Glamour model Josie Cunningham, who provoked anger by getting a £4,800 boob job on the NHS, is reportedly getting taxpayer-funded taxi transportation to the value of £6,000 a year merely on account of, she’s too notorious to use the bus.

The gestating fame starved wannabe, who vowed to abort her unborn child so she could appear on Big Brother, is being transported about her home town of Leeds courtesy of the public purse following claims that dealing with public transport gives her anxiety attacks.

The 23 year old mum of two, who is 4 months pregnant following a stint as a call girl, unquestionably considers herself in the selfsame comparison to Katie Price, on account of, you wouldn’t see Katie getting on a bus.

Evidently pitiful Josie Cunningham can’t mount a bus on account of, she is hated so much, well that’s not shocking sweetheart, considering you was at one time going to abort your baby for the sake of becoming a celebrity, and she actually thinks that the populace are going to be cheering her on about that. I mean, are people actually that superficial that they would put notoriety before their own flesh and blood, obviously not in her case.

I know that she’s keeping the baby, however, the mere notion that she even thought about it for one moment is going to make people hate her.

Josie had told her doctor that her eldest son, six, was not going to school and her youngest, aged three, was not attending nursery on account of, she could not face using the bus. Her GP at that point spoke to Leeds City Council, who then agreed to pay for taxies to take her children to school every day, at a value of £150 a week. My Lord, that sort of cash each could be giving a homeless kid on the streets shelter, clothes and food, however, Leeds City Council deliberated that it was much more appropriate to transport Josie Cunningham’s kids to and from school, when Josie Cunningham could be taking them herself, after all, she has brought all this upon herself. The equivalent excursion would cost her about £30 a week.


Josie Cunningham Tweeted: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but taxpayers will always fund me.”

Plus what she put about Katie Price having an ugly soul, maybe Josie Cunnigham should take a look in the mirror before slating off other people.  What they do in their life is private.  She has not made her life private on account of, she has put it in the presses and has got monetary profit from it, and if she wants to slag off other people’s lives, then of course she should put up with the consequences, what does she expect, a pat on the back?



Peaches Geldof may have taken a heroine overdose, however, that does not imply that she was a rotten mother, supposition is the “mother of all fuck ups.”


The family like any other family is still mourning. That’s somebodies child, and her children have lost their mother, and it doesn’t matter how it occurred, they’re still going to hurt like anyone else, whether they are celebrated or not, and they should be left to grieve in peace.

Of course, Josie Cunningham’s Tweets are going to be met with intense resentment, and it’s not surprising that people are forwarding her death warnings, even though this is ill-fitting, it’s not surprising that she is being called disgusting and evil.

One wrote: “You are quite literally the most disgusting, heartless & self-obsessed woman walking the earth in my opinion.”

Everyone is allowed their views, nevertheless, two wrongs do not make it right.

Leeds born Josie isn’t giving up on her ambitions of stardom that easily, and maintains she will put up for sale DVDs of her child’s birth to make herself well known.

I really feel sad for this child, not so much when it’s born, but as it grows up. In fact, this kid will probably end up being more well known than its mother.

If Josie Cunningham thinks that the selling of DVDs of the birth will make people see her more motherly side, she should ponder on that, since all people will recall is how she was willing to terminate this pregnancy to make herself famous, and what’s more, that she is willing to trade in the DVDs for financial profit, and the fact that she wants to make herself famous from it is appalling because her child will have to grow up with that in the media all the time, the child will never be left alone from the time it’s born.




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