An ambulance had to be removed from duty after it was vandalized with graffiti. The characters T.17 emerged overnight in big letters on the side of the life-saving transportation, with two smaller tags. The vehicle was parked at the Hayes Ambulance Station in west London.

A repugnant occurrence saw the van briefly taken off the road for cleaning. The ambulance was washed immediately and is now back in service, and the London Ambulance Service is working with police to find the criminal.

It’s disgraceful that somebody can do this, knowing full well that the transportation has to be used in life-threatening circumstances. No respectable person would do this, and it’s frustrating to imagine that somebody could do this sort of thing without considering the consequences.

Whoever done this to the vehicle is a pretty superficial person and obviously doesn’t respect anybody else but themselves. It could have been one person or a group of people, presumably, young teenagers that joined together in what they thought was a bit of entertainment.

Yet, it’s not fun, when it takes an ambulance off the road, even for a little while, when that ambulance could have spared somebody’s life. How would they like it if it had been their mother, father, sister or brother had required that life-saving transportation to get them to the hospital, or are they that cold that they have no understanding towards other people?


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