After Tom-Jan Hüsch’s sweetheart split up with him, he chose to take vengeance to an absurd level by violently beating and hitting the hound his lover purchased him as a gift. Worst of all he chose to record it all and upload to Facebook.


This video was since withdrawn from Facebook, yet, the video immediately went viral, drawing the attention of one person who chose to bring this small canine justice by hunting down Hüsch and causing the corresponding injury to him that Hüsch forced on the hapless, helpless creature.

The chap further recorded a video of himself beating up Hüsch, which he next posted online as a lesson to everybody that pet torture and degradation would not be allowed in Germany. Hüsch’s assailant was next named as Josef Guldschmitt. Guldschmitt described his attack in a discussion by telephone this evening.

Guldschmitt stated that he actually wanted him to die and that if he could have located his pliers, he would have twisted his scrotum off.

As of now, no charges have been filed upon Guldschmitt.

People like Tom-Jan Hüsch need to be held responsible for what they do to another life, and it is immaterial if that life is human life or an animal. It does not matter if you have a grievance with your girlfriend, the creature has done nothing wrong and should not have to endure degenerates like Hüsch.

You can’t beat a pet because you have the hump with your ex-partner, and then believe it’s acceptable, that simply makes a person cowardly and contemptible, and it’s despicable that a human being could even behave that way towards a pet.

This is shocking, and people that behave towards their pets in this manner should be put in jail, it should be a serious felonious crime. It would happen if it was a human being, and it should be the equivalent for pets.


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