It’s a question that has crossed the mind of anybody that has ever bit into a Big Mac, and asks themselves. What actually goes into a McDonald’s burger? Urban myths regarding ingredients have rotated throughout the worldwide web for years, with claims of pink sludge chicken nuggets and beef burgers.

One YouTuber even puffed on a McDonald’s french fry in the past, claiming it demonstrated it was made up of damaging ingredients. Now the fast-food monster is serving up a new offensive which has bravely asked the public to ask any question they want about the food-production procedure.

Furthermore, to kick it off, they enrolled Grant Imahara, of TV’s Mythbusters, to verify their burgers are 100 per cent beef. A news crew from Good Morning America was also permitted entry to its food plant in Fresno, California, the first time the press has been permitted inside.

In a DVD entitled, “Is McDonald’s beef real?” presenter Imahara inquires on arrival to the inner-sanctum: “Are there lips and eyeballs in there?” Of course not, but there are other unwelcome critters in there that we don’t really want consumed.

In October of this year, a man who will not be named went into his neighbourhood store of McDonald’s in the UK, and ordered one of their bagels with filling inside, but when he looked inside he was greeted with way more than he bargained for.


Looking back at him was what looked like some type of insect, however, it was way more protein than he planned on consuming.

He complained to employees who were on duty at the time, and they said that evidently because of the extremely scorching summer that we’d had this year, the doors at the back of the restaurant had been opened, and insects and flies had been permitted to enter the building, and as a result into the food prep area.

I’m not sure if I feel more sad for the customers who ingest this kind of rubbish, or the insect that got cooked in the process.

We deal with all types of stuff everyday, and we manage really well when things don’t go right, however, when you sit down to your power lunch with your children in one of McDonald’s fast food chains, we do demand that it is fly and fuzz free.


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