Well, I wouldn’t call it Animal Farm. Nevertheless, a pig made a drastic escape to freedom by tossing itself out of a moving lorry.

The swine looked to be making a last-ditch attempt to save his bacon as he was transported by lorry in Foshan, southern China’s Guangdong Province.

As the porker started to mount the side of the vehicle, the motorist behind was quick to capture the climactic moment as it unfolded.

It promptly flung itself from the moving lorry and swan dived to the concrete beneath.

Following a do-or-die struggle to free itself, the pig fled uninjured and ultimately found his feet on the bustling highway.

Regrettably it was not enough just to escape from the chop, as the motorist later recovered the unruly creature.

Pigs are not extremely clever, opposed to some urban belief. Pigs have exceedingly small brains, roughly the size of a tea cup. They’re extremely good at being pigs, at their instinctual function, however, they’re not intelligent giants. Their heads look large on account of. They have so much brawn and skeletal substance. Their head is a great spade designed for rooting. Rather, they’re thick between the ears. For a swine this is a good thing.

You can’t condemn the poor fella for trying.

We may get one pig who is a peg above the rest in the brains department. He can learn by observing the errors that other swines make. That’s clever.

A group of breeder pigs from one section was put into a new winter pen. Some nourishment was put into the new expanse and they all came in, and the entrance was shut. The dilemma is the swine have a strong homing instinct to go back to their old space no matter how pleasing the extra space is. Pigs will pry a gate and raise it up, ejecting it through instinctual rooting motions. They can even spoil the fencing and gates, wrapping solid pipes with their robust neck muscles. Pigs may not be the brightest bulbs, however, they are remarkably resilient.

To avert the swines from wrecking the gate, a singular hot fence electric wire was put on a low parallel with the bottom. This stops rooting behavior at the gate, which averts impairment to the gate and retains the swines in their current area. Electrical fencing is very efficient. A singular slim electric wire keeps back 10,000 lbs of pork. If the electric wire is on their side of a physical barrier, even a flimsy one, it is particularly resourceful.

Once the barrier is setup, the swines have to experiment for themselves before they comprehend what is happening. A few will even experiment with it a few times… Very slow learners these porky pigs.



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