The crisis-hit NHS is in a crisis, it has been predicted, and the Labour leader will sound alarm bells for the health service when he approaches the Fabian Society in London. It arises after it was highlighted the impasse of tiny Jack Harwood, 22 months, who had to remain five hours in A&E with speculated meningitis.


When questioned if the NHS was in crisis, Prime Minister Theresa May said that she understood and it has been recognized that the NHS is under stress.

However, it’s not just under pressure, it’s under stress, anxiety, and concern, and not only that, it’s under assault. People fear that one day there will be no NHS, and it frightens them because we are under invasion as ultimately what will occur is that our government will respond, great, if you don’t like the way that its run, then we will change it over to privatisation, which is basically what they are starting to do presently.

They just require one thing to ensure the opportunity, and if we make too many ripples, then they have us in their grasp. Therefore, put up with it or else! Many will pout, and say, no they would never actually do that, but they will, and gradually and inevitably they are, directly under our very nose.

Anyways, who wants an NHS? For those that can manage with private health care, they’re okay, they don’t have to fret, however, for those that rely on the NHS, it’s really significant. Not only that, the NHS is an establishment that’s been about for a really long time. It might be a tad antiquated, but at least it’s there, even if we do whine and moan about it.

Although that’s the point, we shouldn’t have to moan and groan about it, if only the government put more cash into it, rather than depreciating the funds they put back into it since cutting funds kills men, women, and children daily.

You have to understand what’s going on with the NHS and to do that, you have to be one of those people who have to lie in A&E for hours on end before getting seen by a real doctor, and many are simply novices on A&E doing their internship, and sometimes it can be very hit and miss, you really have to be there to understand what’s going on.

On how countless hours these poor doctors and nurses have to operate, and when operating these multiple hours, then that’s when blunders are made. To serve this many sufferers coming into A&E, you have to extend your workforce, however, when there are no funds being given for such an extensive service, healing the sick, people that are ill, the weak of our community, that’s when you get a tang in your mouth since there are no rules of etiquette anymore.

We should be questioning Theresa May over the mess in the NHS and social care, the myriads of people waiting more than four hours at A&E and the million aging people not getting the social care they require, and the young people with mental health difficulties who don’t get the assistance and attention they require.

I speak about the National Health Service as it’s in a crisis zone. Furthermore, the people who operate Britain have been taking our country for a ride and have geared the system for themselves. Last year’s global political earthquake didn’t just come out of the blue, and there are many of us who have sensed the earthquakes increasing for years.

They’ve sutured our political system to shield the powerful, and they’ve put our nation in danger by taking us into destructive international hostilities, and they’ve rigged the economics and business practices to fill the pockets of their supporters.

They’ve cut taxes on the wealthiest, £70 billion from now till 2022, and lower pay and necessary assistance for the rest, and they’ve sold off our country’s assets and handed over public services to be drained by tax dodgers.

They’ve accumulated deficit whilst neglecting to reinvest in the jobs and industries of the tomorrow, and the truth is the system just doesn’t work for the large majority of people.


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