More than 60% of untoward Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sanctions decisions were made during the first three months of 2014 against people with mental health issues or behavioural problems.

There were 508 adverse sanctions against ESA claimants with diseases of the circulatory or respiratory system, 1,598 against those with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. There were 571 against people with diseases of the nervous system, 714 against people with injuries, poisoning and certain other issues of external causes, and there were 2,727 against those with other health conditions or disabilities.

According to the DWP, benefit sanctions are used to boost people to engage with the support being provided by Jobcentre’s, by making it clearer to claimants what they are required to do in return for their benefits. Nevertheless, charities and medical experts state that people with mental health issues, learning problems and behavioral problems frequently fight to see what is demanded of them in return for their benefits because they cannot conform to the rigorous demands because they can prove to be more difficult for these groups of people, who are not given any extra support and direction.


It’s very worrying that an increasing amount of people on ESA are having their benefits terminated, despite the fact that there are fewer people on WRAG (Work Related Activity Group). About half the people in the WRAG require support because they have mental health problems, however, over 60 percent of sanctions are placed on this group.

It’s unwarranted that people with mental health problems are being disproportionately affected by the progressively punitory system, and people are manipulated and forced to undertake activities that are inappropriate for them, particularly when they’re not having their mental health taken into account.

As a result of this, people become panicky and sickly, and this makes a reappearance to work exceedingly improbable. We actually need to see people with mental health problems placed in a scheme that recognizes and helps them overpower the challenges that they are fronting everyday.

Not every person who is mentally challenged can manage to get back into work, however, for those that can, they should be assisted at whatever the cost, and those that can’t work any longer should also be helped. This is why our country is called the United Kingdom, a nation that is linked together politically, for the common purpose, or by common beliefs, like a team that is formed by amalgamation.


David Cameron

When David Cameron said that we were all in this together, was he implying the same thing, and did he want a team that was formed by amalgamation. If so, then why is he not putting his money into the welfares financial kitty?  What he was really suggesting when he stated we were all in this together, so long as it’s taxpayers money, and they are putting it into the government’s honey tree…


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