I noticed on facebook that a number of people from the Basildon District area had applied for housing because of special needs for their children or because they themselves were disabled. It used to be a very standard procedure when applying for housing because one might need a bigger home because they had more children, or because one might have become disabled, they simply filled out an application, it was sent off with the documents that were required and they went onto the housing register and waited.

Presently all has to be done online by way of the Internet, so you’re generally bolloxed if you are old and don’t have the internet, and have to rely on somebody else to do it for you.

I was filling out a questionnaire online for somebody a few of weeks ago, I won’t go into who it was for, as that would trespass into their privacy, and I’m not in the practice of doing things like that, contrary the council who desired to the know the ins and outs of this person, and their life, who I was doing the application for.

I am what I would call pretty internet friendly, therefore I felt that it would be a breeze filling in one of these forms, but crikey, was I mistaken. It took me three hours to fill in, and in the end. I was starting to tear my hair out!

Online application times out every 30 minutes, so if you’re not a highly skilled typer, it times out before you have even completed the page and you have to begin the page all over again. Fortunately for me I am a rather fast typer, however, as the person, I was filling the application out for had a bunch of stuff to put in, it still timed me out, and oh dear I had to begin the page all over again, therefore why it took me three hours to do.

I was browsing through many of the remarks that people had put concerning their housing application, and one woman had said that she had been turned down for housing, which I was completely devastated because of her child’s requirements.

One woman put. “My daughter is severely disabled and we’ve been refused. Currently appealing”.

She went on to say, following a woman asking her what she had been denied on, and she went on to state that she has a two bedroom house without currently a way to get her child upstairs. She has 2 children, one that is disabled, who can’t walk or talk and suffers from epilepsy.

The house is modified however owing to bedroom dimensions and the way they have had to adjust the quarters they can’t currently use the adaptions, and the council has declined them a modified three bed, stating that they don’t require it on medical grounds.

The woman was denied her application and was posted a letter saying that she had the right to appeal and to send in more supporting documents, so she emailed them affirming her reasons, with five letters from experts.

We realize that there is a housing deficit, but the difference, in this case, is that this woman has a disabled child, who can’t walk, or talk, and suffers from epilepsy, and she has five letters from specialists, isn’t this sufficient evidence, or do you really have to be dead before you are given something?


Obviously, Basildon Council wants your blood before they give you something. Furthermore, it beggars belief to suggest that the council will not house a family that has a disabled child and that child can’t get up the stairs, despite the fact that adaptations had been made to the home.

Consequently, when the council did the modifications, they simply did not take other things into reckoning, and it was a misuse of funds on the modifications in the first place, when really they may as well have simply rehoused this family into a home that would have been more fitting, like a bungalow without any stairs.

The problem is, the council has too many departments operating on various matters, and the one hand doesn’t know what another hand is doing, in other words, there is a total and absolute cock up going on in the offices at Basildon District Council.

Plainly, the alterations that Basildon Council did for this family were of no value to them, and actually somebody in the council should have attended the home and speculated about what was going on, and acted respectively, but apparently they thought they were cutting corners when making these modifications, and in the long run, it will end up costing them more capital than they first thought.

It will not make any difference to the council to rehouse this family to a more fitting home for ie a bungalow. This family would just move out of one home into another, leaving that home vacant for somebody else to move into.

Consequently, the council will not lose out on a home, they will just have to make adjustments to the home that the family will be moving out of, which of course will cost the council more money, but had they done their job properly in the first place, they wouldn’t have wasted any capital at all.

This is not the family’s dilemma, nor did they create the problem, the council did, therefore, why should this family suffer for the councils total cock up?


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