SNPs-Mhairi-Black.jpgAmusing footage has surfaced revealing SNP MP Mhairi Black telling a Conservative MP in Parliament: “You talk s***e hen” as she annihilates the government’s housing benefit cuts.

The clip, which was taken from a parliamentary assembly on Tuesday, reveals the 22-year-old MP criticize the removal of housing benefits for 18-21 year-olds, a move proposed by the government.

She begins off by stating: “The Scottish Government cannot reverse the cuts, or provide an exemption for Scotland.

“Does the minister agree that it is simply ridiculous that young people should suffer purely because this government is obsessed with imposing austerity.”


Tory MP Caroline Nokes responded back by stating: “The Scottish Government already has a wide range of powers which would enable them to alleviate the changes being proposed here.”


imgres.pngBlack, the junior member of the House of Commons, can be seen in the background seeming troubled and mocking at the MP’s reply.
The video has since gone viral, firing mass discussion on social media as to what the Paisley and Renfrewshire MP really said.

This is the moment SNP MP Mhairi Black allegedly tells a Tory minister: “You talk s***e hen” as they discuss housing benefit cuts.

The clip, taken from a parliamentary gathering, shows the 22-year-old MP criticize the UK government removing housing benefits for 18-21 year-olds.

Well done to Mhairi Black, she’s only telling it how it is,
we want more realistic politicians like her. She’s a good woman. telling it as it is, we could do with more like her because the Tories are destroying the poor daily.

Parental Responsibility is a legal name that implies having all the legal rights, responsibilities, authorities and duties for a child, a child is a person under the age of 18. The meaning and acquisition of Parental Responsibility alter according to where in the United Kingdom your child lives.

Having Parental Responsibility for a child indicates that you are bound for, and have the power to be discussed, the child’s well-being, and education. Parental Responsibility is only lost when
the child approaches 18 years of age (16 in Scotland).

However, sometimes there is tension in the family unit and frequently children leave home earlier than when they should. This appears to be somewhat of a nuisance for the government since it appears to be less than the perfect situation, particularly when the government is having to pay out for teens housing benefit.

This is not a fictional situation, it occurs all the time, kids and parents become estranged from one another and children end up languishing on the streets, where they are often frozen, starving and helpless.

It might look insignificant to the government, but then they don’t have to agonize over their children if they have any kids at all and those that don’t have children are often happy to rent boys out for sex. You see it in the papers all the time, whistleblower and former Conservative party activist Anthony Gilberthorpe states he provided child prostitutes for a sex and drugs party with top politicians.

The more young children under the age of 18 that end up on the streets will be fair game for characters like Anthony Gilberthorpe and any associates like him. Where Tory cabinet ministers take children off the streets and use them for sex parties.



Margaret Thatcher knew this was going on 25 years ago, she was also given the names of those involved. There were allegations that saw top Tories having sex with boys and there was a big cover-up.



Trawling seedy streets during a Tory conference, Gilberthorpe states he was asked to locate underage rent boys for a private sex party at a prime hotel.

More than three decades later, he maintains he was operating on the orders of some of the most senior figures in Margaret Thatcher’s government. It seems that this is still going on as Keith Vaz faced sleaze probe over rent boy shame as Theresa May reminds citizens must have confidence in MPs.

Makes you question who you can trust in government with all their sexual relationships with rent boys, it’s like Caligula’s tea party, with all their brutality, cruelty, indulgence, and sexual perversity, exhibiting them as mad dictators.

This government is so absorbed with an indulgence that it simply needs to command everybody and everything, while the needy of this country merely continue to exist.

They need to put an end to these absurd cuts in housing benefit particularly when playing with a person’s life, and it might seem macho to prance about like they control everything, however, most of them are limp-wristed master bates…


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