A child attacker has been permitted to go free from prison following a mix up over paperwork.

Keith John Williams, 57, was serving five life sentences for carrying out sex attacks on his stepdaughter for six years.

His prey, who was eight when the paedophile first struck in the late 1970s, is frightened that Williams will soon track her down to carry out intimidation, and to harm her once more.

The woman stated, that he will come for me, he has made that clear.

This is a monster who believes his own deceits and his own rules. He is violent and wicked. People have to be conscious of how menacing he is.

The MoJ have been slammed for the mistake that led to his freedom.

In November last year, the Parole Board declined ex drinking establishment proprietor Williams’s attempt for freedom. It also ordered he should be moved from his open prison to a closed one.

Generally, he would not have qualified for discharge for a further two years.

However, MoJ personnel had wrongly declined to exhibit Williams’s legal team a victim statement set forth by the woman prior to the hearing.

The mistake indicated there had to be a further hearing.

It took place in May, and the Parole Board without any warning determined Williams was fit to be discharged.

The troubled victim wants proof that his conduct has altered so drastically they can presently announce he is no longer a danger to society, which is without doubt what the board last time considered him to be.

Williams had sent her cards and rung her up from prison, intimidating her and stating that it wasn’t over.

The victim was told that he was supposed to acknowledge culpability and show guilt before he was even granted discharge, however, intimidating your victim is not exposing guilt.

The victim has endeavored to commit suicide and has fought nervous breakdowns following the years of sexual injury.

Williams would carry her down to the bar at the Derbyshire public house where they resided, and rape her while her mum slept.

He would allow other paedophiles to molest her and the attacks were recorded by the vile clique.

On one incident, the victim recollects Williams’s companions brought along a girl aged six.

The pervert, parallelled by a judge to serial killer Fred West, was condemned and imprisoned 15 years ago.

The stepdaughter wrote the victim statement last year when she heard Williams, of Swadlincote. Derbys, had petitioned for discharge.

This letter should have been passed to his lawyers by the Public Protection Casework Section, a bough of the MoJ’s executive agency of the National Offender Management Service.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, complained and got a letter of apology acknowledging the mistake.

The letter states it was their blunder that caused him to have a second hearing, they stated that following the error they were sent on a training course, which was of no usefulness to the victim at all, all they were doing was attempting to cover up their tracks.

They can attempt to cover up as much dirt as they desire, nevertheless, at the end of the day, what it boils down to, is they made an error, which should have been redressed, and a tremendous sum of sympathy that the victim should have been displayed, once they recognized their oversight.

There are errors, and then there are infinite blunders that can’t be rectified. Myself, I don’t believe that such a sexual predator should be permitted to be out of prison at all, whether he realizes his misdemeanor or not. He violated a young girl. He took all her virginity away from her, which she could at no time regain.

Once a person’s maidenhood has been seized, you cannot ever get it back, you might be able to recover some sort of self-respect, and you’ll attempt to protect what is left, however, your chastity has gone, never to be recovered for that special person you will later share it with.

Rape is a complex thing, it’s not something that happens to somebody, and then it goes away, like it’s on holiday. It never goes away, really it’s always going on in the back of your mind, messing with your sanity, never really making much sense, on account of, why did it happen to you, was you bad, did you do something wrong, or did they just not like you?

The discharge of life sentenced convicts is regulated by the independent Parole Board once they are contented jailbirds can be securely managed in the community.

Sex offenders on licence are governed by a stringent collection of restrictions such as prohibition zones, non-contact orders and sex offender treatment programmes, as well as being subjected to the sex offenders’ register.

If they do not comply they can be called back to prison.

Life sentencing for these felons should signify a life sentence, not do half your sentence, then be allowed to leave. If that is the case, why give them life in the beginning. Why not merely state, “Yeah, I’m sentencing you to life, but you’ll only do fifty percent of it, so I may as well just sentence you to half.”

Or they state, that a criminal is being let off because of his good conduct. We all know that not many of us are competent of good conduct, no one is that much of a martyr, and when an inmate is coming up for reevaluation in front of the patrol board, how much is he going to fib his little head off to get out? Yes! Oops, an entire cluster of tiny lies are going to come out of his orifice, just to get out of the joint.

He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear which you will regard as true. The real truth is that they want to get out, and they will give you any cock-and-bull story to be on the outside to maybe reoffend, on account of, more than a few people are not capable of rehabilitation, and plainly this man is absolutely not capable of this, inasmuch as he has already intimidated his victim, even before he was freed back into the community.

If an error has been made, then this man should be called back to complete his term of incarceration. I comprehend that human beings are not unfailing, nevertheless, we should also think of the victims that have been caused unbearable distress, and the difficulties it will cause them, and it should never be debated.










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