We’ve got into the practice of buying fast junk foods which have no real food in them, we purchase tonnes of household toxic detergents when one degradable detergent will do.  We are destroying our houses and spending our hard earned cash for no good reason, why? Because the advertisement entrepreneurs tell us to.

They just want you to purchase stuff, for instance, if a corporation poisons the atmosphere or practices damaging business practices, if you don’t purchase their stuff, they will change.  If you don’t want food with chemicals or GMO’s in it, then don’t purchase it. The moment we begin taking responsibility and using our funds carefully, each politician, each company and leader around the globe will know that we have woken up.

This is the 21st century if we use our resources carefully, there’s no reason why anybody shouldn’t have what they need. There’s no reason whatsoever why people still perish to death on our planet. Plus the average man or woman whether they are Israeli or Palestinian, Protestant or Catholic, or Iraqi or American, the simple man just wants to exist in harmony, in fairness and a sanitary environment.

When we look around the globe, when we see that is not the case, we know the will of the majority is not being listened to, that’s the first sign that our system, is broken. The government won’t make these adjustments for us, yet again it’s down to the common man.

No company will continue a practice or a commodity that you the customer will not purchase. It’s vitally important that you know this because this gives you the ultimate control to shape the environment you exist in. Companies are very sensitive about you purchasing their commodities because if you don’t purchase their stuff, they go out of business.




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