Alive in London outside the Houses of Parliament demonstrators were gathering against Donald Trump being given a state visit to the United Kingdom. Yet, it appears, that there were a number of people throughout the country that had the belief that people had nothing better to do with their time, and that they should get over themselves, and that fools rush in.

It looks like he’s coming whether we disagree or not. Nevertheless, it appears that some people want to tackle the issue, even if they have to challenge the government and rally, and those objectors can stir up a commotion, but it does not indicate they will get what they want, in fact, they most probably will not.

Numerous people are stating that we should be opposing something worthy because the appearance of Donald Trump will come to pass. Whether it will be a significant visit will only be told in time. I do think it will be a rather intoxicating stay and highly ineffective.

Just how will his administration influence the United Kingdom?

His mother was born in Scotland and he’s a self-confessed Anglophile. However, will a man whose main confrontation with British politicians has been to label former Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond mad in a fight over his golf courses be great news or a tragedy for Britain?

With investigation from the UK think-tank Policy Exchange, here are four ways he’s expected to have a tremendous influence:



Brexit and the EU. Time was Donald Trump was blithely ignorant of the most important transformation in British politics, or at least its sobriquet. In a conversation with Michael Wolff for The Hollywood Reporter last year, Donald Trump was confused.

Michael Wolff: “And Brexit? Your position?”

Donald Trump: “Huh?”

Michael Wolff: “Brexit.”

Donald Trump: “Hmm.”

However, promptly enough, following the seismic UK vote, Trump had chosen the sobriquet as his own:

They will soon be calling me MR. BREXIT.

However, when he was President-Elect he celebrated Britain as smart for opting out of the European Union, a coalition that he sees as being on the verge of destruction. Donald Trump stated that he thought others would leave. Furthermore, he considered keeping it together is not going to be as easy as a lot of people believe.

And the reason? Look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Fundamentally a channel for Germany. That’s why he imagined the United Kingdom was so clever in getting out.

The UK Government could hugely profit from the support that the Trump administration will yield to Brexit. The new President’s view changes the former US situation in Europe. This was generally to help European political unification and to assume that Britain should be involved, not least to support to defend US State Department policy goals in Europe.

Part of the UK’s mission post-Brexit will be to show that the United Kingdom is not escaping into a less liberal road to economics and trade.

A vital part of the UK Government critique of EU strategy, even whilst it was an active member of the EU, was the EU’s deficit of interest for a more liberal international multilateral trade management and the barrier posed by the subsidised and protectionist Common Agricultural Policy approach to agriculture and its comparatively high common external tariff.

As trading associates, the bond within the United Kingdom and the United States are important.

The latest Office for National Statistics report reveals the United States is the United Kingdom’s biggest trading associate and second-largest import associate.

By exporting about £30 billion worth of goods and services to the United States each year, comparable to what we sell to Germany and much more than what is sent to China, it’s self-evident that the United States is important.

Furthermore, the initial indications, for the United Kingdom, are positive. Donald Trump’s initial post-election discussion with the UK media established much of what we were given to understand, Donald Trump appears keen to do a deal with the United Kingdom.

Questioned whether he would push forward with a trade deal with the United Kingdom that would come into force following Brexit, Donald Trump announced, certainly, quite soon.

That he’s a great fan of the United Kingdom, and that both are going to strive really arduously to get it done swiftly and done correctly, which is great for both sides. Although it might be too quick to pop the champagne stoppers. After all, this was the guy who swept to power on the back of the pledge to make America great again and whose trade policy is clearly America first.

Donald Trump is a highly prosperous guy and really convincing. He has had a huge influence over the American people, he must have, they voted for him, even though they are complaining about him now he’s got in. Maybe they never believed that he would, but then the American’s like to live the fairytale life, so now Donald Trump is going to be a legend since they made him so.

He’s going to be a trademark of their existence, whether they like it or not, and sometimes you should be cautious what you wish for because even though you may be awarded that wish, it’s not always so pleasant on the other side of the spectrum.

Donald Trump, still, might shock us all, and eventually make America and the United Kingdom great, but somehow I doubt it. He will surrender office by that time because he would have brought it to its knees.

He might be a clever entrepreneur, but he’s not a warrior, and when the going gets tough he will willingly surrender his ownership of President of the United States and hand it over to somebody who is better equipped to the do the job.

Sometimes there are just too many cooks and not enough chefs. It only takes just one person to see the evil in this world, just one person to turn it around. Not for money, not for fame, but solely because they want a better place to live in.


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