Iain Duncan Smith should be sanctioned because it inconvenienced him to defend welfare cuts. He was avoiding his responsibilities after he turned up to a Commons debate, however, left his junior coworkers to field questions that he himself should have been doing.

Mr Duncan Smith should consequently be banished from the Parliamentary canteen to force him to a food bank where there is a range of delights he can have to eat. This appears to be the second time the secretary of state has failed to address the House when questions have been asked of his department.

He can’t just go around not turning up when he should be there, or else what’s the point of him even being employed in that particular profession, and if he can’t realise his responsibilities, then maybe he should stand down and give someone else a chance, maybe somebody that can in fact do the job well.

There were 600,000 people in the United Kingdom who were sanctioned by his last year, some for failing to turn up to a job interview, some because they were selling poppies, some because they were present at their father’s funeral, and one because they had a heart attack.

Someone should set upon Iain Duncan Smith for not showing up for work. Practice what you preach Mr Duncan Smith, and lead by example, if you can’t do that, then you are not at liberty, telling others what they can and can’t do, particularly when some of these people are dying at your very own hands.

The reality that the secretary of state can’t even be bothered to support his own pet project of Universal Credit, perhaps tells me that it’s all got too much for him, and he can’t be bothered with it any longer, and if he can’t come out to play with the big boys anymore, then maybe he should consider handing over his resignation. After all, you should never ask a child to do a man’s job!


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