Expense claims and a Westminster sexual impropriety were removed from MPs Wikipedia pages by computers inside the Parliament prior to the election. Particulars of a police arrest, electoral cheating claims, and the use of chauffeur-driven cars were as well being wiped by people inside the Commons.

The disclosure raises suspicion of MPs or their political parties that intentionally conceal these particulars from the public online to make candidates appear more electable to voters.

More than a dozen online biographies of sitting MPs were doctored from computers with IP addresses owned by the Houses of Parliament in the run up to the election, which should be of uppermost concern and considerable significance.

If online biographies are being doctored from computers, then there is a chance that something bad is amiss, and it should be looked into because if they’re taking off expenses and things about a sex scandal, then that has a very big impact on the public.

After all, we don’t really want perverts and paedophiles in our governments cabinet, even though it appears that anything is acceptable at the moment – anything from embezzlement to a bit of hanky-panky, anything goes these days amongst the hoi-polloi of government.

Calls for comment were made to all the MPs in question through their party press offices, however, just a few responded, saying the changes had nothing to do with them. It seems that an undetectable bot just messed around with their computer systems and removed material to conceal their fuck up…

What do they think that all us plebs out there are that simpleminded that we have no idea what’s going on behind closed doors? What, are we really that uncultured and irritating? Just because someone doesn’t have a degree of some kind, doesn’t make us all halfwits.

The only halfwits that can be spotted around are the government for in fact believing that we’re all dense. Holy cow, with a little bit of restraint, the government could actually be clever enough to realize that the wool can’t be pulled over our eyes for ever and ever, but I can see the government knitting a sweater!

Anyone can emend Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia kept up to date for users. Nevertheless, each alteration is tracked and coupled to an IP address, a distinctive strand of numbers that recognises each computer using an internet network.

It has been found that tenacious changes have been made to MPs biographies made from Parliament in what appears to be an intentional endeavour to conceal shaming details from the electorate.

They must have been really stupid not to be aware that they would be caught out, and it’s preposterous speculation that they wouldn’t be found out in the end. Plainly these idiots have no idea how a computer system works, however, none of them live in the practical world.

Perhaps they should be more insightful and go back to school, then maybe they wouldn’t get caught out.

It’s not very encouraging when you think about how much they keep harping on about their facts and figures. Yet they can’t even use a computer system, no wonder there are so many poverty-stricken people out there.

Politics isn’t for the faint-hearted, and you need to be fearless as well as disloyal, and you have to know how to betray everyone around you, particularly the public.

Nevertheless, outwitting those that are less intellectual is how they prey on. It’s all about financial gain, and if anyone thinks it’s not, is very wrong. They will take casualties at any price, they have no soul, and they will ruin anyone they can.

However, the changes that have been divulged means that they have been caught with their pants down, following Tory backbencher Robert Blackman’s biography was altered, and it was found that he had been conducting a 11 year affair, which were then conveniently deleted.

gdaviesLabour MP Geraint Davie’s entry was wiped off the reality that he exhausted £2,285 on his kitchen, and £1,500 on his living room at the taxpayers’ expense through parliamentary expenses.

SNN0119H-250_1446425aTory MP Craig Whittaker’s arrest for a claimed attack on his son in 2012 was removed from his Wikipedia page by somebody inside the Commons – Mr Whittaker was freed with no charges.

-ba5xEIKThe whole segment about expenses on Joan Ryan’s page was removed. Ms Ryan depleted thousands on repairs and decorations at her residence in Enfield prior to flipping it to another property.

The alterations were made while Ms Ryan was not an MP, and she has contested any participation, and then she was re-elected to Parliament this month.

Numerous other MPs pages were added with complimentary segments ahead of the general election, so clearly they were convinced that the outcome in the election were going to be good, and not bad, which is quite insulting when you think about it, because it then makes people think that the whole thing was rigged.

The page of Gordon Birtwistle, a preceding Liberal Democrat MP, was given a whole 298 word record of delivery on the 14th January, four months prior to seeking re-election by his constituents. However, he lost…

Dozens of other tiny alterations to MP pages were made, including adding references to favourable newspaper reports, quoting political awards, and adding Rht Hn in front of names, however, some changes were subsequently reversed by additional users.

Mark Lane, managing director of the information security company Portcullis, confirmed that the alterations were all made from IP addresses that are personal to the Houses of Parliament.

A spokesman for the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats declined to make a statement, but said that all MPs were informed of these particular alterations, and had the chance to comment separately.

This is rubbish. Joan Ryan did not even have access to the Parliamentary Internet network from which these alterations were made.

Stephen-Hammond-MPIn spite of his keenness for sports, Stephen Hammond does not particularly like walking. It has lately been divulged that he is one of the most frequent users of chauffeur driven cars, which convey ministers, or their red boxes across the United Kingdom. He, as well, only lives a piffling six miles from Westminster.

It’s crucial that we see a pattern surfacing here, and it might appear really insignificant to some, but to others it’s the greatest consequence. Together with, if the government is on the face of it, that inventive, then perhaps the public should become inspired as well.


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