Twenty firefighters rushed to a 24-storey inferno, endangering their lives to rescue an expected 600 trapped, with rubble coming down on them. Police used riot shields to divert the rubble, and following 13 hours they were still struggling.

Crews using breathing devices and extensive duration breathing equipment were operating in very challenging and really tough conditions to save people and to bring this extreme blaze under restraint.

Multiple people have been hurt, others were still going in, they are true HERO’S.

In the early hours of the morning, a tremendous inferno ripped through Grenfell Tower in London. As others ran out, the fire service moved in. They’ve all been heroes, and firefighters are seemingly the closest thing we’ll ever have to superheroes.

It’s about time the Tories raised the 1% pay cap and paid these fearless people what they merit.

They are our genuine Super Duper Heros here on earth, and where would we be without them?

These courageous men and women warrant as big a pay growth as ever. The Government need to dangle their heads in humiliation for diminishing their numbers, shutting fire services and cutting their subsidies, this is a shocking lesson for them to learn.

Fire teams are so selfless and heroic, they merit commemorations, each one of them.

It’s not simply firefighters who must be honoured, it’s all of our services that preserve lives on an everyday basis that is the foundation of our country. We have a culture in the United Kingdom that swells with pride and confirms that we are a society that holds together in times of adversity.

They are the true superheroes. Skip all those reality starlets and so-called superstars, but those other people who battle on our part every day, those are the people we and our kids should be looking up to.

These are the people that we should be applauding for risking their lives on a daily basis, but this shouldn’t just be directed at simply firefighters and we should say well done to all the emergency aids involved in this incident, the ambulance workers, police and everyone that was involved, this is when teamwork all comes together.

These are some of the emergency aids that are being screwed over by the government supposedly governing this country. These emergency aids are balls of steel and hearts of gold.

True warriors don’t wear capes or have super powers and they make London proud to have people like that saving lives every day.

Therefore, to all of our multi-millionaire football Super Stars and celebrities, how about each of them bestow a week’s wages to these true HEROES who have worked flat out, it’s only a thought.

It’s remarkable how many people are discriminating, stating that firefighters are overcompensated, underworked, idle and unproductive and some of those remarks coming from those that should have known better and normally from people with no idea of what the job is like and it’s satisfying to see some positivity for a change.

Firefighters seldom get enough appreciation for the astounding job they all do, but they have done an astounding job, as always!

This should make us all immensely proud, but it is also upsetting as these heroes have had reductions to their pensions, the number of jobs accessible, the number of actual fire engines per station and they are still 100% prepared to endanger their lives to protect others and they should be treated with the reverence that they deserve, not only from us but by politicians too.



As children we adored individuals like Spiderman, X-men and Superman to name a few, but they are not our real heroes, our heroes are the emergency assistance that struggles on our part on a scorching day, carrying fire protecting gear, which is as heavy as shite, with some of them having probably been on a shift for 24 hours, and these courageous men and women warrant everything.

It takes a unique class of hero, to race into a blazing structure to protect a complete stranger, these people are not, and never could be paid enough, they should be compensated more than the douches who sit sleeping in Parliament, that make the cuts to our services.

Muslims 1.jpg

Nonetheless, we mustn’t disregard the Muslims who were awake for Ramadan, who knocked on everybody’s doors to warn them of the situation. They are our heroes too, by protecting others in a very helpful way, with no concern but to protect those in need in a time of emergency.

Any government that opposes frontline services in regard to manpower, wages, and all these excellent people that we require to keep us protected, a government who does this is not fit to govern. It’s about time the Government realised our firefighting and nursing heroes and began giving them the pay and conditions they merit.

All firefighters put their lives at jeopardy knowing they have their own families at home, to them it’s their job but to the people, they’re heroes and government goofballs are assembled on their posterior in parliament on 100k+ a year and these firefighters tackle death every single day for a third of this wage but I’m certain everyone is speculating the same.

They should liquidate all the simpletons from so-called committees and substitute them with people who know what they are doing. Like the normal people who have been encouraging to organise things.

They have more understanding and have done more than any councillor, MP or trivial board members have done in many years.

When you look at the nerve of some young footballers that are being given millions for being able to boot a football around and then see firefighters facing what they were doing you understand that we actually are in Alice in Wonderland world, who would you sooner do without?

Theresa May said ‘Let’s get to work’, it doesn’t truly parallel what those firefighters and the people in the community did to preserve lives and what they did only has one thought in mind, placing the people before themselves.

They did this willingly and without thinking, not to gain notoriety but to protect people in need and when something as dreadful as this occurs people put their individual disagreements to one side and it doesn’t matter what language we speak, when there is something as pressing as the loss of life going on, we all speak the same language.



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