It has surfaced that the Metropolitan Police Service declined to assign officers for two hours after being contacted regarding a Jewish teen battered and bleeding by a crowd of Anti-Semites.



The shocking event happened on Shabbos, May 27, in Stoneyfields Park in Edgware.



Alexander Goldberg, a Jewish chaplain at the University of Surrey, reported the occurrence on his Facebook page. His 16-year-old daughter, Hannah, had been convening in the park with two mates when they were approached by a crowd of five teens.

The crowd had been playing on a basketball court, however, vacated the arena and started to hurl around a football in and around the three Jewish teenagers. The teenagers were identified as being Jewish by the legendary long skirts they were dressed in.



The teenagers then began throwing verbal taunts at the girls stating that Hitler should have exterminated all the Jews when he had the opportunity, and they should have all been gassed.

One of the girls pointed out that Hitler would have done the same to the gang, some of whom were black, but one of the teens in the gang answered that Jews were the worst.

Shocked and outraged, the girl requested her two friends to just leave. As they walked off, one of the lads launched a basketball at her face, causing her nose to bleed. She was then booted in the chest and struck twice in the face by some of the group.

The girls then found a passing-by off-duty Royal Mail worker who twice called Police to report the crime. Shockingly, the Metropolitan Police Service didn’t assign officers to the park despite the three Jewish girls remaining at the scene for two hours.

Police further declined to review their failure not to deploy officers when contacted by the girl’s father but did agree to start an inquiry after he had Stamford Hill Shomrim intervene.



The following is a report by the Campaign Against Antisemitism.
They announced that they were horrified by the absence of police response to a brutal antisemitic attack on Jewish children. This episode should have resulted in police officers of the Metropolitan Police Service being deployed and this must be examined fully and transparently.

Campaign Against Antisemitism is writing to the Commissioner, the Police have still not replied.

This is the second recent instance of police neglecting to respond to an antisemitic assault. Last week, YWN reported on Kent Police declining to come to the rescue of a Jewish family attacked by stone-throwing teens whilst enjoying a beach holiday.

If Jewish people can’t enjoy their vacation without being assaulted, then what is the world coming to? It’s not like their having an anti-social gathering, or that their conduct is bad, but wherever they appear to go they seem to create a reaction which creates some sort of dispute.

We require some manner of respite from this behaviour from other people or do they have to take it upon themselves to beat the crap out of them if this behaviour continues from others that believe it’s okay to take the law into their own hands?

The police need to dismantle gangs like this so that they can establish a better society that is stable and well balanced.

These gangs might believe they can footie with teenagers that are of another religion, and apparently this gathering of youths had a problem with Jewish people, which is very disturbing, since this kind of behaviour angers me because when all said and done, they’re no different to anyone else, except, of course, if they have different colour blood coursing through their veins, which I doubt very much!

It seems that Hitlerism is pretty much alive and kicking in England and numerous other nations and these hoodlums should be imprisoned or put into some sort of reformatory school to change their bigotry ways.

We are not born bigots, it is our society that makes us that way and we are pressurised and influenced to assemble like Frankenstein, and if we decline to comply we are criticised and therefore our lives are made more complicated.

Nothing is straightforward in this world that we survive in and that is made more apparent when we see our kids out on the streets taunting other people or even more importantly, attacking them on the streets and it’s more noticeable now than it has ever been before.

In the scheme of things, we are little more than machines that take orders and do what our creators command us to do and that is to engage in conflict. This is not a holy conflict, it’s a military campaign that encourages us, the people to no longer look at the truth, and to believe the fictitious drivel they are filling our kids with.

The more twaddle they fill us with, the more the people will attack their fellow man and as fellow men, actually, we are rather vulnerable human beings.



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