David Cameron has stated that the red lights were flashing on the dashboard of the global economy, however, George Osborne and David Cameron are biting their own nails as the global economy once again begins to waver, and also the irony of it all.


David Cameron warned that we’re going to front hard times because the Eurozone and Japan are facing a recurrence of the recession, and with the inevitable aftermath to our own economic system.

That’s true, just as it was true when Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, and the banking crisis broke out, and economy after economy endured the consequences in 2008 and 2009.


Back then David Cameron and George Osborne would tell you that this global cataclysm had been induced by additional wards in British hospitals and new school buildings being constructed for British kids, and to them it was all about the deficit, as it is now, all about the deficit.


Nevertheless, the deficit continues to be an emotional loadstone for the Tories, of amalgamating vanity. Because the one thing that David Cameron can invariably be counted on to debate, is that the deficit is an existential threat to our economic system.

The only way to stop the deficit is to drastically cut spending, and they don’t care how they do it, or who they destroy along the way. The manner in how they do that is of no importance to them, and it’s improbable they will ever become free from the deficit at all, the only way they would ever get rid of the deficit is if all the people they owed money to determine that they would waiver what they owed, and give our government a clear slate.

Still, it wouldn’t matter how much of a clean slate our government was given. They would still end up with a shortfall because they are greedy by nature, and have no thought on how to handle our economic system.

George Osborne has not accomplished anywhere near the reductions in the deficit that he claimed were so important, nevertheless, this nation has not fallen into despair, which signifies that the deficit was neither the reason of a global collapse or the answer to our economy’s woes.

Nevertheless, George Osborne has been unable to confess his wrongdoing, however, he still behaves like a  hard man with the bedroom tax, abolishing new school building programs, lashing out on the poor and unemployed, only these measure are political, and not economic, and they don’t make a difference to the deficit, but the cruelness of it does when it comes to taking it out on poor people that now can’t survive, and have to go to food banks to provide for themselves or their families.

Mr Osborne has played a large part in this unmerciful and non effective abolition, scrapping everything he possibly can from people, and he bowls out smart arse comments that definitely the public don’t agree with.


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