Somebody I know said he woke up this morning and thought he’d had a dream – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton competing for the presidency. And he’s plausibly right, Mickey Mouse should have stood for the presidency, if Trump or Clinton can get in, then I’m convinced that Micky could as well, and what’s more, the American people are that gullible, they would feasibly let Micky Mouse in as well. Of course, Mickey is a cartoon figure, but then so are Trump and Clinton.

What are the American people thinking, well, that is the million dollar question? When you reflect that these people, who are inquiring if we have tea with the Queen, and do we have any relations in Scotland since they think Scotland is only up the road, or even implying that some common person can baptize a Jew, then we are on a pretty uncertain road.

I don’t believe either of them comic characters should become president of the United States, and then I am imagining who would be the lesser of the two evils, Trump or Clinton? I suspect Trump would be the lesser of the two evils, so long as they want America to stay intact, on the other hand, Clinton is really trigger happy, and I’m convinced she believes she’s in the Wild West there someplace, perhaps OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.


Hopefully, Clinton isn’t too menopausal when she’s considering pressing the button of destruction.

Numerous constitutional rights are interrupted during martial law and supposed to be restored once the emergency is under control. Furthermore, whilst the world political elites have been gathering in secret to prevent conservative businessman Donald J. Trump’s presidential crusade, it’s obvious that he probably already obtained the Republican nomination and maybe the Presidency.

The unbelievable reaction a Trump nomination could create amongst the political establishment is so big, many are thinking Obama is willing to proclaim martial law and suspend the election. Oh, I hope he does…

On the facade, this looks highly improbable and unlikely. Nevertheless, by doing a careful study on all that has transpired up until now, all Americans should be cognizant that this sort of scenario is quite likely.


As you presumably know, Obama is really disliked with the military. He is continually renewing the current officers with those who have shown special dedication and eagerness to walk the line, even if it has harmed troop confidence or ability.

In addition, he has proposed that a civil national security force would be of use, which appears aimed not at outside threats but directly towards U.S. civilians.

Obama has organized law enforcement departments in more than 70 federal government bureaus, which indicates there are more than 120,000 law enforcement agencies in the federal government for him to use.


Additionally, departments you wouldn’t anticipate, such as the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have bought hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets.

Just what are they planning?


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