He is one of the largest prominent MPs in the House of Commons and is currently overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution laws in a generation. Yet it was revealed that Keith Vaz, a married father of two, is fronting a double life paying young male escorts for sex.


Mr Vaz last met two Eastern European harlots eight days ago, even despite the fact he is chairman of a robust political organisation investigating vice and drugs. Furthermore, as the discussion ranged from sex to pets, Mr Vaz finally stated, that we need to get this party started.

Also before the meeting he had posted a range of texts in which he humorously termed himself one of the men’s pimps and bank manager. Mr Vaz paid the escorts in cash. Money was further cleared into a bank account managed by one of them by a person connected to a charity set up by the MP.


Whilst chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Vaz has openly stated he was not convinced that men who pay for sex should face prosecution. Inside weeks of a report from the committee, he himself gave funds to escorts in a flat he has near his family home in Edgware, North West London.

Mr Vaz has had at least two meetings with the escorts. In a 90-minute meeting on August 27, the former Minister for Europe offered to meet the cost of cocaine if it was delivered to the flat, yet stated he did not want any himself.

He is currently heading up the committee which has examined harm created by the prohibited Class A drug. Mr Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East since 1987, further told the couple to bring along poppers, the sex-enhancing drug.

In Parliament, he supported the use of the drug when it faced a prohibition.

Mr Vaz originally made contact with the two younger men after engaging with a fellow escort they knew in London. At least one encounter took place before Mr Vaz met the couple again eight days ago.

They arrived at the flat, which Land Registry records reveal the MP owns and purchased in June for £387,500. It has no mortgage and is half a mile from his £2.1million five-bed detached family residence.

The day before the August 27 encounter, Mr Vaz text the escort and directed him to try and pick up some poppers. On the afternoon of the meeting, the escort text to announce he was purchasing the sex drug and the MP responded that was great.

Mr Vaz was then requested for a meeting time and responded by text that he would meet at 11pm since it was nice and late and that he wanted a good time. When told a Romanian escort would be meeting them, Mr Vaz addressed, how will this work, do you want me to f*** him first or all together.

Then he inquired if he like poppers, and did he talk English. Running late, Mr Vaz wrote that he was on his way to London, and should they meet at 11.30 in Edgware. The two escorts arrived at Mr Vaz’s well-appointed block shortly after 11.30pm.

He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, black slacks and his labelled steel-rimmed spectacles. Mr Vaz quickly started asking them about the whereabouts of the Romanian escort. He questioned about what time he was coming, and does he know where to come, and if he had seen many clients?

When reported that another customer had given the man £900 for sex, Mr Vaz responded, “Really? That’s fantastic… I hope he’s giving you some of the money.”


In the lead-up to sex, the gentlemen took the Viagra-like drug out of their bag and presented it to the MP. They revealed it was a jelly mint or watermelon flavour and would increase sexual vitality.

The gentlemen told that Mr Vaz gave over $100 and quipped it was a lot where they came from, and one of the escorts stated he was agitated about participating in a foursome. Mr Vaz responded, “Oh sh**. Oh my God. You have to join in.”

The MP, appearing eager for a third man to join them, started studying snaps of men on the gay dating app Grindr, presented to him by the escorts. It utilises GPS data to locate men nearby. When shown the characterization of an Asian man, the MP responded that He was a fit.

Then Mr Vaz, who famously rolled up at Luton airport to greet the passengers on the day Romania joined the EU in 2014, replied, “But we like Eastern Europeans, they’re nice.” When given another user’s profile Mr Vaz replied: “Find out where he is… ”

Then, resuming his jokey chatter, the MP spoke of the older escort: “I feel as if I’m his bank manager. “Or his mother. He treats me very badly.” The discussion shifted to cocaine when the escorts chatted again regarding the Romanian joining them. They said he loved taking the Class A drug while having sex.

The MP was then overheard stating that there was no coke in the flat.

When it was announced the Romanian should be able to bring the drug, Mr Vaz replied, “How much is it going to be?”


When one of the escorts pretended to ring the Romanian and announced cocaine was not available, Mr Vaz interrupted, “Ask him how much it is, next time.” Also, the MP added a little later, “He can buy and I’ll give him the money.” Mr Vaz stated he did not want any coke himself.


He then asked the men, who say they do not take illicit drugs either, regarding the poppers they had brought along.

When the younger escort stated he had never used them, Mr Vaz responded, “You’ve never had poppers?” The escort then questioned if Mr Vaz had taken them and the MP responded, “Yeah.” He stated he didn’t really use them because of a medical procedure, however, continued: “I like giving it to people. It’s nice.”

The conversation then shifted to sex, as the two escorts sat in the lounge drinking their whisky and cokes. Addressing the older man, Mr Vaz stated, “You’re a naughty b****r. You taught him so much.” And he asked: “How many times have you f***** him, the younger escort today?”

Whilst waiting for a communication back from possible matches, the MP then got into a conversation with the escorts about the cost of houses in London, before the elder escort intervened, questioning: “What do you want?

Mr Vaz immediately answered that he was getting really aroused. Shortly before the intimate venture, Mr Vaz informed them concerning a recent rendezvous with another escort they know. The MP stated he was okay, but he neglected to bring a condom, and he had to f*** him without a condom.


He was later questioned how he knew the man was free from any sexually transmitted diseases, and he replied that he didn’t know.

When questioned how long it had been since he last had sex, the MP responded that it was ages ago, around three weeks.


When questioned by one of the men if he desired to use a condom, this time, Mr Vaz, who last year fronted a safe sex crusade in his constituency, replied that he did not want to.

Moments later, the men stated they disrobed. Mr Vaz later said to the younger one: “Take your shirt off. I’m going to attack you.”

The rendezvous lasted about 15 minutes. Scarcely more than 24 hours after the rendezvous the MP was seen back on official duty alongside police at a family fun day. The MP, who had his face decorated as a tiger at the constituency bash in Leicester, re-tweeted snaps to his Twitter page.

Last night Mr Vaz stated, that he had assigned the accusations to his lawyer, who will view them thoroughly and direct him on what is published. He circulated a comment to the Mail on Sunday which stated, that he was genuinely remorseful for the pain and suffering that had been created by his activities, in particular to his wife and children.

He announced that he will be notifying the Committee on Tuesday of his plan to stand down from heading the gatherings of the Committee with immediate effect. It was not directly transparent if the announcement indicated Mr Vaz would climb down from his chairmanship completely or just some committee assemblies.

He later circulated another comment, which continued, that at this time he did not want there to be any diversion from the great work the Home Affairs Select Committee tackles so well.

Select Committees do important work in holding the government and others to account. They are expected to issue two Reports, one into Anti-Semitism and the other into FGM in the next several days, in addition, they have a number of important witnesses.

He will, of course, notify Committee members first of his plans when they convene on Tuesday. His decision has been based solely on what is in the best interests of the Committee which he had the opportunity of Chairing for the last 9 years.

Neither Mr Vaz’s attorney neither Home Affairs Committee staff could directly be contacted for comment by Mirror Online. Fellow Home Affairs committee member Naz Shah reported to Sky News she had chatted to Mr Vaz and he has done the correct thing by standing down as chair.

A Labour Party spokesperson stated, that Keith Vaz has circulated a comment on this subject. Essentially with all departmental select committees, Keith was selected to the head of the Home Affairs Select Committee by the House of Commons, and his position is a matter for him and the House.

I know that we have the liberty to do as we want, but certainly not when you’re an MP, and you have a fixation to escorts, and the abuse of narcotics, and particularly when you have an association with government, and there should be consequences for his actions.

When somebody is in government, particularly parliament, they have a duty to keep themselves squeaky clean, and it makes my blood seethe when I consider that he could actually get away with this kind of behaviour.

I am enraged that this man could put a stain on an establishment that has been going for thousands of years, and in one fail descent, poof, it’s crumbled into a thousand pieces, destroyed by just one man, and perhaps some of his forerunners, and once done, it’s never irreversible, the damage is done.

However, our government act like it’s a trivial thing, resembling some sort of celebrity status, yet it’s a no-brainer actually, if somebody does something illegal, then they should be penalised for it, but there appears to be a lot of debate about this.

Presently the entire government is marked by a violent shitstorm, and it’s not a debate that should be considered, as I stated its a no brainer, just fire the rat, and be done with it, and deliver him back to whence he came from, his ancestors must be really impressed with him back home in Aden.


After all, Vaz is a distant relation of Saint Joseph Vaz, a 17th-century missionary – must have been the missionary position that he practised when he was having sexual coitus with one of his preferred escorts.

What is it with all these MP’s that think they can overstep the mark with their established positions of power, and not only that, assume that they can get away with it, and everyone will turn a blind eye to it, or is everyone in government dazzled by the authority that they have?

The meaning of responsibility is to be responsible, and if they can’t understand the definition, then obviously they should not be in any official post in government.


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