Rolf Harris is guilty as charged of 12 sex attacks on young girls, including his daughter’s best friend who underwent a 16 year crusade of abuse from the age of 13.

A seven-year-old autograph stalker was as well assaulted by the 84-year-old entertainer, who was told a prison sentence is unavoidable after he was found guilty of sexual assaults on four victims between 1968 and 1986.

The paedophile remained indifferent as the jury reciprocated united guilty verdicts and Harris then lifted his eyebrows to his wife Alwen as he was guided from the dock.

Harris was reported as a Jekyll and Hyde personality who had a mysterious side to his character and used his fame to enthrall underage fans before mistreating them with impunity.


He perpetrated numerous crimes in obvious eyesight of people as he thought his VIP standing situated him above the law.

As the 12 verdicts were read out his daughter Bindi held hands with a fellow supporter, and subsequently she wept in the court corridor as her mother Alwen and aunt Jenny waited for her father.


Rolf Harris then left the court grasping the hands of his daughter and wife, however, declined to apologise to his victims.
The star was swept away in a limousine and will be sentenced on Friday.

Justice Sweeney stated when giving him bail this afternoon: ‘He will understand that in doing that I’m giving no indication whatsoever as to the nature of the sentence.”

No matter what the judge determines to sentence this man with, it will never be enough, on account of, not only did this man meddle with these children, but he took his social position to a higher level which made him think that he was in a position to do so, and took advantage of that.

What we believed to be just an unblemished man from Australia who relished in amusing the public, particularly small children, turned out to be nothing more than a wicked perverted man that was in fact a threat, and a famous person who was to be feared, more readily than trusted.

He had trusted dependability and obligation, and was merely contracted to make people laugh, but instead he made fun of people by making them think that he was this squeaky wholesome personality of moral standing.

He used his status to stage more than his performing arts. Instead, he was wily and extremely persuasive, and captured the trust of people about him to continue his distorted and perverted ways.

Harris insisted he was really a kindhearted, tactile family man and the victim of untruths from four women.

However, he discreetly hid the devil prowling below his enchanting exterior to preserve his standing as a national treasure during his shining 60 year career.

The entertainer and artist will now be disrobed of the BAFTA Fellowship he was given two years ago, and could lose his CBE from the Queen after being found guilty.

Rolf Harris has habitually disputed any wrongdoing forcing his sufferers to recount their ordeal in public.

He carried out numerous assaults in clear view of people as he believed his famed status placed him beyond the law.

Rolf Harris exercised his status and position as a world-renowned children’s entertainer to sexually attack young girls over a period spanning 18 years.

The victims in this instance have suffered in silence for numerous years and have just recently attained the boldness to come forward. They displayed considerable courage in coming to court and giving their testimonies.

That courage and determination has seen Rolf Harris brought to justice and held accountable.

All of the victims, unfamiliar to the others, characterized a comparable pattern of conduct; that of a man behaving without trepidation of the consequences.

He haughtily presumed he was untouchable and that his dark side would never be disclosed.

Harris faced 12 charges of improper assault between 1968 and 1986, seven of which related to the best friend of his only child, Bindi, now 50.

He started grooming the girl when she was 13, treating her like a young puppy after first molesting her on a family holiday to Hawaii and Australia in 1978.

Harris continued to target her when they return to Britain, before psychologically dominating her into adulthood.

She was dehumanised during a 16 year crusade of debasement, which transformed her from a happy-go-lucky child to an emotionally scarred grown-up, and sparked her declivity into despondency and habitual heavy drinking.

‘Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport’ songster wrote a letter to her father begging for absolution after the dirty details surfaced in 1997.

However, he doggedly protested his innocence, maintaining she freely took part in a consensual relationship after alluring him when she was just an adult.

In addition to that Harris despairingly attempted to squirm out of trouble by telling her brother: ‘It takes two to tango’.

She is currently a damaged and emotionally lifeless creature, and he used her for his wanton enjoyment like she was a blow up doll.

She had been psychologically ruined and instructed to perform like a pet.

He is unquestionably a revolting, lustful and lecherous being who needs to be behind bars. In what way he accomplished getting away with it for years is horrifying, and his sentencing will bring this to an end, however, not for those who he used and mistreated.

They will never fail to remember their ordeal, and their repulsive encounters with this man will be engraved in their minds permanently. The only comfort they will have is that at last justice have prevailed, and he will never have the opportunity to maltreat anyone again.


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