Donald Trump finds himself at odds with the CIA over the Russia hack story, and people are freaking out over it. However, is Donald wrong not to have confidence in the CIA, well the accounts are spotty, to say the least?


The CIA are alleging that the DNC hack did so much harm to the Hillary Clinton campaign from individuals with links to the Russian government. Of course, Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t accept the report, which has led to a number of wild allegations that its unreasonable for the president-elect to question the reliability of the CIA.

The principal contention coming from intellectuals and government leaders is that the president has to believe the intelligence that comes from the CIA. Plus the reality that our current president-elect doesn’t trust the intelligence and that it’s dangerous for America.

This is unusual and ridiculous for a president-elect to state. Number one arguing what the CIA are telling to their principal customer, the president-elect. However, is it so unreasonable to question the reliability of the CIA?

It’s worth recognising that the CIA is a secret society, virtually unaccountable to the American people, that has tortured people illegally, has spent decades threatening governments throughout the globe, all the whilst misleading the American people whilst spying on their own Congress.


Like that moment in 2011 when John Brennan a long time CIA operative who now operates the agency, responded to a question about CIA drone strikes. Almost for the past year, there hasn’t been a single collateral death.

Deputy chief minister of Pakistan's Nort

Well, that’s flat out crazy. Just a few months previous, the CIA drone strike eliminated 50 people in Pakistan. The strike reportedly hit a tribal gathering of dignitaries that were there to determine a mining debate.

However, possibly the most shameless deceptions the CIA has used in the past few years have been linked to the agency’s practice of torture. The CIA essentially lied each single step of the way. Most of this was revealed when the Senate eventually published its torture report back in 2014.

The basic, most notable claim was on the successfulness of the intelligence gained during torture. For years, the CIA claimed that torture or ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ as they like to call it, led to strong, actionable information that prevented terrorist activity.

This claim turned out to be untrue. The story proved, that, in fact, torture produced no valuable information.

They were further deceiving the people on the sort of torture they were doing. For ages, it was thought that the extremely harsh method was waterboarding.


For those that don’t know what waterboarding is. Waterboarding is a method of water cruelty in which water is discharged over a piece of fabric enveloping the face and respiratory passages of an immobilised captive, causing the person to endure the feeling of suffocating.


However, it turns out they were further doing stuff like forced rectal feeding, standing on injured limbs, and threatening to rape the detainee’s mother. However, it doesn’t end there.

Whilst the Senate was preparing the torture report, the CIA was actually trailing on the Senate. Of course, at first, the CIA stated that the CIA was in no way spying on the SSCI or the Senate.

Before declaring that they did it and then atoning for it. I suppose it’s never too late now to say sorry.

So, the CIA first began torturing people in secret. Then they acknowledged they were, but they lied about the successfulness of that torture.

They further lied about the sort of torture they were doing. Furthermore, then they spied on the people who were investigating them for it.

Plus, this is only from the past 15 years ago or so. However, the CIA has been misleading to the American people for decades.


To choose just one instance out of several, the once director of the CIA, Richard Helms was convicted of misleading Congress on the agency’s part in the 1973 military overthrow in Chile, which overthrew the democratically elected President Salvador Allende and established the lengthy dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Then there was the incident in 1982 when Congress established a statute that prevented the Reagan administration from toppling the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Notwithstanding the reality that Congress, the true image of the American people, directed the government not to defeat the Sandinistas, the CIA, sustained clandestine actions upon them for years.

The entire situation blew up in the Iran-contra embarrassment of 1986. Therefore, it does appear possible that some parts of the Russian state were connected in DNC hacks, though we’ve observed rather little in the way of real, solid proof.

Although, we unquestionably shouldn’t be taking the CIA’s statement at face value, since if the CIA wore pants, those pants would be on fire.


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