Cold-hearted and heartless, there is nothing compassionate about Westminster City Council who is going to banish people who are sleeping rough in London’s capital.


They are trying to pass a bylaw to forbid homeless people from congregating in the regions round Westminster Cathedral, however, the homeless has been doing this for years, and nothing was said about it before.


Evidently soup runs have no place in the 21st century, and it’s wrong and undignified that people are being fed on the streets.

People of no fixed address, are not enthusiasts of sleeping rough, however, they have no option, and they will take any little assistance that they can get, or that is placed on them.

This is not a pastime for these people, however, it appears to be entertainment for the government when they are serving up this sort of crap, like it’s some kind of competitive game.

These people are victims, and the government appears to relish in destroying them, and we demand that they put an end to this, because human beings can’t be classified, they can’t be labelled.

Society is thought to be about generous-hearted people giving their time to the less fortunate. At no cost to the public purse, and this is a filthy and Bastardly move from a nasty and mean spirited conservative party.

As individuals that are close to their family and friends, they are probably very decent people, however, when it comes to ordinary people there is nothing exceptional about them. They then become uncaring parasites that target the weak, feigning to be saints.

There is nothing angelic about the Conservatives, and they use their place of authority to break people at their most vulnerable. Additionally, they will use this to raise awareness to an assembly of people that will really consider that what they say is true.

There are more and more people who are now homeless through no fault of their own, and it is the building block of the government that has made it this way, and to open fire on the people of this country, and take deprived people, and make them more disadvantaged than they already were.

It’s not a government, it’s a commercial enterprise, and in business it doesn’t matter who is in the firing line, so long as they make a net income from it, and they clearly believe that they are comedians when they do it, and at the moment they are having the last laugh.


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