A Tesco store in Edinburgh has been cited of discriminating against state school children by making them line outside whilst private school students are permitted to come and go as they please. It has been alleged that pupils from Boroughmuir high school, bordering the city centre, were made to stand behind a barrier by Tesco workers and only permitted to access their local store in tiny assemblies.


However, pupils at the nearby George Watson’s college were not stopped at all. The problem was established by a parent of one kid at the state school, who stated it was a form of discrimination.

Everyone should line up or nobody should. It should not matter what school you come from, otherwise, it becomes bigotry.

On student who is at Boroughmuir, had to stand in the line each day. He was not one to fuss however, it was getting him down. He and his friends were frustrated since they had to remain outside while others went before of them. Tesco further guards the entrance in that they have a person there, making certain they line up.

Pupils were rather annoyed about the situation, but it’s very good that someone is ultimately sticking up for them, and they don’t want to get into trouble or to show their school in a poor light but they just believe it is wrong. Once they attempted to walk in behind a crowd of pupils from George Watson’s college. A team affiliate granted him, but not the Watson’s boys, out of the shop.


A post of criticism was put on Twitter last week and a Tesco spokesperson replied with a list of tweets. Basically, it is stated that the private school has a lesser number of children, which is faster and simpler for the store.

I find this really difficult to understand as most meager shops permit school children into their premises, however, if there are several kids, throughout lunch time recess or after school, the store will then allow two children in at a time.


Nevertheless, they don’t confine them like animals, they just make them remain outside until two come out and then two go in. It’s not rocket science, and I really believed that Tesco had more intellect than that, but apparently not, and think that prejudice is a good thing.


Not really, considering the founder of Tesco was a Jew, and I guess that Jack Cohen would be turning in his grave right about now. I know that Jack Cohen was born in 1898, and prejudice was prevalent back then, and it appears that nothing has improved since then, one would have assumed that we would have moved forth, but nobody should be victimized, so obviously things have not improved.


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