Detectives are urging anyone with information to come forward as they think there were a number of bystanders near the immediate area at the time.

The suspect, who has been described as white and mid 20 and 30 years old fled the scene. He was said to have a mousey brown hair, donning a grey Tee-shirt and Jeans.

Tradesmen in Basildon have expressed their shock at what is the second lethal assault in a year.

One person stated everyone presumed it was another stabbing, but that was the gossip doing the rounds.

Basildon used to be a really pleasant area to live, it had appeal but presently it’s being distracted by stabbings and people being booted in the head and there should be no license for such people and the people who believe it’s okay to do this should be held liable for it.

Basildon is a town with parents and young kids and it’s starting to feel unsafe. What used to be a pretty pleasant place to live has nosedived and it’s exhausting having to go out and about in Basildon, not knowing if one of your kids are going to get hurt or booted in the head.

This caper has to be stopped because there is no reason for this kind of behaviour from another human being, we are not monsters and at the moment the outlook for Basildon appears rather grim.



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