Penalties have been inflicted on women wearing burkinis in the southern French town of Cannes.


A prohibition on the swimwear, popular with some Muslim women as they completely conceal the body, was controversially launched earlier in August.

The three females, aged from 29 to 57, were with their kids at the beach when police officers interceded over the offending garments.

Four of the females were fined €38, £33 whilst all were presented with warnings and instructed to vacate the area.

They are young mothers or grandmothers, and they do not think they are criminals. All were really disconcerted at the way they were treated.

Mayor David Lisnard created discord amongst Muslim groups by making Cannes the principal resort town to force an embargo on the full-body swimsuits. He took this decision amongst many other decisions to make sure his town was protected in the context of the state of emergency.

Mr Lisnard’s decision was questioned although later supported in court. A judge announced the rule was enforceable under French legislation which forbids people invoking their sacred positions to skirt common laws governing relationships within public authorities and private individuals.

The judge put the embargo in the context of the state of emergency and current Islamist assaults, notably in Nice a month ago.


Cannes is less than 20 miles from Nice, where Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel ploughed a lorry into a crowd which had assembled to see Bastille Day fireworks, killing 85 people.

Another resort town near Nice, Villeneuve-Loubet, also outlawed burkinis on beaches. A recently proposed by-law ordered only clothes that are respectful to morality and secular beliefs, and in compliance with health and safety laws is supported.

Mayor Lionnel Luca announced the ban of the garments was for hygienic purposes. Plus he was informed that there was a couple on one of the beaches where the lady was bathing completely dressed, and it deemed unacceptable for sanitary purposes and undesirable given the overall situation.

In France, one does not come to the beach clothed to represent one’s religious beliefs, particularly as they are erroneous beliefs that the doctrine does not require.

France has forced a controversial prohibition on full-face veils since 2004.

This covering of the face has a suggestion of sexism and many think that this is the summit of cultural and governmental development. One of the outcomes of this thinking is the trend to establish an ideal, in so far as different nations differ from that, sets them as problematical.

For instance, many think that females in the United States are extremely liberated. In so far as women in different cultures live differently, they are considered to be oppressed. Of course, women are oppressed elsewhere, although it is a misconception to think that they are oppressed and we are liberated.

This so-called binary forms an obscure way in which women elsewhere are not 100% inferior and those other women similarly experience from gendered persecution.

I’m not sure which is worse, the inflexible and unreasonable example of appeal in the United States and the idea that women’s bodies are revealed to inspection or the thought of living under a burka that bans particular freedoms, but saves you from evaluative eyes and the outcomes of their contradictory evaluations.



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