Frankly, I’m not sure how Madonna could have really likened herself to Martin Luther King Jr or the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela – who the hell does she imagine she is?  She’s clearly assuming that she’s something that she’s not, which really does paint a picture that she’s unquestionably having some sort of issue in her life.


She went on to say that she was just admiring and acknowledging their Rebel Hearts – Nelson Mandela a rebel, not sure about that fact, but he was a freedom fighter, and the greatest man alive, when he was alive, and will for sure carry on being so for centuries to come, but I think she should have said rebellion and not rebel, maybe she should have named her album Rebellions at Heart…


If she wanted to compare herself to a rebel, perhaps she should have said she was a little bit like James Dean or Marlon Brando, which would have been a much better portrayal.

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Madonna stated that anyone who fights for freedom is a rebel heart, however, she should also realize that there are different types of rebels, and some are not fighting for freedom.  Nelson Mandela opposed a cause, which was to free the people of South Africa, and for that it yielded a very high price, and he is an icon of admiration to all South Africans, and was of far more importance than being put on an album cover.


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