Police officers are coming under ascending encumbrance to disclose details of a strange spy plane that is said to listen in on mobile phone calls. A radar tracking website displayed an aircraft girdling London at 10,000 feet for more than two hours yesterday.

The aircraft had no recognisable call sign, however, was identified as a twin-engine Cessna F406 with the registration G-BVJT. The aircraft has also been working in other parts of the United Kingdom. Its movements over Leicester were caught by a flight tracking website in May.

The aircraft has been connected in the past to an imperceptible fleet of observation aircraft said to be operated by the Metropolitan Police.

At around 6.30 last night a light aircraft was heard and seen circling for over an hour over houses in the Oval.

A man downloaded a flight tracker and found out that it was another unmarked aircraft much the same of what he’d read about earlier in the day. It had a tail sign G-UMMI.

Reports point out the two aircraft, priced at £3 million a year, are administered to observe mobile phone calls.

However last month the Lord Mayor responded:

For operational security reasons, it is not appropriate for MOPAC to respond.


The Liberal Democrats have called on Boris Johnson as head of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime to account for the cost and function of the aircraft.


Of course, the Metropoliton Police needs to screen some seclusion over its monitoring work, nevertheless, you can’t put an aircraft up over London without people noticing. It would be best if the Met in fact confessed that vital monitoring work takes place, and at the same time was clear regarding the expenses of such operations.

They are ambushing peoples telephone calls on account of, they are listening into people’s discussions over their cell phones. What discussions we have with other people over the telephone is private, and should be left to privy. We have confidence in our service providers to furnish us with uninterrupted phone calls, and an unimpeachable service, which is not what we are getting.

Does this actually indicate that we have to relinquish our cell phones on account of, we are being observed all the time, and we will in the end be too terrified in case we say the wrong thing, even though probably not meant in the wrong way.

In the end, it will be innovative practice for everyone to be scrutinized by the “Big Brother”, who will listen in on all things we say and do. If we are not cautious, in the end it will be like Big Brother, and there will be a camera in our homesteads to monitor what we are doing, and if we are in violation of the establishment.

We are not a human race any longer, we are an institution of individuals, existing, we are the personification of a human being, but in fact, we are just drones for the establishment to push us about when they consider it fitting to do so.

If you want to become the furniture and fittings in this world, then by all means, carry on as you are and say nothing. After all, its no big deal that there are people out there listening in on our private chats, perhaps our deepest secrets that just a few family and friends know about, not confidences that would produce chaos, but secrets that would provoke us as human beings distress if we knew that other people who were not our nearest and dearest, and knew about.

Be knowledgeable, if they can listen in on our telephone calls, what else can they do that we do not know anything about?


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