Victoria Beckham is set to get an OBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list. The ex-Spice Girls vocalist applied fashion creator, remembered as Posh Spice, is supposed to be expecting an Order of the British Empire honour for assistance to fashion and charity work in this year’s schedule, which has not yet been published by Buckingham Palace.

The honour is estimated to come 13 years following her ex-Manchester United legend hubby David, 41, took his OBE for services to football. Victoria made her première with a tiny collection at New York Fashion Week in 2008.


Furthermore, mother of four, who spurted to fame with the Spice Girls in the 90s, has gone on to enjoy the tremendous victory as a fashion creator with A-lister devotees comprising Gwyneth Paltrow, Claire Danes and her friend Eva Longoria.

Her charity work is also said to have put her on the desirable schedule. Victoria, a goodwill representative for the Joint United Nations Programme UNAIDS, has fought tirelessly to raise recognition of concerns such as HIV and AIDS.

The fashion symbol, who has sons Brooklyn, 17, Romeo, 14, and Cruz, 11 and a five-year-old daughter Harper, was by David’s side when he collected his OBE at Buckingham Palace in 2003.

One does question despite everything how popular she would have really have turned out to be had she not wedded David Beckham. The union was the classic combination, and even though she had capital in her own right at the time, I’m convinced his money did not hinder her interest.

Furthermore, soon to show how far she has come, she is soon being awarded an OBE for services rendered. Well, who gave her all the pies, she must have imagined she was dreaming when she set her visions on old Davey boy.


She might be a goodwill representative for the Joint United Nations Programme UNAIDS but it’s easy to be so charitable when you have millions, the honour arrangement is an utter farce. One of the requirements of receiving this honour is secrecy. You are not supposed to tell people until it’s approved.

However, she would have understood that but is far too arrogant to understand manners or honour. One must feel sad for her. It must be a trick, they should be giving the OBE to that fellow from Salford, the taxi operator who did charity work for children in Syria, and gave his life for it.

He must be worthy of something, and his family too. Really, services to fashion, what will they consider next. She’s a millionaire, she can afford to be a charity worker, her hubby got an OBE for playing football, the Queen must like football, it surely can’t be the outfits that Victoria makes, well she don’t really make them, some unfortunate person makes them, probably for barely any money.

And Victoria’s PR crew revealed she is using the identical seamstresses, pattern cutters, and fabric makers as 45-year-old Mouret who designed the Galaxy dress, the hourglass silhouette that harkens back to the glamour of 1940s Hollywood.

What about the every day, unacknowledged heroes who fight in the war, where is their OBE, where is their honour for supporting a war effort that has nothing to do with them.

I bet she’s licking her lips and rubbing her hands together for the big day, but any self-respecting receiver of this so-called honour for this fashion symbol with her millions should promptly send it back.


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