The Tories much boasted election poster campaign was in shreds after it came out that the characteristic road was in fact a photograph taken in Germany.

George Osborne said that it was a British road pictured on the election poster, which assured the party would keep Britain on the road to a more abundant economic system.


According to George Cameron, it’s a British photograph, and a British road, I guess George needs to go back to SpecSavers…

The photograph itself comes from iStock, run by the picture agency Getty Images, and was taken by German photographer Alexander Burzik six years ago, although it has been digitally adapted since then.  The colors have altered, the sky has been changed, and a gap in the trees has been made, with some additional fields appended to the backdrop.


Alexander Burzik said that the original photograph had been taken close to his home town of Weimar, in central Germany, however, some Tories on Twitter have supported the use of the picture, despite it being from Germany, and not Britain.

However, the gaffe is particularly invigorating UKIP admirers, which now implies that they’re apostles will be following UKIP around like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which is a bit of a piss take, taking into account, that’s where the Pan Piper was portrayed as coming from Germany.

page10ukip_2435546b pot-kettle

I’m not criticizing, but wouldn’t that be like the pot calling the kettle black?  So, we can color it over as much as we want, but really UKIP is no better than the Tories, and that’s no understatement.  All the same, UKIP is fundamentally new, and should be given a bit of an opportunity in the run up to the 2015 election, aside from the fact that almost all parties are habitual liars, and are famed for telling all sorts of fibs to make themselves look good, and as viewed with this photograph, they will go to any lengths to do just that.


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