Eminem isn’t always the raging rapper who rips people on tracks. Sometimes he’s the sweetheart who visits the home of a terminally ill fan, and doesn’t tell a soul about it.


I don’t usually pen about anyone that lives outside the United Kingdom, unless it’s political, however, on this occasion, and looking at this article brought a swelling to my throat, and a lesson could be learned from this.

The fan in question is 17 year old Gage Garmo, who has been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare strain of bone cancer, and has been told he only has one week to live, and barely three days ago, Gage’s family and friends started up the hashtag GetGageGarmoToMeetEminem, in an attempt to, well, it’s obvious.


And it worked, he arranged a home visit at Gage’s home in Michigan, which merely 20 minutes from where he lives.

Eminem is a bit of a celebrity, however, he went to spend an hour with this teenager, yet he was adamant he did not want the visit to become a media spectacle, and quietly arrived at Gage’s home.

The pair spent around an hour together, just talking and hanging out.  It meant the whole world to spend time with the rapper, and his icon.

The Real Slim Shady seems to be simply a big softy, although there’s no danger of him melting into my ice-cream… however, he does arouse my flake!


He’s established a career on his tempestuous me against the world, however, Eminem expressed his milder side when he visited terminally ill Gage’s home.

He dashed in on a flight from Atlanta to his hometown, and arrived at the home of Gage Garmo, and the two sat down and talked about their passion for hip hop, and the Detroit Lions.  Tragically, Gage, who had been battling Osteosarcoma, a rare and fast-growing kind of bone cancer, passed away on Monday night, but his family praised Eminem for allowing their son a special last wish.


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