A parliamentary committee recommended an expected £4 billion project which would see MPs and peers move out of the Houses of Parliament whilst essential improvements are carried out to avert a catastrophic situation at the well-known building.

However, one of the MPs on the commission warned that the actual expense of the work could be significantly greater and implied that leaving the Dwelling in favour of a purpose-built modern facility could be a better choice.

Work by specialists Deloitte had advised that the project would cost about £4 billion. However, it will be significantly more than that once the full specifications of the project are gone through and once they get into the bones of delivering it.

Each DIY job on an old construction perpetually yields difficulties. And any structure like the Palace of Westminster, where you’ve had add-ons, replacements and old-fashioned archaic structure, is going to see some rather costly pitfalls on the way.

The concern with it is when they get into the stomach of the basement and they discover goodness knows what since that’s antiquated stuff down there. Till decisions are performed regarding the extent of the work it would be hard to conclude a budget.

Though it can be virtually promised that the expenses are going to be higher than £4 billion, and it has been called for attention to be addressed to depart the Palace of Westminster permanently. There are possible opportunities in a new-build parliament, and if you go to the Scottish Parliament, it’s an airy, bright, accessible construction.

Say what you will regarding the outside, some people like it, some people dislike it, but when you’re in the building, it’s well-functioning, simple to manage. Compare that with the Palace and it’s quite the contrary.

We require an accommodating parliament, not just on the surface, but on the core as well. We require something that is engaging, not just on the surface, but on the inside as well, however, some people are resistant to reform, they are used to the style the Palace of Westminster is and are not interested in changing it.

It’s a well-known structure, I give you that, though sometimes change is much greater. Sometimes we must expand our horizons to accomplish greater things and the answer is to change. Whilst some people might be opposed to this idea, I think in the end they will grow accustomed to it.

Creating a new parliament structure will not be detrimental to anyone, it’s just a building, bricks and mortar, and its impact will withdraw from an old-fashioned structure to a functional structure that matches in with this period.

We can’t dwell in the yesterday, we have to look to the tomorrow, and we have to say our solaces to the structure that we know so well and say hi to something brighter and better, and it’s a pity that the ancient structure has to go, however, we must remember that we are not sacrificing, and nobody is to blame, it is just what it is, an old-fashioned construction that necessitates modernizing.


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