Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband appears to be having a wonderful time on the campaign trail this year, released from the restraints of being in charge of the party. Miliband has been filmed doing a bit of Bingo calling and it might be exactly what you need to take the edge off Tory manifesto day.

The former Labour leader pulled out the numbers at the Winning Post, a social club in his Doncaster constituency.

A few weeks ago he was filmed harvesting somebody’s garden while tapping on doors.


Plus he drew recognition for his bingo calling, with one Twitter user saying that Ed Milliband had bingo skills or did they mean bingo wings, as Mr. Miliband seems to have been enjoying social media renaissance recently. He’s been snapped in a series of selfies and videos with dazzled young people, giving cool-as-a-cucumber quotes to an adoring online populace.



He brought extensive recognition for his debut on The Last Leg, where he parodied along to A-Ha’s Take On Me.


And last year he was filmed giving a destitute man £10 to help him obtain a place to stay. But really, sometimes this man makes me lose the will to live, he must be so tight fisted, I mean £10 to help a destitute man get a place to stay, honestly, how insulting.

That should have really been a test, making people see that Ed Milliband is not such a kind man after all. Most people know that a place to stay would cost much more than that and somebody should have challenged his logic of why he only gave this person £10 towards a place to stay, knowing full well that £10 wasn’t going to serve this guy at all.

Talk about deflating a man’s self-respect. This chap was already on the underside of the barrel and Ed Milliband couldn’t have driven him any lower if he wanted, and why would another human being want to disparage somebody less able than themselves?

But as politicians tour the nation seeking to gain votes for next month’s General Election, Ed Miliband has chosen to fulfill his time in another way, by calling bingo numbers.

The former Labour Party leader, who is the MP for Doncaster North, treated his constituents in the South Yorkshire town to a fleeting appearance in a local hall. He started calling out the numbers but decided to disregard the famous menu of popular bingo nicknames and just called them out one by one.

The 47-year-old was filmed by somebody from the Thorne Branch Labour Party who posted the clip on Twitter. The politician, who was famously snapped munching on a bacon sandwich in May 2014, opened by saying: ‘8 and 0, 80’ followed by ‘All the 3s, 33.’

Throughout the two-minute clip, which has been retweeted 131 times, he called out 29 numbers and got a chorus of giggles when he called out ’19’ without saying the ‘1 and 9’ first. He atoned for neglecting to do so and humorously said sorry to the group whilst he perched himself on the meager platform.

The only bingo nickname he did say was unlucky for some, 13. It must be his true vocation, he’s used to roaring out to the public from his pulpit, after all, he never does anything with a murmur, aside from when it comes to giving out ten-pound notes.

Following his party losing the General Election in 2015, Ed Miliband stepped down as party leader and has remained a Member of parliament, a post he has retained for 12 years.

But honestly, is he not scraping the barrel, or has he not got anything else better to do? Perhaps now he understands that people are human beings and not beasts that you can control. The answer is of course, that every action has a reaction.

Well, at least he now has a job that he’s moderately competent at. I speculate that a good few more characters like himself will be doing the very same in several weeks time.

Ed Milliband, another Labour politician who can never get their numbers right, which is extremely entertaining.


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