It is said that Labour should tax the fringe benefits of pensioners, making a living wage compulsory for adults across the nation by 2018, and ensures the payment of child benefit for a second child is conditional on recipients going to parenting classes.

It appears that an equilibrated package has been contrived to get rid of badly targeted expenditure in the welfare budget, and now they want to nurture a firmer culture of self-help.

It warns that if monumental cuts were enforced, that it would place the burden of austerity measures on the shoulders of those struggling to get by, and as well levy searching doubts about the kind of society Britain is becoming, or has already become.

The British people have so far been outstandingly tolerant in the face of the austerity programme, which without quantitative easing would have immersed us even deeper into recession, however, people’s patience is now running out.

With 60 percent of cutbacks still to come, and public services starting to deteriorate quickly, with food banks springing up throughout the country, the general election really is the time to say enough is enough.

David Blunkett is now proposing that the winter fuel allowance, the Christmas bonus and the free television licence for pensioners should all be taxed.  He is also calling for pensioners who carry on working, for them to pay mandatory national insurance, and pay for prescriptions that are not for long-term conditions.


He also proposes that anyone that applies for child benefit for a second child would be required to attend appropriate classes in parenting, money management and postnatal learning.


Not to be too ignorant here, but why on earth would a mother of a second child possibly require classes in parenting, and postnatal learning?  I realise that there are some parents out there that don’t have appropriate parenting, but children don’t come with a manual, and most parenting is taken from trial and error.

It’s just an excuse to stop people’s money because the government knows that making claimants go to parenting classes can be really humiliating, nearly as bad as being back in kindergarten, and not only that, women have been giving birth to babies for hundreds of thousands of years, and have still handled pregnancy without postnatal learning.

The government’s aspiration is to shape an economic system in which people are willing to put in the hours of work, and fund themselves, and bring up a family without having to rely on benefits to compensate their rent.  Hence, we are promptly becoming a possession of the state, and this is an indicator of our future, and I assure you, it’s not going to be a good one.


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