russell brand

In Russell Brand’s response to Sean Hannity, where he reprimanded Sean Hannity’s coverage of Gaza by asking Hannity to come back to humanity. Sean Hannity at that point raised his voice and said that Russell Brand was simple-minded and uneducated, following Brand’s questioning of Sean Hannity on the way he had dealt with a Palestinian hospitality on his show.

Nevertheless, Russell Brand plucked apart every angle of Sean Hannity’s response, although he made sure to say that Hannity had an idiot living inside his head.

Except of course everything that he stated was real because as Russell stated, we are human beings, and of course, Sean is as well. Plus he does need to come back to humanity, and by what happened in the front of the camera’s, Sean does look like he’s lost himself.

It’s a carnival out there, and everything is in chaos. Yet people like Sean Hannity think it’s really funny to laugh at the face of death. In fact, Sean Hannity is the Grim Reaper. He assembles all this news which he accepts as true, and then twists it until it becomes complete balderdash.

Sean Hannity needs to keep in mind that it could be his families lives that are being seized, so he shouldn’t be so glib about it. However, it appears to be that everyone wants to fight the good fight, no one wants to give an inch, and that can’t be good for anyone.

There is a further option, nevertheless, we don’t really want that to take place because surely no one actually wants to die, but it just takes one person to embark upon a war in opposition to somebody else. It appears that no one really wants to die prematurely, yet we find it so effortless to do just that, and then we have the boldness to grieve that our loved ones have been taken away from us.

What’s more relevant, a portion of the soil that everyone could live on together, or the fact that we are slaying innocent people on both sides of the barricade.

Human beings are extremely bizarre creatures, because we need to own, and it doesn’t matter what it is. That’s why owning slaves came about because the white man needed to possess something… If you want to own something, get a Dog or a Cat, because you wouldn’t even treat your Dog or Cat the same as a human being, in fact, the animal would get treated with more superiority, and why, because it doesn’t answer back, it doesn’t have a considered judgement, and it doesn’t have the right to possess something.


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