Here out on the streets, everything is plausible. The streets might not be tiled with gold, but you can accomplish your goals if you want to, and it’s the force and energy that transport us there. We observe people out on the streets, either working to make a living or simply seeking to rub a few pennies together to get their next hot drink.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few out there, that are out there to be noticed, not only to support themselves so that they can live, just so that they can be discovered, and there is perfection out there, and to most of us, we simply wonder past since our day is so hectic, we don’t see something great when we see it, but one person did.

This young lady was singing her heart out, her voice was her trademark, and all she desired was for people to notice her, and how good her voice was. She writes her own songs and then she harmonizes, and what a sound, you could have simply stood there for hours listening to the intensity in her voice.

Loads of people simply strolled past her, ignoring her as they had many more important things to do with their time, but there was one person standing there with his phone, listening to her, listening to her in wonder.

He walked out from where he was standing, and wandered up to this beautiful young female, praising her on her song, and how great she was, and she was such a down to earth woman, she simply wanted no more than to be noticed in what she was doing.

That man was Seal, he had been recording her and putting her voice on Facebook, which when I sat and viewed it, I was spurred by what she was doing. You don’t always see perfection out on the streets, however, when you do, it is something, it’s not anything.

Seal chattered with this young woman, regarding her music, her motivations and what she wanted to do with her future, they then both harmonized together. People crowded round to listen to them sing in harmony, indifferent, but collectively it was true poetry.

Like this young lady, Seal himself understands what it’s like to strive as a performing singer, to have a sketchy future, and to know that you have to seize the moment and capture the day when the opportunity happens and to never give up.

I am certain that one day we will be listening to this lady on the radio, and while some might never know her fight to get that far, we need to understand that with endurance everyone can do what they want in their lives.


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