34128259_Priti-Pat_3298723bTory star Priti Patel has sourced disapproval by labelling innocuous campaigners, some of whom were elderly and disabled, a thuggish gang.  Members of the group were upset and saddened by the Employment Minister’s assault on them.

The campaigners, comprising a wheelchair user, and at least two requiring walking sticks, called on Ms Patel’s constituency Headquarters to appeal to her to keep safe the health service.  After they braved the rain outside her place of work in Witham, Essex, she fired off an enraged letter to Unite union boss Len McCluskey, who she said was behind the campaign.

She said of the campaigners that the intimidation, coercion and thuggish conduct towards residents is shocking.  Comments by Ms Patel, topped as the coming Tory leader enraged the group who says the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will lead the way to NHS privatisation.

Malcolm Mead said: “At the age of 78 I never expected to be called a thug by my MP Priti Patel, and that she should apologise, and listen to our concerns. ”

Sandra Piscina, 56, said: “All I did was raise my concerns. ”

We should all be a tiny bit perturbed when MP’s don’t want to pay attention to the general public, who should in fact be keen to listen – that’s what their basic job is, to listen to the public.

She’s not going to be very triumphant as Tory leader if she’s not prepared to listen to her constituents.  She’s just going to drive away public opinion of her in the most disagreeable way possible, and she would be very stupid to be off-side with the public.

Nearly all MP’s wants the support of the public, and they should be clever enough to do so.  They should be familiarising themselves with the public, as this would reward their leadership for the times ahead.  It all goes with the donkey work of becoming a star in the making, and its very unhip to be done any other way.


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